Nordica Beast
anyone has any comments on theses (the 92 mm underfoot). Thx

Just an observation...
...October 31st, 12:00 PM MST, 19 deg f., and the mid-mountain snow depth at Alta (Alta-Collins, 9662 ft) is currently 75 inches...or 6.25 feet:

Bad Experience with Tecnica
Last year, in December, I got a pair of Tecnica Rival RX boots from the local dealer. The dealer was very helpful, knew his stuff and I was confident to shell out the 300 Euro's (375 U...

About those cheap Internet skis....
When I started skiing last spring, I wanted to get my own skis to enhance the learning process by removing the variable of different skis. But I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I s...

P-40 volkl on e-bay
Since several of ya'll were talking about wishing for more P-40's I figured I would post this e-bay link. they will probably go pretty cheap since there dated. http://cgi.ebay.c...

Nice 4bdrm 3ba Truckee house needs couple $1490 in Tahoe Donner
Join our awesome ski-snowboard cabin from Nov 20, 2004 to April 19, 2005. It is in a convenient part of Tahoe Donner and close to all North Shore Tahoe ski areas. The 2500'sq cabi...

hummmm why is finding new ski's so painful
the ski industry is a mess all there is are these ridiculous cheesball websites with the most useless reviews / gear selections I can get much more good info on virtually A...

Summit Ski and Snowboard
A new website for Summit Ski and Snowboard Shops in Framingham and Danvers, MA. Give it a look:

A story to get your winter stoke! NEW
read this story, and get stoked for winter, face shots, and fun.... story by adam longnecker

Breck approves summit chairlift. Part of the upgrade is to make 6 chair into a quad. Now the back side of Peak 8 can get skied off in 10 minutes. snoi...

Any telemarkers here? Good place to order Voile CRBs
I am looking for some Voile or comparable. The only local shop that sells tele gear doesn't carry the Voile CRBs. Anyone have any experience with a reliable and fast online shop?

Alpine Squaw interconnect?
This is fascinating. Seems more and more people are throwing up chairlifts on private property.. I'd lik...

I have moved from cautiously optimistic...
To cautiously confident. GO SOX! REVERSE THE CURSE! Dave

Bindings mount
I have just purchased a pair of skis without bindings mounted. It has a horizontal line at around the binding position and there are two numbers with a drill icon. 3.6mm and 9.5mm. I a...

Truckee in the news
Truckee made the 5:00 news on Ch 7 in LA (In Bishop, our cable comes from LA). Good press. Good new and reviews. -- I ski, therefore I am

SNOWBOARDS FOR SALE - but I am only shipping within Canada
I have a few boards for sale from last season, and since winter is coming here they are: Ride Concept 158, never been ridden: $400 - retialed for $700 Ride Mecca 159, never ...

Line skis?
Hi, I ski on Salomon Pilot 10 Screams at moment and ski double black and offpise with a few sesions in the bumps and for a rest on the piste but very little. I was thinking of bu...

Ski length
Hello all! I need a quick advice. I plan to buy new skis this year and I need advice on what length to look at. I'm 5'6', 140 pounds and I ski advanced/expert level. I bou...

Need Help Finding New Skis
Hey everyone I'm looking to possibly upgrade my skis, definitely need new boots. I try to ski 3 to 6 times a year, I am a speed freak, hate moguls, I ski fast without being reckl...

Driving from Alta to Heavenly
Hi all.. I am going to be skiing at Alta/Snowbird on the 6th and 7th of December, then driving on the 8th to Heavenly and skiing there for 2 days... Map point says that it will ...

Nice job Bode and Koz!
Nice to Eric Schlopy and the Kostelic duo back on their skis. Can't wait to see Koz in the SL. -- Marty

Bite me, day 2.
I have my day 2 pics on my site, Damn glad to be back on my twigs. Another fine day at my Beloved Loveland. Nine days into the season, and I have two ...

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Karl-Hugo Weesberg is WEAK, his troll is not EVIL, just LAME

Skiing is EVIL, it's the sport of SATAN ! ! !
Skiing is EVIL, it's the work of the devil, made to collect your souls and to turn you into brainless slaves of hell. If you like Skiing, you will lose your soul to be damned for ...

S*o*t * A*r*h*m
Was he in jail recently?

Mt. Baheemya news (season pass sale)
Huh. I'm actually considering a season pass to a hill that's an eight-hour drive away. Regular price is $340, unless you buy on December 4th before 5 PM EST, in which case it's $99. That ...

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