BTW, the skiing remains GOOD
Thought you might like to know. Woke early anticipating freshies; so naturally half the snowmansion's electricity was out including of course the auto coffee pot. Moved the pot ...

Perfect Day, 02-28-2005
"Perfect day, isn't it?" the girl sat next to me on the Sky chair, Heavenly smiled at me and said. Her boyfriend, who sat next to her on the other side, cut in, "Anybody says it o...

Dogs hate 'em, too
We were in Stowe and Bolton this weekend. The highlight occured on the final day at Bolton. Down at the Timberline Lodge, they've got a Basset Hound who has run of the place. He goes in and ...

Alta, Today, 02-27-05
Alta, today, 02-27-05. Chuting pics, Sugarloaf: -Astro

Alone with snowballs
What to make with snowballs when one has anybody on whom to throw them? Answer on Stef

RSOC Meeting March 8
Come out and learn about the Crew Clinic held in Oriental May 13-15 with the Neuse Sailing Association. RSOC meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Brownstone Hotel on Hi...

Utah Conditions?
I have a chance to roadtrip this Sun/Mon and thought Utah would be a good bet. What's going on in LCC/BCC? Has it been getting baked or has it been staying cold enough to save the snow? ...

Death by Snowboarder
It is rumored... Today a 27 year old skier died of internal injuries from being hit by a boarder at the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl at Jackson Hole. Supposedly the skier was stop...

Salomon CR Johnsons For Sale
Got the new FOIL, so looking to get rind of the CR's. Any bidders?

make money
From: [email protected] Subject: DO YOU WANT TO OBTAIN MANY DOLLARS? Date: 10 feb. 2005 14:13:40 -0800 YOU WANT TO OBTAIN MANY DOLLARS ? I've been trying ...

Ski exercises for kids on the Net?
Does anyone have a good link to a free online ski school, a set of pictures with exercises to do for kids on their first ski trip? Thanks Christian

BTW, the skiing is GOOD
Thought you might like to know.

Where have you gone? What happened, other than the obvious? I think we need to start a newbie edumacation program. JP ******** Guess.

ALIVE- Jay Pique
Still here, and I made it to Wisconsin and back in the Wagoneer last weekend. Headed to Vermont for the weekend. I love carborators.

DEAD - Hunter S. Thompson
He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at 67. Aspen mourns. Well, some of it does.... JP *************************** Fear and Loathing....

New skis
I'm considering buying new skis this season and could use some advice. For some 10 years I've been using Volkl P10 RS skis (205cm) and wouldn't like to part with them, but I guess they're at...

Alta to install video cameras
Looks like Astropax won't be the only one taking lots of pics at Alta. <>

South Lake Tahoe recommendations?
I was thinking about South Lake Tahoe at the end of March. I'm knowledgeless about this area. Does anybody have any recommendations about places to stay, etc? Evidently, it's not a conv...

Dave McCoy selling his stake in Mammoth,0,823250.story?coll=la-home-headlines Mammoth Ski Resort Founder Is Selling Stake After 68 Years Dave McCoy's decision puts 4,000 acres o...

Need a 4 day pass to Keystone,Breck,A-Basin
I bought too many of these at the start of the season, now it looks like my promised visitors won't all be coming. Unrestricted - except each has to be used by the same person (they

Trail Difficulty Ratings
We all know about single black and double black difficulty ratings. Occasionally rumors surface as to the existence of some nefarious triple blacks. Rarely, if ever, do I see beginner and i...

Goggles with clear lens?
Sometimes -- not because I want to, but because I have to -- I find myself skiing under lights. I'm looking for goggles that have a totally clear lens, ideally Smith, since I can get 'em ...

Steering is number three
Yea, I haven't posted for a while, and I've got some K's saved up the way I see it, so here goes. I've just spent a bit of time in Canada, coming very close to putting my feet on ...

Check out this cool site
Extreme snowboarding

Sierra Ski News
Check out the newly redesigned Sierra Ski News web page at:

Belleayre is for skier/boarder beginners as posted 2/22
The terrain is for beginners not for the experienced boarders who have posted. The beginner runs today, 2/23, are exactly as posted.....long, wide with gentle slopes both below the lodge an...

One down...
...three more to go. Certification levels, that is. This weekend just passed, after an excruciatingly drawn out I completed my CSIA Level One training and was duly certifi...

Ski schools for beginners: Belleayre NY Best by far !
Worth driving to. Superb long easy slope terrain, very wide runs for turning, excellent courteous instruction staff, great fireplace lounge, cafeteria & bar, easy prices and parking. See U...

tHe wHitE roOm
Alta, Tombstone, 02-21-05. tHe wHitE roOm syndrome. Scroll down to see both pics..... -Astro

Ski hire help and advise please
I was hoping someone would explain the difference is between beginner, intermediate and advanced skis? Are the skis actually suited to the level of the skiing or are they just t...

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