Scott, I'm glad you're back
I'm still waiting for you to tell us more about the orphanage you were placed in. Why don't you want to share these experiences? S.

X-mas and Lift Lines
Looks like family is fixed on skiing during x-mas vacation, the one time I usually don't go because of the crowds. A buddy tells me Whistler has little if any lines when he goes each year. ...

Meteo for France and Europe free of charge

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I named him Pigo...
...a Shiras's Moose. Alces alces shirasi: I stumbled upon Pigo along the upper Provo River (Uinta Mounta...

Resorts want fixes in slide-prone road... -Astro

Stretching a boot that's too small?
Hey Walt...any resolution in the Boot-fitting battle? Sounds like you need to hunt down another shell shape/brand (of the closest fit)and then go from there. Shell grinding ONLY results in ...

RIP Dick Durrance?
Why didn't anybody tell me? And it was the day after my birthday....sheesh. Aw, man... Anybody got a link to the Tasman Glacier picture? bw

BC or AB resorts geared to families
I am looking to book a week long ski vacation in either BC or AB this coming winter. Are there resorts which cater more towards families with children and young teenagers?

Where is the coward criminal sodomite?
Cowering in his basement, eating government cheese, praying that Suzieflame doesn't call. Eviel

Schattie, where are you?
I waited and waited again for you... why oh why won't you come along and show me what a fine specimen of manhood you really are?

Abraham the Felon knows no embarrassment or conscience
Well, FF, I have to say your recent responses to people that have taken you up on your offers says it all. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will force you to take responsibility...

Why didn't Scott show up?
Is he afraid of something?

SPANK! Suzieflame caught lying again
Just called the Monaco and asked for Suzie, as Suzieflame the lying cowardly freak suggested. No Suzie staying there, of course. Desk person was very nice, considering I didn't have a ...

Another RSA Coward Fails to Show
Borders at 8. With tape running. Nobody walked up and said hello. Nobody. Same old, same old: rsa cowards talk shit, never have the balls to show up. Same old, same old. How boring. ...

Scott's Schopper
What kind of motorcycle does Scott ride? It's got to have a substantial frame to take the enormous weight. And it has to be fast, just in case he needs to slip quickly and ...

Schattie, you can come and stay at my place
Schattie, you can come and stay at my house until that nasty Suzieflame leaves town. I can understand why you didn't want to meet her. Girls are so icky - they have cooties! Forget about t...

Psycho Chicken
"Psycho Chicken", by the Fools I can't seem to face up to the facts I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax This Colonel Sanders job is gettin' me down A crazy chicken chasin...

Scott Bawaak Abraham
He's got a new middle name!

Scott Abraham: running for the hills, quite literally.
I'll be there again tonight, in the next section. I even said you could bring your buddies, and I still have a few handouts for them. I left a few as proof of my visit in the boo...

Calling the Bitch's Bluff
Frankly, I don't think this sick bitch Suzieflame is in Seattle at all. I lost count of the times you sick freaks issued a challenge and never showed up, or said you would show up and never...

Suzieflame is my bitch
Where were you, coward? You are my bitch. SPANK!

The Disgusting, Despicable Gutless Freaks of RSA
I've lost track of how many times you sick freaks have chickened out. All of you talk tons of shit. None of you have the balls to show up and talk it in person. Most of you hide your ident...

The Gutless Cowards of RSA Chicken Out Again
Nobody showed up. As usual. Same old, same old. Clue time: Borders is wi-fi and offers internet access. Nothing from Suziebitch. Another con job from an rsa freak.

Suzieflame: 8 pm at Montlake Playfield.
No excuses now, asshole. Here's your chance. I've got a double header tonight. Softball field, Montlake Playfield. You can see it to the south off 520 bridge, no excuses. 8 p.m. ...

red lodge mt
Anyone been here to ski that can give any input? Thanks larry

Scott Abawwwkkkk-raham
Countdown commencing..... how many lil' Scottie lovers will he show up with? How much will they laugh at him when they see what I have to give to them? Do you think Scott will like his...

Anthea and "defamation"
Bert and Scott have been screeching on again about how how Anthea supposedly committed "defamation" in Australia. It's time to set the record straight about this matter. In...

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