Was lots of fun today. -- Marty

has anyone skied in Chile-Portillo let me know how it was and was it woth the trip Sandy

James Arthur Strohm, Utterly Insane Candidate for Congress
The delusions and insane behavior of this wack job has kept me amused for years. But he's never been more delusional than in his unbelievably egotistical and deranged campaign...

Mt. Bachelor?
Just got in some vouchers for Mt. Bachelor, gonna have to take my semi-annual May trip. I'd love to hook up with some rsa regulars for some spring skiing. Anybody want to have fu...

Whistler Trip Report
Gawd, what a wonderful three days. Started out with a foot of fresh on Saturday. Transition day on Sunday with the snow holding up in the alpine and corning at mid-mountain. Pure sp...

Goodbye winter
Hey guys. In Switzerland they're just now saying goodbye to the cold weather. I just watched a report showing that they have a strange way to celebrate the end of winter. The Swiss have a ri...

Fresh snow over night
6 inches or so of heavy fresh at altitude; however it didn't freeze overnight, so the fresh cement was sitting on mush and skied like much deeper snow than 6 inches. Great fun. ...

Still skiing
I assume. It actually looks like Spring is trying to break out. I saw the sun today. Someday soon the 20+ feet of base will start to shrink; Maybe.

Really hot feet
Hi i am a faily begginer skier and experience reallt really bad HOT feet what can be done about this?? last seaseon i NEALY resorted to puting snow in my boots! it gets so bad i have t...

Satellite phones, informations, models, providers...
Latest informations about satellite telephones, new models, global providers, paging, satellite FAX system, VoIP informations, satellite phone base stations... Read more at: http://www....

At last...
...Cox Communications has picked up RSAM. However (perhaps to make room?) they have dropped RSA. Also some of my other favorites, such as A Day With Brokeback Mountain Ski Patrol A Day With Brokeback Mountain Ski Patrol March 12. 2006: By Robert Dully, Wyoming Ski Times Staff Writer 4:45am. Ski patrolman...

Rental Binding Adjustment (Salomon)
Hello All, About two years ago I bought a pair of demo free-style skis that came with the Salomon S810ti bindings. I had them adjusted to my both/weight/ability level and I only h...

For all your outdoor activities!! --Useful FREE navigation system!!!
Hi guys, Just found something great. A navigation system FREE OF CHARGE!!! It is a world wide system and in many spoken languages. I already downloaded it to my cellphone. You us...

skiing computer games
Just wondering what skiing games were out there i have tried 49 games - Skiing Alpine and Ski jumping any more? i am looking fo a kinda free sking game could i mod this game would ...

Ski Racing 2006 with Bode Miller
Ski Racing 2006 with Bode Miller Just wondering if any of you have tried this game i think it is very good if only you could take down the fencer and go for a "free ski" <...

Composite Poles?
I just got some K2 4-speed fiberglass composite poles. I previously skied with aluminum poles. They seemed <i>really</i> flexible when I used them today. I wasn't ve...

Hello, first poster here. Has anyone heard of Tecnopro? I bought a pair of Tecnopro CS100 skiis in Borovets in March, and I can't find any info on them anywhere. Clint

OT: Tinfoil helmet research
For the benefit of the, er, less strictly relevant regular posters: -- Sue ];(:)

ski poles question
Hi all, just got back from Kaprun in Austria, where me & my partner went skiing for the 1st time & very much enjoyed it. We did a learn to ski course & both got on very well indeed, & w...

Matt Lauer seems to "get" ski racing and Bode Miller
Nice little interview on Today this morning. -- Marty

and another ...
magic on the mountain

Swap out Demo Bindings...
I recently bought a pair of used Atomic alpine skis with Salomon demo bindings. I want to eventually swap out the demo bindings for intuitive reasons. However, I was thinkin...

As some predicted
Bode Miller loses one of his main sponsors

July 4th
Mammoth <>

Another powder day
light and fluffy ... seems Tahoe's suffering will never end - more predicted.

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