For Those Who Haunt the Wasatch
I will be in Salt Lake for an early December meeting -- would love to pad it out for a few days of skiing at Alta. I know that last year was a special year for early snow and from the 25 y...

Schattie, which Pope was it that molested you?
Was it Pope John or Pope Paul? Just trying to set the record straight. Eviel

Freaks come out of the woodwork
You sick wackos never cease to amaze me. Couple of days, buncha you sick freaks come out of the wood work and lie and lie and lie. Not to mention criminals and terrorists like Richar...

Marker binding question
I purchased a pair of Volkl 5 Stars with the Motion AT PCOS binding at the end of last season at a shop that has since closed. As I ski east coast I had never paid much attention to the p...

Buddha is quiet today
Is that because he is moving house after we posted his long/lat co-ordinates? Can be used to dial in one of these I guess:

Proof of self-worth: Competent Skiing
For all you incompetent skiers out there, fear not, for being a competent skier isn't a prerequisite for having value as a human being. It's just that if you are indeed a good skier, you ha...

nice skiing pictures
Hey does anyone no any good sites to get some good skiing pictures from???

Scott Abraham - A man's man
You better not pick on him, Scott Abraham was quite an athlete: "But once upon a time I was a testosterone poisoned dumbfuck like you, humping choker cables up mountainsides, and worki...

Scott Abraham - EXPIRED
Just thought I'd check on Mr. Counselor... AHAHAHAHA!!! His WA license has expired. Prolly couldn't afford the re-up. Way to go Scoot!!!! CURRENT PRACTITIONER INFORMATION Na...

Toodle do, you sick freaks
Been a pleasure fucking with you sick wackos again. Same old, same old: I tell the truth, the rsa regulars lie and lie and lie. None of them have any moral or ethical standar...

Hey Schattie, where've you been?
Schattie, long time no see. Where have you been all summer? Drumming in the woods with your sensitive men's circle? Eviel

Shop at the Crap Shack (Not really - Go to Good Will)
Come on down, Why do they call it the Crap Shack? Because each and every order is guaranteed to have dog crap on it. And if you're lucky, it'll be dirty and threadbare as well (except for...

Scott Abraham, In his own words
He's a journalist who kills people: "Then I went to Nam (journalist, not soldier) and spent a lovely time ducking bullets from people who were trying to kill me while I was busy doing <...

Hey Buddha
What is your address if you are chicken shit to come to Canberra? Post it here and your telephone number and I'll give you a call when I arrive, sometime in February '06 Th...

The Desperate Liars of RSA
Never ceases to amaze me how you freaks love to lie. Indeed, lying is all you can do when confronted with anyone who tells the truth about you, who sees you for the manipulative psych...

Highest Mountain Elevation ?
I'm curious what the highest elevation in feet is for a ski mountain is the U.S ?

Atomic missing from latest Skiing Mag Gear Reviews
Any thoughts on why so few Atomic choices were included in the latest Skiing Mag reviews?

Huck it
Does anybody know the origin of "huck?" I've heard it used to describe a throw - "huck a frisbee" - so it fits that you would throw yourself down a mountain.

the lament of Too Crooda
Hey you *&*$%$#@^&*( Dweebs. How dare you make fun of me. I'm king of the wurld. I'm so important that I'm singlehandedly responsible for global warming-Cluetime - Taco Bell Coupons, Burr...

Hey asshole
Thanks for reading this Buddha. You know your name. Still haven't read your email then? Chicken? Still haven't provided thoses Google links? Chicken? Still have no...

Quantum Mechanics
So I've been dancing with the wooly masters and find myself knee deep in 2% with 11,000 vert behind me and another 9 to go, but my wind is good and the karma is flowing so I continue on whil...

The Psychopaths of RSA
Looks like a bunch of newbies are hear. I think you should know what these sick freaks are REALLY like when the truth about their sordid history is told. They are willing to commit rea...

Blast From The Past - Alta - November 28th, 2004
Sure, this pic was from last season, but it's a good example of what is sure to come in about sixty days. Dreaming...hoping...

how safe are skis on flights?
Flying to BC in December for family vacation, we are renting for the kids, wondering what is the best way to pack the skis/poles. We have padded bags, and I was thinking of wrapping the...

Whistler-Blackcomb Plans New Peak to Peak Gondola
Whistler plans to install a new gondola spanning from the Roundhouse near the top of Whistler to the Rendezvous near the top of Blackcomb. It is slated to be ready for the 2008/09 ski sea...

Best news I have had in a while Too cool. Just a few weeks to go, and I am back on the boards. Sam "Anyone joining me for opening day?" Seiber

Aspen questions
Hello, I'm a Brit. My friend and I are looking to do our first ski trip to the US, usually we ski in Europe. By the standards of this group we're not brilliant skiers but we're both very c...

Best western December snow
I am going to go on a trip around Dec17 for about one week. In the past I have gone to Utah to either Snowbird or Alta since usually there is pretty good early season snow. I am conside...

Airplane problem
Los Angeles is famous for its televised car chases, but today we have something different. A Jet Blue plane took off from Long Beach for JFK and the nosewheel got stuck down with the tires ...

K2 Vo2 Max
They're not (ob)skis. They're my new skates. But with 90mm wheels (hard ones - 82a durometer), they feel like hot-shit GS skis - a little reluctant on quick turns, but smooove,

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