Skiing Zermatt - Redux
A few pix from the trip... trent

The sick pathological liars of rsa
You freaks never cease to amaze me. Do you really believe the lies you tell? Hell, you know you are lying. I know you are lying. Your friends know you are lying. Everybody who...

The sick shithole of rsa
You freaks are so easy. I post a few times. Bob Thompson falsely accuses me of molesting children with a truly vile and gross lie. I challenge you freaks to condemn him. Instead,...

Wher is the best lodging in Snowbird?

Lodging In Alta
where is the best place to stay in Alta???

Ski Vehicles - Aerodynamics?
Why don't manufacturers make removeable roof racks? I went to take the crossmembers off of mine and you have to take the whole thing apart to do it. Seems like it'd be a simple redesign, a...

Another Deep Thought - Why are the French selling off their ski mfg?
I don't think they have one left that is French owned.

Deep Thoughts-Australian toilet water
Why does it spin the opposite way?

HELLO - Section 241, "Conspiracy Against Rights"
WELL?!? ===== Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress,...

No activity? Could it be other people have lives?
Could be. And Schattie is standing alone in his pile of poo yelling he's won. He still has no job, has a criminal record, no friends (and alienating EVERYONE he's come into contact with on R...

Dead and stinking
Jeez, this place is dead. Used to be filled with people year round, talking about skiing, laughing and joking and making community. All gone. Or most of them. RSA.terrorist is a ...

Anyone in Breckenridge or Frisco CO interested in playing tennis?
Our family is on vacation and my son (19) is getting really "tennis deprived". He's on the Dallas Baptist University Tennis team back at home (not nationally or state ranked but a good playe...

Schattie, the only freak that............
is too stupid to pass the prison admission test. Hey FF - Ya know you really ought to see a plastic surgeon for breast reduction surgery. It would make you more attractive to Holstein ...

Joys of summer
Just got off the phone with my best ski buddy, Good Ol' Bert. Planning next year's adventures. Talking about where we'd ski, the routes we'd take. Bert hasn't been to the neighborhood...

I could not resist.
Stayed out of this shithole for the longest time. I could not resist this morning. You freaks really don't realize how pathetically transparent you are, do you? RSA truly has boiled d...

Atomic SX
Hi. I'm looking for any information about atomic sx limited edition /black/. The ski isn,t mentiond in atomic katalog. I can't find anything in internet as well. Please, help me ......

When will the used gear start appearing here for sale ?
The hotter it gets, the more I want winter to start.

OT: Middle East - Someone must actually win.
Diplomacy has failed. I now hope there is a decisive victory that will enable both sides to live in peace once the killing is over. JP

Alps Could Be Ice Free by 2100 Alps Could Be Ice Free by 2100, Study Warns James Owen for National Geographic News July 11, 2...

Honeymoon planning
I need to put an itinerary together for a couple of weeks sometime next February or March. First leg looks to be a sleeper car on the Empire Builder to get us to West Glacier. Last leg wil...

Surfing Injury
CAUTION: The hidden costs of couch-surfing can far outweigh the monetary savings. After sleeping on a circa-1970s couch for two nights I awoke, showered, and began sneezing uncont...

Things have calmed down
Been away from the NG for a while. Seems like things have calmed down around here. None of the village idiots have posted for months it looks like. Anyway I'm getting a few free a...

OT: Those Colorado Trolls Synopsis: Boulder man takes LSD and charges people a dollar to cross a bridge. What could go wrong? //Walt

Damn...$eason Pa$$e$
Mucho Dinero. I'll have to ski for 12 days to make it worth it...Actually when I think of it like that...Not bad at all.

Farewell Koz! It's been a blast watching you compete. -- Marty

FRom sailboats to baseball?

Any Mt. bikers out there?
follow this link to see a video by Mammoth-Snowman about the Bike park on its opening day (note: Kamakazi was not yet open) Oh yah! and ch...

Tabi, are you OK? -- Cheers, Bev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Faster, faster, until the thrill of spe...

Beyond OT: I fixed my campaign website
Well, mostly. It's had a significant facelift and now the links all work (except the "Donate Online" link), and I just need to add some content. I'm about to crank this camp...

Not skiing any more--till next November
True to its word MMSA did stay open to the public--and make the 4th its last day of the season. On to the bike park! -- I ski, therefore I am ----== Pos...

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