How the world views rsa
I must share. Sitting here in a coffee shop laughing as I fuck with you freaks. Guy next to me asks what is funny, I tell him about rsa. He already knew. Just offered to buy me dinner. ...

The utter vileness of rsa regulars
I invite the newcomer to scroll back a week. Take a look at the incredibly vile posts made by plenty of rsa regulars. And now look at how the regulars are civil to each other, no matter ...

Great day in the mountains
Started out cold and cloudy. We were the tenth car in the parking lot. Picked up our free lift tickets and took our new GS cruisers out for a spin. Started dumping a half hour later. ...

Bode hit a rock in the first run of the GS
See also How's that for "not caring" and "not trying" -- finishing a run with an edge blown and coming in ...

How crazy is this: Skiing in Dubai on 90F???
A couple of years ago, I remember reading about the plans to erect a structure for indor skiing in the Orange County. Dont know what happened with that but it appears that Dubai come up with...

Another Voice Speaks Up.

Was Olympics successful? (attendance)
Were the Torino Olympics successful in terms of attendance? At the beginning I heard they were having problems selling tickets, but perhaps that was just the Italian penchant for procr...

Bode hit a rock in the first run of the GS
I'd heard this from another source last night, and now, in the SR interview that Marty posted (, Bode's servi...

Found great off-piste skis at last: Head Monster iM88
After trying out several mid-fat skis off-piste, I finally struck gold in Head Monster i.M88 (tested length 175cm). These ones carve and grip well on piste (a surprise considering they are 8...

advice-advanced skis
Hello - I've recently got back into downhill skiing after a 10 year break. Ski technology has obviously advanced a great deal and I am interested in acquiring a new...

Another Credible Source weighs in

a new message board! check it out! http://www.d3o.or -- jarv

"Taking the waves out of the ocean"
Somebody once said that "Grooming is like taking the waves out of the ocean". I never quite got that until yesterday. Spent the day at Bretton Woods, NH, a hill that's a lot more fa...

TR: Colly Epic
Day one, Sunday 2.19.06 ABasin: Well damn, why didn't I realize that the first weekend I had scheduled to be in the Rockies was President's weekend? Here we are in Summit C...

Starter Jackets and Jeans
Just want to pose a question, why do so many of you losers out there wear played out Nebraska Starter Jackets and scoth-guarded jeans on the slopes. Look, if you are financially strapped I...

To Bode's Detractors.
Greetings, The pile it on Bode Miller wagon is a bandwagon piled high full of Steven Skidders. You see, the events known as downhill skiing, super-g, giant slalom, and slalom do n...

Bode Apologists...why?
The guy is an awesome talent that doesn't seem to know how to handle the media well. I don't think anyone is talking negatively about his abilities, it is all about what he has said and d...

Bloaty Miller To Skip Worlds Asian Circuit
Too much effort and gets in the way of the Post-Olympic celebration partying I guess ----- ALPINE NEWS After Olympic defeats, Bode Miller to ski...

Top Ten Olympic US Ski Team Excuses.
With one exception our ski team did not do too well at the Turin Olympics. Here were some of the excuses heard. * 10.) Those Atomics passed up by the Austrians were rigged! * 9.) ...

Terrell Owens, Latrell Sprewell & Maurice Clarett want ......
to hire Malmros. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Mahre weighs in on the effort.
His opinion on the subject: "It's once every four years; it is a special event," Mahre said. "You have to make the most of that opportunity. I just believe that our kids just let it s...

Bodhi Miller RUINED the Olympics
He single-handedly wrecked the Olympics for me. Not to mention he did irreparable damage to our country's global image. What a disppointment. JP

Bodhi Miller - Embarrassment to our country.
Subject says it all. If he tried he'd have swept all five golds. What a loser. JP

Ted Ligety - AWESOME!
Ted Ligety is the MAN, dude! He rocks and should be considered the model for all Olympians. I can't wait until he gets his own website. Everyone should really take a look at this guy - the...

Says it all about Blode Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Who the fuck is Bode Millar?
I feel that I live door to him.

children skiing and snowboarding
Does anyone have any tips for bringing children skiing or snowboarding? I'm writing a book on this subject and would appreciate any input you have. (Can't pay you for it, but will send you...

Sports Illustrated Feb 27, 2006
I know it's snowboarding, and I know my views on the olympics aren't terribly popular around here, but... I just took a second look at the cover of Sports Illustrated, Feb 27, 2006. Wh...

Rossi Carve Z boots - info wanted
I am an intermediate skier (feel comfortable on blues, dare the occasional blacks, but fall often) and decided to purchase my own boots as a first step towards building my own ski gear set. ...

Bode's march to a different drummer
Check out I much more admire someone like Bode who enjoys the Olympics his way. He didn't let me do...

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