The embarassing fiasco of rec.skiing.alpine.moderated
Just took a look at the moderated terrorist newsgroup. Sort of looking at an outhouse with the door closed. The shit is inside. Just can't see it. I am vastly amused. The mode...

Where are the dweebs of yesteryear?
Dead. Virtually no discussion of skiing. A completely ravaged newsgroup. Even most of the sickest freaks have left, ashamed of being associated with this shithole. Where is ...

Mt. Bachelor Trip Report
I was skiing freshies with free lift tickets at the end of May. You weren't. BWHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted...

Co. ski resort for non skiers?
We have a large group (11 adults/2kids) hoping to go to Colorado around Thanksgiving. Only 3 of us are skiers so we need lots of activities close by for the non skiers. Can you guys sugge...

F.S Lange TSH boots 8.5 Men
I know this might get me some flack but being there's not much activity and it's off season , frankly I don't know where else to get rid of them . They are truly in very good useable condi...

seeking large boots -- help
Hello all: I'm looking to buy some alpine skiing boots and I have size 15 (euro 49/50), and very slightly narrow feet. I'm wondering if anyone can point me to the brands and mode...

Still skiing
We are still skiing in the Eastern Sierra with 10 to 12 ft of snow -- I ski, therefore I am ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Use...

FOR SALE: Skier's Edge Powder Mogul Master
Four years old, in excellent condition. Will ship in orginal boxes. Make a reasonable offer... it's yours. Otherwise, it goes to eBay next week. For more info, [email protected]

Favorite Place
I am a student in a college class. My professor has assigned me to ask this group where in the world is your favorite place to snowboard? Thanks!

College Class
I'm a student in a college class. I've been assigned by my professor to ask all of you in this group for your favorite place in the world to participate in skiing?

Bachelor or Whistler?
Damn. Snow level down to 4500 tonight. Weather is getting better as the week goes on. I've got freebies to both. Friends to visit. Skis to ski. Decisions, decisions.

RSA.Terrorist: the abject failure of Klaus Biggers
Just took a look at RSA.moderated, Klaus Biggers private terrorist newsgroup. He participated in a ridiculous laughable campaign of lies and distortions to found the group, did the co...

I.Q TEST : name that dancing clown
balls stalking psychopaths lies despicable freak spew amoral assholes sick defamations insane criminal felonies fuck cowardly...

wind it up
OK, I've basically wound up my season - off to other adventures. Already spent several days in the North Yosemite wilderness, north & north-east of the Hetch Hetchy. That climb out of...

RSA: Dead and I'm loving it
People vote with their feet. Obviously, they have left this shithole in droves, disgusted with the freaks, psychopaths, and amoral assholes that populate the sewer that is rsa...

Get yer groove on....
....Canada. Happy Victoria Day!!! JP

Beer...Utah...Coors...ummmmmm.... (via Boing Boing ) A rented house in Ogden, UT was discovered to have ...

Darwin Awards II
Check out this video I found posted on the MMSA fourm. It ends with a stunning crash by non less than Tanner Hall. Enjoy--and yes, we are st...

CBC Torino Olympic DVD set has NO downhill just Hockey and Curling
I bought the CBC Torino Olympic DVD set, to watch all the sports of interest which got littel coverage here in North America. What a disappointment!! There is: NO...

Cell coverage? - Mammoth, Mt. High
I'm shopping for a new prepaid cell phone and would like to know of carriers that cover BOTH Mammoth Lakes and Mt. High West (on the slopes) in California. Your response should be based u...

ACL questions - surgery soon!! help!
I have had recommendations for a Dr. Schaffer in DC (he is the team physician for the Washington Capitals, But he is not on Aetna (only take...

Marker 1400 Piston Plates
Hi, I have a set of Marker 1400 Piston Plates. I either need to buy a set of bindings that would fit (Marker 1400/1300/1200, are there any others?) or I would like to sell the pla...

Darwin Award Skiing?
In case you have been waiting breathlessly for this year's Darwin Awards, here they are. The awards this year are, once again, truly classic. These awards are given each year to besto...

WADA - World Anti Do Anything "Ah, I didn=B4t know and I don=B4t understand why," Mancebo said. "This method is not cheating, it=B4s not bad for the health. It ...

It continues...
Snow everywhere - Hiked out to High Yellow Face today - deep, fine, un-rutted snow. A trifle soft, as in sink in the mush to mid calf, but technique technique technique. Anythin...

In Eastern Sierra today
Today was a beautiful day on Mammoth Mt. Although most of the lower Mt. (Little Eagle lodge and Canyon Lodge with all the lifts that they serve) is closed for the season--do to declining ...

How about it?
12:00, Wednesday, May 10, 2006. Outside the corral at the Whistler Gondola? Am I invited? -- Alan Baker Vancouver, British Columbia "If you raise the ceilin...

For Two Buddha

Marker 1400 Piston Plates
Hi, I have a set of Marker 1400 Piston Plates. I either need to buy a set of bindings that would fit (Marker 1400/1300/1200, are there any others?) or I would like to sell the pla...

Hey, it's supposed to snow at Whistler this weekend.
Damn. Might have to sneak up next week. I'd be delighted to meet up with any of the regulars here for a conversation. A very short conversation, of course. In the meantime, would...

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