Best color lenses
What the best color for lenses for sunglasses ?

green, blue, black - what does it all mean?
I'm fairly new to skiing - this will be my first full year. I don't quite understand the trail ratings though... There are greens that seem really hard, and blues that seem pretty easy. M...

Nashville Dave Stalks, Lies, and Defames
Hey, Dave? Just got your stalking posts pulled. And your vile lie about Bert. He can't post personal information because gutless, obsessed, wacko cowards like you stalk and defame ...

My Kind of New Years Party
From the Cottonwood Canyons Forecast Page: --- Remarks: Snow and wind will gradually increase on Wednesday afternoon and evening as the Pacific storm approaches. Significant snow ...

trunk butt
whats a trunk butt?

First ski suite
Please don't laugh, for the past 10 years i've been skiing on and off at dry ski slopes, started when i was at school and it got me hooked, but i never went more than about once o...

Winter: Snow: Where's Scott?
Not skiing.... comme toujours.

Calves sore after skiing means ?
I'm curious if any armchair experts have a reason as to why my calves get sore the day after a full day of aggressive skiing ? Most people I know complain of their thighs getting sore but my thig...

Where to stay in Utah?
We are 4 snowboarders of varying experiences; from beginner to advanced. The beginner is an excellent skier so i think he should have no problems picking up snowboarding. We usua...

scottabe is the resident troll of this group, not to mention the local *SHITE*FOR*BRAINS*
Whatever credibility this "scottabe" troll has, I officially declare his posts to be useless and boring. I implore all of you to *plonk* him into your killfiles and render his barking useles...

Night Skiing and some
There are quit a few ski resorts/places in New Hampshire offer night skiing at a discounted price. I am just wondering about the snow conditions at night? I have a feeling that night skiing ...

Keystone conditions?
Was planning on coming to the Summit County area in a couple of weeks - specifically Keystone. Can anybody tell me how it was this last weekend? Terrain open etc.? Thanks!

What to do with ski boots that are too big?
Hey there fellow skiers/riders. I come seeking help and advice. Recently, I made the mistake of purchasing ski boots that are a little too big. Since they have been heat molded ...

Inexpensive ski week Italy - UK half term week
We have another trip this year to Italy. It is the week of the UK school half term. Have a look at for details. or email [email protected] This is a good trip for UK...

How come we haven't seen any updates from the ...snow gun capital of the world yet this season??? > WillyJ2714 wrote: > > Greetings Comrads, > I'm...

Just a couple of questions on tuning: 1. What type of diamond stone is suitable for deburring/polishing for everyday use? 2. What type of brush is used for brushing off the ...

Breckenridge today, 12/28/03
It's getting better here: (Contest Bowl) Mike... -- See my ski photography a...

Horvath and Ed Pauls: Two of a kind
Just thought I'd mention that my bitch Horvie is stalking again over on mens, despite having all his posts pulled and being clearly informed that men's does not tolerate criminals, assholes,...

Northstar Question
Hi everyone, we are goining out to Tahoe in a couple of weeks. In doing my research, most of the complaints I hear about Tahoe resorts are the crowds, particularly Northstar. Unfortunately, ...

You people are sick
I write an on topic message about Alta getting dumped on and I get 4 on topic replies and * gets 10 off topic replies. Everybody knows that if * got no attention he would get bored with rsa ...

Whistler lodging Question
Its a fair amount cheaper to stay in a condo outside the village and drive a few minutes to the hill. (I'm going with my family so we need a largish condo.) Is it any easy place to go to b...

Snowbasin, Saturday, 12-27-03
46" storm total. I think the following pic just about says it all. Snowbasin, Saturday, 12-27-03:

TR Moonlight Basin
Originally went to Bridger this morning since they had 48 inches of fresh but they couldn't get the mountain open with all the wind so I headed south to try out the newest ski resort in the ...

3 years old Look P7.0 binding
I bought new skis, Dynastar Speed Carve 63. It's last year model, therefore the price was good. The shop mounted new bindings as well, Look P 7.0. Later I did a little research and discovere...

Ratchet Buckles on SKi Boots
I'm looking at a pair of Dalbellos Visio 9 boots. They use ratchet buckles instead of regular metal buckles. I was wondering if anyone has experience with ratchet style buckles and if they...

Lift Tickets for Steamboat
I am driving from Chicago to Steamboat end of March. Is there any place along the way where one can get discount lift tickets. I thought I saw that in some of the grocery stores Colorado you...

Happy Holidays
That fatass [email protected] wrote this crap about Bert: >Yeah, yeah, yeah. >I gave Bert a rib roast for Christmas and you know what I got in return? >Bubkas. &g...

Alta gets dumped on
Alta, 5 PM Friday. Interlodge started at 1 AM Friday and is in effect through this night. "Interlodge" means stay inside of building or get big fine for being in avalanche danger.I doubt t...

Alta gets dumped on
Alta, 5 PM Friday. Interlodge started at 1 AM Friday and is in effect through this night. "Interlodge" means stay inside of building or get big fine for being in avalanche danger.I d...

Moving to Idaho. Looking for politically astute ski buddies!!!
Greetings: I'm moving to Boise, Idaho in two weeks and will have a season pass at both Bogus and Brundage. I have a car, love taking road trips and am looking for interesting people to ...

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