June closes
Yes It's true. In spite of being at 133%of normal with a 12 ft base and more snow coming on Monday--Rusty Gregory (COO and GM of Mammoth/June Mountains) has decided to go ahead an close J...

Skiing the Alps in May?
I'll be in Switzerland on business and will have the weekend of May 21-22 to knock around. I was wondering if there is any possibility of skiing somewhere in the Alps that late in the seaso...

Sugarloaf (MI) Resort sold - may possibly reopen 2006
In other molehill news from flyover country, Sugarloaf has a new owner: http://www.record-eagle.com/2005/mar/30sugar.htm Sugarloaf is (was) the highest lift served ski hill...

Where's Scott
Haven't seen a post from the village idiot for almost 2 months. Did someone pull his feeding tube? Or did the judge take away his posting privileges again?

Flatboarding Elk Mountain
Elk Mountain closes this Saturday. The forecast calls for rain, snow showers and wind. We've had a damn good March here in Pennsylvania. I suppose it was asking too much for a good day in A...

Alta Outlaws Flatboarding
Looks like the canyon is closed, another 20 inches of snow, 15 more expected, and a base that has surpassed the 200 inch mark! Wow. Just checked expedia and I could get there this weekend ...

What is "flatboarding"?
OK. I've looked. I can't find anything other than usenet references to this. What the @#$%# is it? Bob

atomic xentrix 412 heel failure (crack and low DIN)
I picked up a pair of stockli skiis and they came with a pair of what I would guess were 2002 atomic xentrix 412 bindings. I was noticing I was walking out of the heels way too easy. I was o...

Skiing Magazine
I don't how many people here subscribe to Skiing magazine, let alone read it cover to cover. But since it's time for end-of-season sales on 2004-5 skis, I'm rereading their gear t...

Too much snow???
Is it possible??.. I've had enough. I'm tired of shoveling snow with no place to put it. The snow is now on to my second floor windows... Think I'll just draw the curtains and go to be...

Rossi B2s
I really wanted to demo some Rossi B2s this winter. Never got a chance. I've talked to one person whose opinion I trust and he loves them. Does anybody have any experience on them? If I can ...

Anyone Up For Alta Today?

Marmot Basin?
Apparently Marmot Basin is still getting a lot of snow and plans to be open until 5/1/05. Anyone think it is worthwhile to ski there from out of town in mid-april? D

$42,000 in 4-6 weeks w/ $6.00 Paypal start
Fairhaven College Discussion Board [ Home | Contents | Search | Post | Reply | Next | Previous | Up ] ----------------------------------------------------------------...

Miller Soft report
As some of you may recall, I scored a pair of original Miller Soft skis early in the season at a consignment shop, in good shape with good bases. These skis were probably made in the early...

Is skiing like being in heaven because when you're up in the mountains you're closer to heaven? Lisa

free starbucks coupons
Claim your FREE Starbucks Giftcard Limited supply and Limited Time Offer It only takes 30 seconds to claim your giftcard http://rewardsgateway.com/R/...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

Question about lifts at Pico, VT
I was looking at a trail map on the net. It seems from that pic that the big lane up the middle only has a lift from mid mountain up. But then I look at a brochure I picked up when I was...

APure Herbal Needed for Vitiligo white patches who will help me to get rid of white patches from my skin
I have got this mail plz help me have u test is vitiligoherb <[email protected]> wrote: Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:52:14 -0800 (PST) From: vitiligoherb <antiviti...

The spirit of skiing
Last Friday, after I bombed down the Ridge Run, Heavenly, a ski patroller caught up with me when I was to make a transit to the Powder Bowl, wanted to have a "chat" with me. "You ...

Early Closures
I just got back from some great spring skiing at Mt. Snow . What is bugging me out is that they plan to close on April 10th . Now it's obvious they have PLENTY of snow to keep things going...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

Skiing with Jeff Davis
I had the pleasure of hooking up and skiing with Jeff Saturday a week ago at Alta. My son and I had a wonderful day with him. He is the only person I have met through RSA in person. His wit ...

Alta fan with new respect for Deer Valley
I just got back from an eight day ski trip to Utah. While I spend most of my of time in JH and Utah most of my Utah skiing has been Alta/Snowbird. My long time ski buddy had a ski-in ski-out...

Bras and Panties At Camelback?
Our local ski area - Camelback - has a tree full of bras and panties. The tree sits near the top of the Stevenson high speed quad between Cliffhanger and the Pharoah. For as long as I've bee...

Did Rebecca Ore have sex with Scott Abraham?
Rebecca Ore always came to Scott Abraham's defense, anytime he was attacked. She was one of the only people to ever stick up for him on USENET. There were quite a few archived posts where Be...

Norwegian Sissel to Perform Rare USA Concert in Utah
An Evening with Sissel Sissel Kyrkjeb=F8 (the Norwegian phenom and voice of Titanic) will perform a rare solo concert in the de Jong Concert Hall at Brigham Young University on

Searchmont closing - possibly for good
This is really really really bad news. The only hill in the midwest that's actually on something approximating a mountain is closing, possibly for good. "Searchmont owner...

I got this yesterday (off topic)
They say this Lindsay Lohan leaving Paris Hilton a private phone message. The but it's pretty funny.

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