NOMINATION - Scott Abraham for Tony Sideaway "Drama Queen" Award
Scott Abraham (Bobo Award winner, jailed) of rec.skiing.alpine has his own unique style of making mountains from molehills. Having read somewhere that he may have been nuked from NIN, I mad...

Re: Anyone still skiing?
Armin wrote: > > The Real Bev wrote: > > > > A lot of my slides are dark and the PrimeFilm 1800u scanner just > doesn't pick > > up the detail...

skiing software
Hi all, is there any type of spreadsheet or software to track runs, time, etc?

You are a bunch of Freaks!
Having fun, freaks? You managed to recruit a bunch of other freaks into your little slanderfest. No evidence, no proof, just the same sick lies from the same sick freaks. Don'...

Anyone still skiing?
Is anyone still skiing? The snow is down to the midline on a couple of downstairs windows. Haven't seen anyone in days, maybe cause the gate is locked. Unfortunately, I'm too busy planning a...

A curious parallel
Two news groups I follow regularly, sci.math and rec.skiing.alpine, have similar threads going. In sci.math, James Harris is discussing "Why would mathematicians lie?" In re...

Has anyone heard about this?

Clarence Darrow, Gutless Coward
Just wanted to remind everyone that Darrow set a time and a place at Copper. I showed. He didn't. Ain't got the balls to face me in person, ain't got the balls to use a real name....

Why do they lie
So many lies today. Richard Henry, Richard Walsh, Lloyd of Truckee, Anthea Kerrison, so many others. You know you are lying. I know you are lying. Everybody who reads this shithole...

Talk about a lack of integrity
Hey Scottay, Salomon 957's - a few years old? How 'bout more like 12-15 years old. Sort of misrepresenting the ole merchandise, aren't we? Shops won't touch that vintage stuff due to...

Re a new message from Bert
On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 20:43:32 -0700, "Scott Abraham" <[email protected]> wrote: >Visited with Bert tonight, Translation, Bert and I got in a new shipment of Hamst...

Ping, Foot2Foot
So I've noticed a fair number of handles here of people who have nothing to do with, nor any interest in skiing. Now I know Scott has been posting, but please recall that I, and s...

The Transformation
|/ -.- /| |/ -o- /| |/ -O- /|

South American ski conditions
I'm thinking about an early summer trip to Portillo (June 18). Anyone have any experience with this resort? Any thoughts on the likelihood of having decent conditions?

Usenet question
On this business of reading usenet headers, I have a question and need a bit of help. If a header were to say something like, yaya!yayaya!!!n...

Fair warning to all RSA posters
This is a message I want to send to *all* of you. If any of you, I mean *any* of you, make fun of my flatulent ski techniques, my gaseous posts, my hysterical, paranoid personality, o...

This COTSE thing
I've had some thoughts about this COTSE thing, you know, there's been this sort of, problem here in rec skiing alpine with some posts coming out of COTSE. Pheeeyewee. The kinds of...

Crossover and Crossunder
Crossover is extension at the moment of edge change. Crossunder is retraction/flexion at the moment of edge change. I pulled this out of the "toe pressure is crap" thread. ...

Officially May 30
Alpine Meadows plans to run lifts through Memorial Day. Snow is great. And deep. Skiing is excellent. Spring WILL arrive someday soon - it's a near lock.

All about Scott
Q: Who is Scott Abraham? A: Scott Abraham, also known as (and may post under the following Alias'): Schattie Buddha Two Buddha scottabe The Talking Urinal SA ...

Message from Bert
Visited with Bert tonight, told him that Kerrison, Bob Thompson, Bev Ashley and others were so stupid and deranged they thought F2F was him. Bert thought that was hilarious. I implored him...

So far OT, it's about basketball.....
If anybody catches the Pistons/Sixers game tomorrow, keep an eye on the seventh row behind the left-hand basket (by the Sixers' bench) on your screen....a couple of faces there might be fami...

The Laughable Embarassment of RSA and RSA.M
Another year, another laughable failure. Newbies come. Newbies read the filth. Newbies judge the regulars on what is obvious to any decent person, and what the regulars cannot see. T...

60 posts at once!!!!!
Is this a record? Is anyone keeping track?

rear ends
I'm curious about skis with twin tips . Are they mainly designed for terrain parks and tricks etc or are they also good as an all mountain type ski ? I notice some skis have a big curve on...

Amazing ski tip
I have am *amazing* ski tip that will change the way you ski *completely*. It's a technique that is so *simple*, yet so *subtle*, that hardly *anyone* knows about it. I bet not one ...

Astro - to Snowbird now???
Astro, Since Alta is now closed are you off to Snowbird? Looks like they received some snow today? Figured the Bird would be good for a couple more Bite Me days. TG ...

Ski fall line to fall line
For those of you who have any skiing left this year, here's an interesting thing to try. I was introduced to it at a clinic recently. The idea is this: One might typica...

BTW, it snowed
again last night, and is trying to get started again as I type. Not much (~ and inch here at dawn) but enough to remind me it ain't even close to over. Had to take another couple of p...

Yogi Berra
was right. "It's not over till it's over." Better than ever, 219 inches of compacted snow, the slopes are corned up, the mountain is open - particularly the hikes!, and slides do...

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