Mark B. Hoover Supports Criminals and Liars
Bob Thompson has called me a child molester on thousands of occasions. He has bragged about lying to prosecutors and law enforcement. He has posted my home address, stalked me in real life...

peeing puppy?
scottabe wrote on mensweb >Ran into an old friend from the mythopoetic days, we got talking about some >of the more ludicrous poses of the men's movement, one of the unfortunately ...

What ever happened to rsa.terrorist?
No posts. Nothing. Down for ages. The private terrorist newsgroup is a complete and utter failure. My bet is that some freak decided to fuck with the dishonest criminals and moderato...

All hail Mark B. Hoover!
All hail Mark B. Hoover! The *new* leader of men's discussions online. It is a new day of fairminded moderation, and honest and open discussion of issues that concern men. All ...

hot or not revisited and the original

Why do you live? Why do you stalk this newsgroup? Are you a God? Or are you just a sick molestors of goats?

Scott the freak
"Scott Abraham" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:BCDB8AC5.AA9%[email protected] | C'mon gutless. You said come on over. So whats your address and pho...

OnTopic: Arapahoe basin visual snow report 29-May-04
Fellow RSA'ers, if you want to see what A-Basin (Colorado) looked like on 29-May, here ya go: They claim their closing day to be 15-...

rmgroup mensbbs!
Do it! Do it now! Eviel

Mark Hoover Supports Internet Terrorism
Yawn, Another person points out what an asshole you are and you go ape shit. Isn't it about time you started to wonder why no one wants you posting to newsgroups. Tell me Sc...

Terrorist Henry apologizes to Mark B. Hoover: the essence of
Henry never ceases to amaze me. He wrote this incredibly dishonest post to, a terrorist newsgroup that support and encourages real life crimes over telling the truth: ...

Mark B. Hoover of Florida Blames Victims For Crimes Committed by His Friends
Fun, fun. I love exposing liars and freaks for the amoral scumbags they are. More of a taste of the psychopathic rationalizations of Mark B. Hoover of Florida. <...

Mark Hoover Supports Internet Terrorism
This is gonna be fun. A scumbag liar on annexcafe has clearly stated his support for internet terrorism as practiced by the criminals of rsa. The dialogue which is censored there is now on...

The complete failure of RSA.Terrorist
It seems that Klaus Biggers is such an incompetent computer geek that he can't even keep his private terrorist newsgroup up. Not to mention that no one posts there. Spam and bullshit......

Trunky-trunky butt chic!

And the winner is... Schattie! He lost this one, though: ...

The depth of insanity
>in article [email protected], Trunky at >[email protected] wrote on 5/27/04 8:27 PM: > >> within Snott's mind never ceases to amaze me. I ha...

The depth of insanity
within Snott's mind never ceases to amaze me. I haven't been here for some years, I pop my head back in and see that absolutely NOTHING has changed. Snott - seek some type of assi...

Hey Scatt
Why is it that when you are gone, nobody talks about you and this newsgroup becomes a nice friendly helpful place where people actually discuss skiing. Then you come back and it b...

project & skills database
Dear newsgroup member! My name is Mike Baran. I am the author of database. It helps You offer Your specific experience, skills or knowledge and in exchange co...

Nashville Dave and Bob Thompson: Stalking Freaks
I stay off frigging usenet for months. Finally make one silly post to annex. What happens? Dave and Pigo show up, just to let me know they are still stalking, still harassing, sti...

I found a new friend for Scott! Bighamton, N.Y. (AP) - A Fairfax County (website - news) man is under arrest in upstate New York, where he's accused of a rather u...

Nighty night, freaks
Toodle doo, freaks. I was feeling pissy today about the evil that inhabits this sick world, and where better to express my revulsion and anger than at sick wackos like you? All I have t...

So I was browsing
...and on the front page, they list all the most recent searches. I scroll down to the bottom of the screen, to find some individual (who obviously reads Usenet, or else had some RL ru...

Assholepax, Criminal (Let Alta Know About This Freak)
Just got a VERY interesting email. Anonymous, of course. The sender claims that the pathological liar, stalking freak, and gutless coward known as Assholepax is NOT a veteran. Rather, ...

Ping Astropax
You should really take your ski photos down for the summer. I can just about smell the snow looking at those very good ski shots. Looking at those all summer could be torture :) ...

Scott's back on the crack pipe, time to fix RSAM

The silly season returns
Well, it looks like the silly season is now officially in full swing so I am outta here for a while. Maybe when the weather cools down again or RSAM is up again... For now, ...

Thanks, Freaks
I want to thank the sick stalking psychopathic gutless freaks who stalked me in real life by making false allegations to my licensing board. You stupid, dumb, sick freaks. You just made...

Time Machine, 1930's -The Pure Stem
Let's learn to turn the skis. The turns are as follows. The pure stem. The telemark. The open christiania. The pure christiania. The jump turn. The step turn. ...

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