Now, that was funny.

A New Low in Over Reporting...
On the local "news" this morning it was reported that park shitty had a 55" base....BUT WAIT.... as if that is not funny enough. Then it said that the crayons had 75"!!!!!!!! Bwaaaaa...

New boots/bindings question
I'm thinking about getting new skis/bindings towards the end of this season, but will probably hold off on the boots for another year or so because of the cost (basically if i spring for new...

Seasonal Forecasts for Santa Fe?
How has Santa Fe, NM been over the years for good skiiing? A roll of the dice from one year to the next? I live near same but am still a little new to this area. It had I believe ...

Best Ski bag - Dakine Concourse Double?
Looking for a good and protected ski bag with full padding for two pair of skis, with storage for poles and other stuff. Surfed the web and found this Dakine Concourse Double: htt...

Snowing in Truckee?
The Cal Trans report says chains are required on highway 80 from Kingvale to Donner interchange. Is it really snowing on the northshore?

So, Scott..
What did you get your mom for Christmas? Eviel

hey Scottie, she sounds like the perfect woman for you.

Schattie Question
I've come to accept Scott Abraham's persistent inane ramblings as part of the RSA experience. As kooks go, he's sparadic and mostly harmless. But lately I get the sense that he was buddies w...

OT: Boarder math?
The NY Times has a piece on how the 1080 has become a more-or-less compulsory trick for Olympic-hopeful boarders, illustrated with a cool interactive graphic: http://www.nytimes.c...

The Insane Stalking Felons of RSA
Hey, freaks? You keep on bitching about me ignoring an illegal and unconstitutional court order. I committed the horrible crime of telling the truth about the vile crimin...

Thanks, you sick freaks
I want to thank the sick stalking freaks of rsa for helping me keep this shithole dead. Any newcomers that were reading this joint and thinking it might be a sane place have bee...

97.8% think RSA is a sick shithole filled with assholes
Been getting a real laugh at how you sick freaks twist anything to attack me. 97.8% positive feedback (while you harass me in real life with your lies) and yet you wackos lie and dist...

Race Turn Technique Question
For Mary or any of the other racers/instructors out there: A couple years ago some of the race instructors I was working with were teaching "breaking at the waist" to increase edge ang...

Sled question
Hi, I'm looking for a type a sled, looks like a wheel and made of rubber. What's it called exactly?

$10 Off a Lift Ticket at Big Bear Mountain
$10 Off a Lift Ticket at Big Bear Mountain

Ski boots: big toe height variation!
My child has just moved from some Rossignol Comp J ski boots size 20.5 to some Head Xtr boots, size 22. The difference between the the toe height (from flat floor to top of toe of sole) see...

Moving bindings
I brought some 2nd hand skis and need to move the bindings I know about the centre line on the skis and boots but how do I know how far apart the front and back of binding need to be ...

Yanked Season Pass
Has any one ever had experience getting there money back for a season pass after its been pulled? My local resort yanked my pass for skiing while intoxicated, then called the sheriffs offi...

Sage Advice for posters to rec.skiing.alpine
To quote what is probably the best cold war drama ever made.... "Strange game, Professor... the only way to win, is by not playing at all." JP **********************...

Mitten Recommendation
Hello everyone. Hope you've all had a chance to get out there this season. I just finally got out for my first set of runs this past Thursday and had a great time. Anyway, I've be...

Skiing & Tai Chi: Is everyone here familiar with "World Tai Chi & Qigong Day" ?
Is everyone here familiar with "World Tai Chi & Qigong Day" ? World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is a global event held in 60 nations, and all 50 US States, the last Saturday of April each yea...

heading out west for new years.
I will be heading out west for the new years weekend with my brother and 2 nephews (11 & 15). We are southern VT diamond skiers (with occasional double diamond). We are planning to hit Lovel...

Well, Look who lost his "Powerseller" status EOM
Way to go.

Prescription Goggle recommendation
I had a post here a few weeks ago about prescription goggles. The response was pretty negative. Well, I bought them anyhow, over the internet since I couldn't find them locally.

C.R. Johnson in critical condiion

FF's Truth in Advertising (BWAHAHAHA)
Hey, FF, Been meaning to ask, how come you always say "gently worn" and the items frequently have holes, paint or other problems that are never mentioned. I also noticed that ebay has a p...

Mt snow
Is anyone going to be skiing up at Mt Snow from xmas to after New Years?

Best Resort: Northshore Tahoe/Truckee 12/21/05
Going to Sugar Bowl, Squaw, or Northstar on 12/22 and 12/23. Have non-refundable hotel and a promise to two kids. Weather calls for rain and high winds If this weather forecast ho...

Jay Peak, VT or Sugarloaf, VT
My 13 yo son and I are considering spending 5 days sking in February at Jay Peak, Vermont. I seem to recall having had a great time there about 25-30 years ago. Does anyone have more recen...

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