Warren Miller Film Downloads
Does anyone know a place where any Warren Miller films are available for download? Thanks in advance

Where's Scoado? The Game
Plays like Where's Waldo? except it follows our illustrious fat fuck while he tries to hide from his numerous challanges. Is he at: The unemployment line The MVA driver...

What Would Jack Do?
Get your What Would Jack Do Bracelets at www.whatwouldjackdobracelets.com Great souvenirs, and they are of LiveStrong bracelet quality! A must have!

Ugh...The NON LDS Utah Life
Cache Valley fuckin blows. I need to meet some non LDS folk...Probably a drive to Salt Lake will be a requirement.

Speaking of things that suck...
The Real Bev wrote: > Walt wrote: >> Most of the bands I worked for weren't very good: The Hoovers, The >> ShopVacs, Big Daddy Electrolux and the Attachments, ...

Summer Skiing in Zermatt
Soooo, if'n I was going to be in the neighborhood, like say around the first of July... What do I need to know? I understand I need to take a train up to the town, then tram up f...

A Challenge to the Gutless Freaks of RSA
July 4, 2006, 12:00 Noon, Cardiac Pass. Bring Band Aids and skis. Clothing Optional. -klaus

The laughable, ludicrous cowards of rsa
What truly amazes me is that with seven years of stalking, of threats, of real life harassment, of posting my home address, NONE of these freaks has EVER had the balls to face me in person...

The psychopaths of rsa
Read this article and thought of you sick freaks. http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/official_culture.htm The official culture of rsa and rsa.moderated most certainly produces ...

Sizing advice
I want me some Dynastar Legend 8000's. Im 6'2". I guess I'd be considered a III ('expert) level on the din scale. Im looking to avoid the local ski shop endless bla bla marathon ...

I must confess
Oh, the shame. I feel so scummy, so loathesome, almost as if I had falsely accused someone of molesting children, or made death threats, or hung out with Bob Thompson, or lied to the ...

Sort of on topic: Bode gains back more credibility...
Remeber when Bode dropped Lance's name regarding doping and the everybody got pissed. Well, he was right. From: http://sports.yahoo.com/sc/news?slug=reu-armstrongdc&prov=re...

Dryland Skiing?
I was out running around the park today and got to thinking about the decent sized hill there. Quite a while back I thought I read about someone that would strap on their boots and a set of...

FoxNews is Full of Info These Days
They just had a real veteran on talking about people that fake it. And the laws against it.

still skiing
Okay, you have to work for it a little, but if you want it, there's still nice snow out there. Some pictures from Sunday's (6/18) trip to Grizzly Chute in Colorado - the gray-bordered one...

new nicknames for FF
Vote now, vote often candidate #1 - BHC (butthole chicken) candidate #2 - Alpo (dog food)

Recommendations for barbeque
I am in the market for a new barbecue grill (sort-of Father's Day present). I presently use a medium-sized Weber dome grill. But I'm not prejudiced, I could go wood, gas, or hybrid. Any re...

No "Information Tower" at Whistler
I did a simple Google search for the Information Tower at Whistler: KEYWORDS: "Information Tower" Whistler No results other than Scott's RSA posts about the information tower.

The gutless, nutless cowards of rsa
I'm vastly amused, as usual, by the excuses and rationalizations made by Alan Baker. The fact remains that I have set over twenty meets in ski country, on mountains and at resta...

OT: Paypal?
I got stiffed on an eBay purchase with paypal. No response, etc... The dispute was resolved in my favor, but Paypal says I only am covered for $40.95 of the $65.95 I originally paid. WTF? ...

FF and all of his "friends"-Statement of the Obvious
Well FF, during this latest tirade, it appears that not one single person has come to your defense, not one, even Bert. To all but the most brain-damaged, it's just a confirmation that you h...

Colter and Carlin
Nothing happened, at least on the air. However, I do have a few observations. Colter is a pathological liar. She thoroughly enjoys her fascist lying. Gets a thrill telling the whopper...

Still dead
This joint used to be filled with laughter and skiing discussion year around. Now it is just the same old freaks, the same pathological liars, with no interesting information, no laughter...

still skiing
We are still skiing in the Eastern Sierra. -- I ski, therefore I am ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- http...

From Doug Slifkin's Sister - Remember him?
Today my brother emailed me a link to a hilarious post from 10 years ago: I personally feel that all of you suck. Just because you can't ski for shit like doug can...doesn't mean...

Is Astropax the most loathesome freak on rsa?
To describe this coward as loathesome is a mild statement. Not just a pathological liar. A transparent bully, a sick bitch without the balls to even use his own name, a manipulative ps...

Any Summer/Austral Winter ski plans?
Ski camps? yearning of skiing glaciers with open crevasses? ski trips to the South, and I don't mean Dixie. Seeing how long the mosquitos and black flies will drive you crazy to y...

Fracture update 3 or 4
Mary I went ice skating today. It felt good but different. My balance and weight tranfers are there but repaired leg has little or no spring to it yet. I can barely do a left leg squa...

Long cardboard boxes
Came home Friday and found a lovely six foot long cardboard box at my door. Unexpected. Came from a former rsa poster who remembered me. He'd dropped in, saw what vile crap y...

VIDEO: Skiing at Dodge Ridge...
http://sonoracalifornia.blogspot.com/2006/06/skiing-at-dodge-ridge-california.html Skiing at Dodge Ridge Ski Area

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