Knead breasts?
A couple months ago I put a nice gash up the back of my leg, and now I have a most excellent scar to show for it. Unfortunately it seems to have come at the expense of a bit of scar tissue ...

plastique fantastique
I just run across the tidbit that French skiers refered to Langes' original boots as "plastique fantastique," presumably when the first Langes were released in 1964. The questio...

Wanna do a 14ner this New Years Eve or Da
I would like very much to join a team that is planning to do a 14ner this New Year's Eve or Day. I have done 17 14ners so far, but they have all been summer ascents. I have done some bigge...

Where to buy NH Discount Lift Tickets??
There used to be a booklet called Ski93 for discount lift tickets for places like Waterville Valley, Loon, Cannon, Bretton Woods and other places near I-93 in NH. Anyone know if that is sti...

Skiing Whistler - Horstman on July 31st - Update
Been meaning to post this for awhile... Decided to go for it & after very quickly renting equipment (definitely no lines), waited for the 1st 11am lift up. Met a guy who had a bet on with ...

Looking for some of the best ski socks by Eurosocks for the upcoming season? Found these on at 33 to 41% off.

Dear Schattie
Uranus has been the target of many probes.

lange question
I am in the market for new boots and with very narrow feet have been looking mostly at lange. I am a light but aggressive skier and spend a lot of time in the new england woods. The 2001 L...

Skiing in North America over Christmas - Do not want to go to Whistler. How about Fernie or Kirkwood?
It's been years since I last read rec.skiing.alpine, but I guess this is the place for those tricky questions. I am planning a skiing trip for Christmas and New Years. We are 5 pe...

Courchevel or Vail
Courchevel is excellent and quite snow safe for the French alps. If you are into that kind of resort, you will like it. The really bad thing, though, is getting there. Traffic ca...

Looking for contact number for Salomon Customer Service in the USA
If anyone can furnish this number to me, I would appreciate it very much. Oh, by the way...for the department handling Alpine Skis if there as a specific number for that. All I could get was...

Reduced Cost / Discount Lift Ticket Sources - Ontario & Quebec?
Hi All Any suggestions for sources of reduced cost / discounted lift tickets in Ontario and Quebec. Thanks Julian

On-topic joke, even
There's almost no jokes about skiing (it's funny enough in itself I suppose) but this arrived in the office today: There's two blokes in Dundee watching the evening weather forecast a...

International Ski Federation- FIS 30th Congress Pin Badge On eBay
I have listed an International Ski Federation XXX Congress FIS pin badge for the SAN FRANCISCO 1973 meeting on eBay. You may see it at:

Killington Condo
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0057_01C382AF.EA344E50 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Get some doormat you don't really need anymore. If you want "easy", cut it down to maybe eight or ten inches wide. If you want "more difficult" leave it as it is, probably sixteen inche...

Another RSA Zevon tribute
Schattie Abraham writes: > It takes brains to appreciate Zevon. No surprise Bob Thompson didn't like > him. I'm glad you appreciate Warren Zevon, Schattie. I ...

Want share in Hunter ski house.
I'm interested in a share in a Hunter ski house for 03/04 season. Responsible male, upper level skier, looking to stay away from "frat houses". Already have full share in Sugarbush, would li...

Kneissl Bigfoot little
Hi Does anyone have any experience of these? I can't find much info online but they look great for little kids. I'm wondering if my 4 year old daughter could use them. Kneissl's w...

Used Skis
Again, looking for advice from the much wiser RSA crowd. Living far from the slopes, I only make about 1-3 trips a year, but am still sick of paying money to rent every time when it se...

Alpina SR Pro boots
Just recieved a set of Alpina SR Pro ski boots and I am wondering what a few of the adjustments are. There is a large screw assembly on the back of the heel (forward lean?) and a slider with...

Garmisch-St.Moritz questions
Hi! A few travel questions involving a trip from Garmisch to St. Moritz and back. Last week of Jan. (all before 1 Feb.). We're taking about 4-5 adults. - Any advantag...

Ski sizing debate
Please help solve debate: I was thinking of purchasing two pair of last years Salomon Crossnax 9 w/pilot system. Here are the two "candidates" to potentially ski on them:

Elan Fusion S12 vs Elan S-Series S12
I know the diff between the fusion mounting system vs the conventional mounting system of the S-Series. What I want to know is if anyone knows the diff between their stiffness and flex char...

Snow in Colorado
Surprise! Copper Mountain started making snow last Thursday night (9-18). That's about 10 days early for them but it got cold so they decided to go for it. They reported ma...

Two Dutchies want to go skiing in Canada
Hi, After a lot of years skiing in Europe we want to explore the Canadian skiresorts. We have heard it's great fun! But, before we book, we have some questions and we would be ver...

[ ADMINISTRIVIA ] Statistics for rec.skiing.alpine
Group summary for rec.skiing.alpine: 485 articles, 13722 lines. Computed at Thu Sep 18 11:01:52 2003. Sorted by number of posts: email address ...

Child Porn and Skiing
NOTE: This message was sent thru a mail2news gateway. No effort was made to verify the identity of the sender. -------------------------------------------------------- Hey, guys, ...

Rotobrush: Wanted to Buy Used or Build
HI All I need but cannot afford to buy a new roto brush handle and brush set. So .... if you have a used one, please advise as to make, model, age, condition, cost and shipp...

Which skis for France?
I'm a Dublin-based Aussie skiing in Tignes for a few weeks in Feb - just wondering if I should have my Volkl P40s (orange, 2001???? models) freighted over from Oz for $AU200, or if I'm bette...

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