scott drinks spoo

Alta, Today, 01-31-04
About 7" of new...Devil's Castle: -Astro

Looking for K2 t:nine Spire
I'm looking for a new pair of 2004 K2 t:nine spires in a 160cm length for my wife. We have this problem everytime we try to buy her skis. She demo's until we find what she wants - then nob...

Steamboat Springs comments
Hello, We have airline tickets to Colorado for a week stay and want to know if Steamboat is a good destination. Advanced intermediate skiers. Please post any pros or cons.. ...

Ski Websites that Suck
Add Dynastar to the list. Does anybody know how to contact Dynastar? Their website sucks so badly that there's not even an email contact address on it. I sent the followin...

Winter Park advice
Hey all...I'm planning on heading to Winter Park on Feb 21-25. I'm looking to stay close and cheap...possible ski in/ski out??? for less than $125 a night. I'm also curious about local dig...

The Exploding Skiing Whale, before and after
Before: e.JPG KABOOM! After:

Breaking Skis?
Hi everyone, Thank you for all the responses to my other thread. Quick question, since I have never skied before, I have a question. I assume I rent the ski and pole, ...

Dear Andweeb
Great job. You truly have a talent for the troll.

The Stalking Insanity of Vincent Walker
Havn't heard from my licensing agency, Walker. Ain't the first time you have stalked me in real life and lied to employers in a truly insane attempt to cost me my livelihood. You are in...

Scott & bert whats the connection?
do they share living space?

Copper Mountain Opinions
Please..any opinions on Copper Mountain Co..... Thanks..

Im going Skiing!
Ok, Some of you might remember me from posting a month or two back. I asked about wearing my glasses with goggles. Im going to bring my glasses, and hope they rent goggles that ...

Schattie, better move to Sweden, they'll like you better there

backpack advice?
hi--i'm looking for a not-too-big bacpack to ski with. i need to hold a minolta A1 camera in it, but don't want a dedicated photo pack. i ski, not board, fwiw. i don't need a hydration bla...

Atomic ski recommendations
I am thinking about SX (11 or 9) or GS:9. I am an advanced skier with preference in steeper runs with mogules and fast GS like groomedicy runs. Not much of a powder skier. Does a...

Exploding skiing whale. Don't we have our own skiing whale? We also have a recent denizen who appears to believe a 5-foot shlong is a useful backcountry asset.

Zip-in fleece for North Face parka's
Does anyone know if there are any off brand fleeces that will zip into North Face Parka's? Thanks, Matt

Ski wax prices
Hi, I haven't bought ski wax for many years. Partly because of a 15 year hiatus, and that I still had some cake wax unused when I resumed skiing. I ran out, and resorted to beeswax just...

Fernie in March
Anyone skied Fernie lately? Conditions? Thx

Help on terrain park kickers...
OK. First a little background. I grew up learning to ski in the era when you'd build a jump and then the ski patrol would come flying down the hill to smooth it out. "No jumping!!!" Beca...

Hi, I have a pair of Fischer CLS3 skis that I've never used. It says the cut is 89-64-80. What exactly do these measurements mean. Also can any of you tell if it's a carving sk...

cold-weather wax
It's been near zero some days here in the Northeast, and glide wasn't so good. Skis felt sticky. So I bought some cold-weather wax -- Swix CH4. specifically. I can get it to melt and drip on...

The arrogance of pinnas
Sitting here reading the latest issue of Skiing, which documents the ongoing conflict between backcountry skiers and heli skiers in the Wasatch. Thinking about the utter narcissism of the re...

Jackson Hole Sucks
The Subject Sez It! Jackson Hole Sucks. They can't even groom the whole mountian. Its too steep. Its too cold. Stay away! Go to Vail. Or Snowbird. At least they can groom the mountian...

Where to ski in Utah with no crowds?
I'm hitting Utah in early March for a short trip, Sat, Sun and Mon, and want to avoid the lift lines. Which resorts are typically less crowded than others? I hear Solitude really lives up ...

Okemo Vermont
has anyone been to Okemo in Vermont? Will be staying slopeside (Winterplace), first ski in ski out vacation.

What Hamster's Do In Horvath
Imagine Horvath's Hamsters having fun:

Is this true scott???
Repressed Memory Syndrome Are we knee-jerking on this issue because an unscrupulous few are using it to advance their careers, or to attack men? by Scott Barak Abraham ---...

Utah in February... can't spend a lot!
I need to do Utah on the cheap. It's gonna be hard to achieve, but I think with your advice I can swing it. So here goes... any advice is appreciated: - I'm looking to go to U...

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