that certain air of...
So, here's a practical question. You've got your underlayers, you've got your midlayers, you've got your fleece layers. You take 'em skiing, and sometimes you work up a sweat. And when ...

Atomic SX:10 with white digits (?)
Hello group! I was lookind everywhere and I can't find the difference between Atomic SX:10 whit white "10" digits and those one with black? In most stores they selle it with back "10" d...

Get Rich
Take advantage of a great deal

Recommendations for good ski jacket for short, husky man
I need to get a ski jacket. My old jacket got ruined by the Hurricane Katrina flood, and I've been just getting by with an old leather jacket that is falling apart. I've been l...

WTS: UTIX passes, VAIL or 200 other ski resorts!
I have a bunch of UTIX ski passes for sale. Good at any of 200 resorts in the US. Best deal is if you're going to Vail, since they are $81/day! No blackouts at all. Fully transferable. Buy t...

Montana-Big Sky Trip
Just got back from Montana-Big Sky. They've had a pretty good year snow-wise although it got a little hard towards the end of the week. The only lift line was at the Lone Peak Tram. For th...

WTB: Tremblant Lift Passes
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+Wr ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! +Wr

Warren Miller "Higher Ground" review
My ten-year old son nailed it: If you've seen one Warren Miller film, you've seen them all. And when you've watched the first 20 minutes of the film, you've watched the whole thing.

Best video camera for skiing
Hi All, I want to improve my form. I thought that one of the best things to do is actually watch myself (with someone else taping of course!). I have a Sony trv-27 video camer...

Reduced Tickets to N.E. areas
Best Ski Weather ( has reduced their ticket prices to the following: Mt. Snow, Jay Peak, and Sugarloaf passes are now $32 each!!!! Ascutney passes are...

Q: atomic sx11 or gs9?
100kg and 190cm

Snow condition in Whistler
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Volkl Demo Tour at the Boynes
The Volkl demo tour is at the Boynes this weekend. Boyne Highlands on Sat, Boyne Mt. on sunday. I'll be there too. //Walt // // Of course, there is still no Volkl ...

GPS for skiing - Navman A300. Any views??
I've just bought myself a new toy in advance of my next skiing holiday. It's a navman a300 GPS set that is specifically designed for skiiers. It doesn't tell you where you are, but does tell...

In Denver for biz, night skiing?
All I can find is that Keystone is the nearest (and damn near only) night skiing. Any nearer areas? Thanx, JWW

Killington this weekend
Any guesses about the conditions? Did it snow much today? Is it still snowing?

1 Ski and 1 Snowboard website For Sale - - - CHEAP
Hello, I have a couple fully developed websites I am offering for sale. They are: and ...

US Olympic Team
Three women from MN! The 2006 Olympic Alpine Team (including age, hometown, previous Olympics) MEN Jimmy Cochran, 24, Keene, N.H. Chip Knight, 31, Stowe, Vt. (1998...

The incredible disappearing bumps
I skiied at Sierra at Tahoe on Friday January 20th, my first day there this year. In the past I've often gone there on day trips since it's the closest area if you're coming up from the Sacr...

Skiing in Afghanistan
See the two clips here: I say we gather up all the old school straight skis that we can find and ship them to Afghanistan. I know, I know, there ar...

Miller withdraws from Garmisch events to focus on Olympics
GARMISCH PARTENKIRCHEN, Germnay (AFP) - US skier Bode Miller confirmed that he will not compete in the men's World Cup downhill and Super-G events this weekend. The 28-year-old re...

FA: instructional videos Breakthrough on Skis DVDs I II III Lito Tejada-Flores Ends Feb-04-06 10:19:53 PST

Binding adjustment
When setting the DIN on binding is anyone setting the rear din on the heel higher than the din on the toe piece?

Black Toenail
I'm not sure what caused this; I'm torn into a few possibilities. First, I've had the same boots for three years and they've never given me any hint of a problem. In fact, up until las...

Fresh Breath. It just ain't worth it.
So I'm giving up mouthwash. Cold turkey, at least for a month, and thereafter only on special occasions. It's not that I'm a big fan of halitosis, or that I'm repulsed by the disgusting ma...

Plane from Sun Valley crashes near San Diego

Leki World cup racing poles auction
Leki World cup racing poles auction

Skier dies in tree well -- Mike Treseler

Yay! Finally! Snowing in southern VT! We might get ten inches out of this one...not an amazing amount, but compared to what we've been getting, it's pretty stellar!

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