The Progression of Skiing
Vernon Valley/Great Gorge Mountain Creek Camelback Deer Run Hunter Windham Gore Jiminy Peak Stratton Okemo Mt.Snow Killington Sugarbush ...

Silverton Mountain, Colorado opens for unguided skiing today It's $49 for as may lift rides as you can get to. Unfortunately it will prolly be February before I can get there. Chris

It's 75 and sunny here in upstate New York. I'm outside cutting MDF, probably my least favorite "forest product" yet, wearing more stuff on my head than the entire rest of my body. (Earplu...

Longboards back

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Amnesty for illegal immigrants will not happen this time.....................
Our politicians lead the league in all talk, no action. Is blowing us some sunshine good enough? Read what The Expert thinks: <...

Alta, Today, 03-30-06
29" Storm total. Alta, today, 03-30-06 (Thursday), for example: -Astro

Will illegal immigrants get deported?.........Of course not.....................
Our politicians just wanted to blow us some sunshine. Get the details from The Expert: *** Free account spons...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
The way our politicians rushed to talk about illegal immigration this week, maybe they thought it came with a free lunch. They won't do anything about it, but it will get them some mon...

FS of Ebay: XL NF Nuptse Down Jacket This is a great jacket that just does not suit my needs at this point. Thanks for looking at it. No reserve and starting at $0.01. I'd be willing t...

US Nationals summary - Daron gets the SG title. - Bode got both the DH and GS (4th in SG, DNF in SL). - Ted Ligety got the SL. ...

The perfect skiing helmet
After several months of research, I've finally found the perfect ski helmet. Prewired for sound and everything: Wadayaall think? ...

Granite Peak.
Just got back from Granite Peak. I was expecting grabby mashed potatoe snow but it was soft and fast snow. The high up here and in the vicinity of Granite Peak was 50 degrees.

interesting link (not ski related)

one for the ages
Boarder story. While skiing down to the lift on the wide runout came across the remnants of a crash where a boarder hit a skier from behind hard enough to yard sale the skier. Boarder figu...

OT: Booger Check responsibilities
This politically correct, "to each their own", be nice no matter what thing has got to stop. Today I'm at a woodworking show in Saratoga, and I buy a Diet Coke and a pot-free brow...

The TRUTH about backcountry skiing. While many of us have known for year that randonee is superior in every way to telemarketing, it appears that even the libe...

Speed Skiing Suit
Can anyone tell me the best place to buy a speed skiing suit. Note I Live In Australia... so I can't dial any American 1800 numbers. Can someone please direct me to a good internet site. Any...

ski condition - Austria
Hi! I'm planning on going to Austria next week - St. Anton. Is anyone been there the last few days and can tell me about the snow and ski condition? Is it still worth going there? ...

Skiing is still gooooood
Hope everyone is still getting some great skiing. It is fine here - maybe not as good as those Utards are getting, but still really nice. See some Breckenridge steeps and powder in my...

The fat lady....
...will be performing this weekend. It should be a nice aria, then it's wax time, baby. -- // Walt // // There is no Conspiracy

Skiing to Maintain Our Health.
Hey! I sat down with a local sports doctor and we talked about various aspects of downhill skiing and how it relates to our health. Here is a teaser for the first installment in a...

feedback on Nordica skis?
End of season sales have begun, and I see places selling the 2006 Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous, with bindings, for $488. The ski is red, it was top-rated by Skiing magazine in an All-Terrai...

end of season update III
This is not a fun way to end season. They took the staples out yesterday, I pulled a few out with the tool. It feels so much better with out the pinch of the staples. From the x-ray y...

Tele skiers "get" Bode
Seems the pinheads over on "get" Bode Miller more than many of the alpine skiers in this group. Have a look. Starts out with a good article and is followed by some

great show ... xtreme-verbier
admired this video -- bye marco

Ski to prove, improve or just move.
At one point I skied extremely hard to prove to myself, and others, that I could do it. During that time I was constantly striving for improvement. Given some serious introspection over th...

Who is the Monarch Pass skier again?
IIRC there is a RSA regular who regularly skis at Monarch Pass. Who is that again? -- Before Heading to the Hills Head to The Wisconsin Skier: http://www.wi-ski....

Stone grind or flat file?
The Eastern Loud Powder is taking on new dimensions in this year of our Ullr 2006. After about 57 extreme freeze-thaw cycles we got back into a cold snap mid-late last week...and then, wo...

New Olympic quote
I discovered another Olympic quote that might be interesting to some... Quote I'm pretty mellow about [the Olympics.] I have nothing to prove, nothing to escape. I've enjoyed mys...

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