Ex-Olympian Bloom on Injured Reserve
See the link from this one: http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/ Too bad. I was looking forward to watching what he would be able to do in the NFL. Now I'll have to wait an...

Any Positive Thoughts out there.
It's been a rough week already. One patient with TB and two terminals - it's always difficult to know what to say to family when someone passes on. Even with the new Powder magazine, I'm not...

Cool New Ski / Snowboard Resort Reviews Site
Check out this new Ski / Snowboard Resort Review Site: http://www.ski-resort-reviews.com Reviews of: Canada, Austria, Romania, France, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria Resorts and mor...

rsa on wikipedia
I was thumbing through wikipedia (clicking on random articles) and I came across an article on a newsgroup. So I searched, and there is no article on rsa in wikipedia. I've started writing...

Whistler condo recommendation sought
Thinking about a last-minute trip to Whistler next week--just to get away and relax after US Labor Day. Any recommendations on condo rentals to share? Is "central reservations" my best ...

Scoot's boxer,ex-cop, applied mayhem, one of the vietnam posts
> Content-Type: text/plain; > charset=us-ascii; > x-mac-type="54455854"; > x-mac-creator="4D4F5353" > Organization: Holy Church of Vail > Mime-Version: 1.0 <...

It's truly amazing.....
That FF could be all those things and found time to be a substance abusing sot too. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Why don't tell all of us how you also got two restraining orders, accused of ...

I'm so happy
Going through my stock the other day. Found a glorious one piece ski suit. Tyrolia. Lightly insulated, White and Powder Blue, Sport D'Hiver embroidery, belted, fits like it was cu...

best area to ski and snowboard in Andorra?
Hello, >From what I have read there are 4 main ares where to ski in Andorra. We will be 2 adults and 2 kids, kids will learn to ski and we will learn to snowboard. ...

Looking for skiing video clip
I seem to recall a video clip (perhaps it was a Warren Miller clip) whereby a guy took an extended fall - tumbling, loosing equipment, etc. until he came to rest about 3 feet from the edge...

OT: Merging Etiquetty
When I'm merging onto the highway people are usually nice and pull into the passing lane if it's unoccupied. This helps me out and I'm thankful for it. In return for their consideration, I...

Anyone skied indoors?
Anyone tried skiing at the sunny mountain in Dubai? I was wandering if anyone knew the prices and hours of operation. Also - I saw somewhere ( http://skidubai.org/ski-dubai-sunny-mount...

Another enlightening comment from Scoot
Another example of his "character". He said this about someone he just argued with on usenet. Sickening is the best description. >From: Scott Abraham >Lie-berman the best an...

Scoot, Mclean, K2 & Morrisons
Check out this thread, please note that Scoot(bobaloobob) secured the Morrison skis long after he alledgedly lost his volunteer position at K2. You might also note how well Scoot deals with ...

Lake Louise
Here's a link to a new page covering Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. It covers both winter and summer/fall activities including World Cup class mountain skiing. The 3 pages together hav...

Scoot's Groups Dynamics Post
Talk about obsessing: I=B9ve been very troubled for the last year by some of the group dynamics on rsa, especially by the shadow side of the Invader phenomenom and how ...

1984 Olympic gold medalist aims to qualify for nationals this winter
Go Phil! http://www.skiracing.com/news/news_display.php/3896/ALPINE -- Marty

bobaloobob threatens knee-capping
I just noticed another dweeb repeating the same dweeb lie about Scott. The dweebs specialize in creating slanderous lies and repeating those lies until stupid idiots like LAL actually

Scott claims he had seen combat.......
Scott Hochstetler wrote: > Scott Abraham wrote: > > I've been called everything from a serial rapist to a child molestor by your > > and your sick dweeb buddies, but nobo...

Bobaloobob says Scott is getting free K2's..........
After Scott allegedly lost his K2 connection and we all know who bobaloobob is. Once again, David Hobbs guessed wrong. What a loser scumbag. Hey, Hobbs, I'm in town until tomorro...

Here's the thread where Scumbag claims he has a Master's Degree
http://makeashorterlink.com/?Z39B5239D Post no. 10 - Where's the lie, shit head?

Foaming at the mouth wack jobs of rsa
The nutcases are truly raving. How amusing. Shame that you freaks are so delusional, so wrapped up in your own dream worlds, so convinced of your own lies that you havn't noticed...

knee update xx
They are taking the plate out of my knee this friday 5 months early. The knee works great mechanically I can skate run and do most of the activities I did before. The reason for plate remo...

Dead and rotting
No traffic. Nobody stays here except psychopaths. Dead. And all I have to do is post and you freaks keep it that way. Thanks.

Fortress Investment Buys Intrawest
IMHO: It looks like that Intrawest will be broken up, and their great expansion plans has failed. IIRC Fortress Investment bought off the loan that covered Michael Jackson's share of the ...

The Uber BOB!
Remember when I posted this:? > That's right, amoral, gutless, lying, cowardly, Kerrison supporting freaks! I > am the one who posted as Bobaloobo for that long, long, long dark...

Affordable Living & Skiing in Colorado
I am contemplating a move to an affordable part of Colorado where skiing is convenient enough to be a day trip. I travel up Interstate 25 soon on a small vacation. Are there any area...

Blast from the Past
I stumbled across this, have fun. http://www.parrot.net/bestofbert/

Summer ski bum in South America
I'm sure this topic has been hit on a bunch but I'll give her a run...I would like to spend next summer in South America working and snowboarding(I know its a year away). I have 2 years of ...

How are you guys in Mammoth holding up?
Almost a whole month without skiing now! Thanks for the July 4th videos, by the way. The conditions didn't even look that bad. Dave

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