A look back on '04 skiing-w/photos
I don't know what happened to this post attempt in the moderated forum yesterday, but it didn't work. So, I'll try it here. We're down to our final 4 1/2 weeks of the season as Snowbird clos...

So, at what point in time did the trolls enter this newsgroup? The answer is quite simply "never". They have been here all the time. They have been in this newsgroup since Day One. They mana...

A gay yeti raped me
This is a true story that happened to me : I was skiing, nude. Suddenly and without warning, a gay yeti appeared out of nowhere and started to rape my asshole with his enorm...

child rapist: scottabe
It is a well known fact in Austrian newsgroupos. Is it true? I think that rock spiders should be shot.

Gimme back my Howitzer!
April 28, 2004, 1:06AM Ski resort duty comes to end Army asks return of five howitzers it had loaned out By MARTIN GRIFFITH Associated Press RENO, Nev. -- The U.S....

Were's Scooter?
I sure do miss him. But then, I was a bully growing up and enjoyed watching the blind kid fumble for his glasses in the snow.

2004-2005 U.S. Ski Team members announced
http://www.skiracing.com/finish_line/news_displayFl.php/1684/FINISH_LINE/newsArticles/ Mid-Western girls: MN girls: - Lindsey Kildow (20; Vail, CO) - grew up at Buck, moved ...

European resort suggestions?
Hi, I'm trying to arrange a group skiing holiday (for 6-10 people) for Jan 2005 to somewhere in Europe and am looking for some pointers as to where to go etc. a) Have I...

Info on multi-resort trips in Europe
Some friends and I want to take a euro trip next winter that links a bunch of resorts together with a guide and bag support. I've heard of trips where you hook up with a guide and basc...

A quick thanks to all
I don't always thank each and every person who answers my question, mostly to avoid flooding the group with relatively content free postings. So to those who've offered answers and opinions...

Dweeb Pool
Laying bets on the date of the dweeb return. Nearest the date wins qudos. -- Suzieflame "Being drunk is a necessity" -- Clyde B, alcoholic Scotsman who's not in ...

Closing Powder-Day, Breck, 4/25
Sheese, yet another year with an awesome closing day: http://homepage.mac.com/saemisch/Temp/Closingday.jpg If you missed it, you missed it. Mike... -- ...

I think it was NE Skier..
Yea, I think that was it. The arrogant arse that ran away from the discussion about unlearn because he didn't have time to respond to me in the long drawn out fashion in which I'm accus...

Err...Alpine Instructor?? (sorry dude)
Sorry dude, I confused you with this arrogant arse that was going on about Epicski earlier in the year. I must've been out in the sun too long with all the spring skiing. I don't ...

Two more years for Kjus.
Lasse Kjus is now finally injury free and back in good shape, and announced yesterday that he will continue to race internationally for the next two seasons, and call it quits after the 2006...

Alpine injuries
I was there last week when they brought Ray's avalanche dog Kimber down after she fell from a chair before opening bell. Kinda hard loading a dog into a sled when she's not a willing parti...

Alpine fixture retires
Current Head of the Alpine Pro Patrol Ray Belli is retiring after 35 years at Alpine. I first had personal contact with Ray 15+ years ago when the Patrol pulled my daughter's season pass, ...

What one thing...
If you could tell a beginning skier just one thing, just one piece of advice, what would it be? Lisa

Lift etiquette
Okay, here's a real basic and probably dumb question. Lift etiquette. Is it considered polite to insert yourself into a lift with another solo skier? Is there a more or less standard way ...

Easiest Blue runs at Alpine
Well, a simple question really. For those who you who are familiar with Tahoe's Alpine Meadows, if you can think of any of their blue runs that you think are particularly easy, I'd be grate...

Some movies for the troops.
A fine selection of five to begin with: 1. "Wag the dog" starring Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro, Woody Harrelson etc. 2. "The Comedians" with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor....

A personal definition of democracy.
Democracy is when the people wishes something, and the government does exactly the opposite of what its people wishes. This seems to be universal. More and more governments around the world ...

OT- Naked men protest in Central Park tree
I don't usually post off topic stuff but I found this amusing enough to make an exception. Fred --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tahoe area resorts, how does Boreal stack up?
I've been to Boreal, several times, but I've not been to any of the other Tahoe area ski resorts. I'd be grateful for opinions comparing Boreal to the other resorts. I'm not really interes...

The longest on-topic thread in recent history - What it takes
Fundamental motivations: An intellegent newbie female skier shows up and the longest on-topic thread in recent history on RSA results. I'm sure it didn't hurt Lisa's popularity that she i...

Some songs for the troops.
Here is a list of five quite suitable songs to begin with: 1. "Heroes and villains", Beach Boys. 2. "We`ve gotta get out of this place (if it`s the last thing we`ll ever do)", Animals. ...

Binding Remounting question?
Hi Group, I bought a used pair of bandit x skis that have a binding on them (marker 1200 piston something) and i want to put my Rossi (Look) binding on them instead. How many tim...

Footbed? Bootfitting?
My ski boot research keeps turning up boot fitting as something important. I keep reading about custom footbeds. My question is, what exactly IS the footbed? In my boots (Lange) there is ...

Solomon Scream Hot vs. Extra Hot
I would appreciate it if someone could let me know what the differences between the Scream Hot and the Scream Extra Hot are. Any opinions on either or both? Thanks in Advanc...

small freerider
A small video of a 5 year old freerider: http://mypage.bluewin.ch/dsimic/ski.html

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