Rossi Bandit B2
Ello! I was wondering if any of you lot had tried Rossi's new Bandits, especially the B2. If so, what did you think of them? Schneck

Check out that package from MS
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strolz boots
Can anybody comment on these boots? Do they really hold up much better than regular boots? It seems like paying $850 for a custom pair that is guaranteed for life and never needs to be rep...

The Daily Camera
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WTB: Discount Ontario, Quebec, New York or Vermont Lift Tickets
Hi All If you have any, let me know location, restrictions (if any) and price. Thanks Julian

WTB: Used race ski tuning equipment
Hi all Let me know if you have anything for sale. Need brushes, files, rotorbush system, iron, waxes and overlays, etc. Please specifiy make, model, model year, condition and pric...

Youtaw snow?
I'm watching this crappy football game on the tube, BYU getting clobbered, and what-d-ya-know? It's snowing at BYU, whereever that is. I assume somewhere near the Wasatch. And if it's snow...

Snow in Utah?
ESPN has the BYU game from Provo. Looks snowy.

Info Carving Ski ... help me !
Hi, i'm loocking for buy a pair of allround carving, and i'm debating between: Volkl V3 Head IC 180 I'm a good skier, but i don't love speed... i want only a good ski !...

Woman 58 Gave Birth To Twins
firefighter-paramedic ron delivered twins at 8:17 am to a Woman 58 successful after her son 37 got her pregnant 8mons. ago.

Halloween Costumes
Is everyone all set for Halloween? I got my costume today. I got a doctor's jacket with the name, "Dr. Seymour Bush MD. Gynecologist" on it. I can't wait to wear it to the strip club.

+++ Appt 5 personnes à Serre-Che 1200 +++
*** Tourism flat in SERRE-CHEVALIER 1200 *** Rent apartment furnished with tourism equipped for 5 persons 45 m ² 2 rooms classified 2* In the heart of Briançon's cons...

brand "SERAC"
Hello, do someone know anything about brand "SERAC"??? I can buy nice ski-jacket. Seller said that SERAC is japanese brand with high quality, but i couldn't find anything on web. ...

flying with skis
Any tips for getting through the airport with skis ?

Snow, crowds over Xmas - Steamboat, Telluride, Big Sky?
Hi everyone, I'm planning a ski trip out west between christmas and New Year. Can anyone comment on what is the likely crowd situation going to be at Steamboat, Telluride or Big S...

For Sam
Hey Sam, I only missed it by one day. Pretty good, eh? TCS (The Colorado Skier) Loveland is open! Colorado skiing rules.

Idea for making snow
I wonder if the snowmakers were to mix gelatin with the water at high temperature, then blow it out through the guns, if, when temps got above freezing, it would just sit there, instead of...

How you know when your brain needs a firewall

Loveland report
I skied at Loveland this morning. They announced today's opening yesterday afternoon. Threw the new K2 XTs in the car and drove up in time to stand in line for the rope drop. This occurre...

Ski challenge of my Life
On 13 March 2004 I will be taking up the challenge of my life. I am going to Austria to take part in the White Peaks Challenge for Scope. Joining 80 other people gathered from all walks of l...

CO ski lease wanted
Hi, I am currently living in the SF bay area. If you were to look on the local craigs list, you would find several groups leasing cabins in tahoe for the winter. I was wondering if people...

XMas to New Year, where to ski out west? Least crowded areas?
Hi everyone, I'm planning to go skiing out west between Christmas and New Year. Yes it's the most expensive time to ski but that's when I have time off. My question is: ...

Ping: Sam. Loveland opens!
Sam, Word is Loveland opens tomorrow. If you go, post a report! Mike... -- See my ski photography at: Carpe powder-diem

Volkl, Rossi, or K2
i tried this last week...let me rephrase.... i'm down to trying to buy a pair of advanced beginner (last year) to avg intermediate (hopefully this year) and i'm debating between: ...

Advice Needed
Hey there - I'm in the market for some new ski poles this season, and was hoping you all could help me out. My current pole has served me well over the years, but I think it mig...

Nice looking skiing at Copper
Saw some footage of the race training going on at Copper on the news last night. They are not open to the public but it was nice to see lifts running and skiers cranking turns. Schwing.

where to go
been skiing for a couple of years have been going to same resort Risoul in France. would like to here of resorts in same area. could anyone recommend somewhere?

Suggestions for one pair of all mountain skis. HELP!
I'm taking an LOA from work to finish a semester of college in Idaho and will be skiing virtually every day. I'm in the market for one pair of skis to get me through the winter and don'...

Results - Sölden - Giant Slalom - Men
Wow, way to go Bode. Over a second on 2nd place!

Broken ski, how on earth?
Schlopy broke his ski at todays World Cup Opening, on his way downhill!. How on earth could that happend? Any insight?

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