More snow in Colorado
Woke up to another couple of inches on the deck. The last storm was just about melted at my place but there was still plenty left higher up. I did manage to get out for a ski day on Mt. Br...

A good day :)
I love the sound of "chain law in effect" coming over the radio. First schwing of the season. Mike... 8J -- See my ski photography at: <...

Binding positions on skis
I own some Head i.C180 skis - and very nice they are. However they have binding rails with positional adjustment of +- 10mm forwards and backwards (actually by offsetting in the boot size a...

What's new at Alta -- //-Walt // //

Problems with contact lenses
Can anyone recommend a solution to a problem I have where my contact lenses quickly dry out when I'm skiing downhill. I first started skiing about 6 years ago and have found that as my skil...

Worlds highest web cam
Hey gang, looks like Loveland has their cam at the top of chair 9 going. Have a look! Sam "I ski Loveland" Seiber ...

Question about New Mexico Skiing/Living
Soliciting any/all advice from any/all knowledgeable/interested folks. May have just landed a *virtual office* job, ie; I can live anywhere. I'd like to buy 5-20 acres accessible...

A-Basin or Loveland - Season Pass
Hi, My husband and I usually ski in CO 2 weeks a season (Once in Dec and once in Feb/Mar). We usually go to the big resorts and pay through our noses for the lift tickets for 5-6 ...

December Skiing in the Western US
Regards to the group and thanks once again in advance for your help and advice. This is my annual post asking for best bets for the week before Christmas. My preference is the West, with the...

International Racer (FYI)
Folks. International Racer has now posted its Europe racing schedule for the 2004/2005 Northern Winter. This schedule covers Racing and Training blocks for FIS, Junior &

Tips wanted for spending winter near Summit County
I do work that allows me to be wherever I want during the winter. I also do freelance photography while in the mountains. After spending last winter at Steamboat, I think the photograp...

A Famous Person
<> <>

ski lentgh charts for kids ?
Both my kids are now in there second year of lessons ages 7 & 11 level 3-4 & 5-6 Both are going to need new gear this year ,they already have there new boots, semi snug fit 4 buckle. ...
Anybody know what happened to web site. Seemed to disappear last week?

Ski binding lift plates
Requesting opinions on whether to use lift plates on bindings or go flat. I'm an advanced intermediate skier and I'm more concerned with the weight of my ski's. I don't carve hard enough t...

ACL Replacements
Hi, I am interested in hearing from people who are involved in sports and have had an ACL Replacement as a result of their sports activity. How and why the Doctor thinks it happened, how ma...

Snow in Colorado
Good news. The first real winter storm of the season is upon us. Several inches of snow at the Eisenhower Tunnel - which is essentially the Loveland parking lot. Loveland plans ...

Need some gear advise, intermediate-advanced....
First off, my specs. Im 5'10'' 190 lbs and have been skiing for about 17 years. I spend the majority of my days in the bumps, looking for nce tree runs and rocks and jumps to hit. I spend...

Shared accomodation at whistler
Anyone looking or offering this for the 2004 season, please feel free to post on my forum at under Vancouver forum/shared accomodation

Skiing over Thanksgiving - WHERE in the US?
Hi, My husband and I are planning on a skiing trip, if possible, during the week of Thanksgiving. I doubt there will be anything on the East Coast at that time. I need ...

Dago Red wins
Also, in a late development, we have snow. Went down to Reno for the air races. Dago Red, a modified Mustang, won the unlimited. Interesting social phenomina - rather than go the

Fat powder skis (Atomic) - what length
I decided to get a pair of fat skis for powder (have been boarding on powder and skiing on anything else but it's time to ski the deep stuff). It looks like the long units are preferre...

I had a ski dream the other night
It took place in Whistler, like most of my ski dreams. First, I was frustrated/anxious about not getting enough skiing hours in even though I was on vacation (a typical theme in my ski dr...

Stephan Eberharter, we will miss you...
He was fun to watch: -- Marty

Steamboat Lodging
We are visiting Steamboat for the first time this winter. Looking for a condo or suite for 2 adults and 2 children (9, 12). Prefer ski-in ski-out, hot tub, outdoor pool ... Any ...

Tune-Up II's???
Has anyone tried these helmet-based headphones for certain Giro helmets? I've been thinking that it'd be nice to find a way to use my Cobra walkie-talkies (they support voice acti...

Helmet selection
Guys, As the season is drawing closer I've gotten my helmet choices down to one of the following: Giro Fuse Giro Nine.9 Leedom Limit Cut That's in order...


OT (just for Bev) Republican credo
This was OT in another group. I was being good and not reposting it here, but I can resist anything except temptation. Now I'll go and eat the rest of the blackberry-and-apple pie. <...

Scream 10 v. X-Scream
I love my X-Scream. Recently we wished to buy the X-Scream for my husband, but I cannot find them on the Salomon web-stite. Are they discontinued? The agent suggests to buy Scream 10. What i...

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