Coloured sunblock cream?
Yeah, I know it's very eighties but does anyone know where I can pick up a coloured sunblock in the UK? TIA

Spare Time Strategies
Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. --Carl Sandburg ...

Ski Canada Magazine
Hi, i am waiting for my Fall 2003 Buyer's Guide from Ski Canada Magazine. I was wondering does anyone know when they start sending them out? Or does anyone know of a website will slalom ...

Eastern Townships vs. Quebec City ???
It's the end of summer and time to start planning the first ski trip of the season. The last two years I've gone to Tremblant in early December for a long weekend. This year I'...

2004 Ski Gear
Hey, im looking for a website to find out some reviews on 2004 ski gear. I am waiting for the fall 2004 ski canada mag on the 2004 gear reports. I was just wondering what everyone thinks...

To Bob Thompson, Coward
Hey, Thompson? Your big chance is here. Want to call me a child molester in person? Make jokes about me being raped as a child? You know, spew filth the way you do here like the cowa...

Summer sports: bog snorkelling
I'm proud to announce that I came second in the ladies' class at this year's World Bog Snorkelling Championships, held at Llanwrtyd Wells in mid-Wales. The winner was a local girl much yo...

post acl reconstruction activities to brace or not to brace
I blew my acl in feb, had the patellar graft done in march. spent my 3 months with the physical therapist, but I moved back to tahoe in july and haven't started with a new therapist over her...

It's all downhill from here...
It just occurred to me, November is only about ten weeks away. >From a season past...Alta with a 50" base, November 10th, 2000:

Elan Integra 8.0
Has anyone skied the Elan Integra 8.0. I would like to hear how you guys like it.... Thanks

Skis only good for 50 outings?
I bought a new pair of boots the other day and the salesman mentioned that skis were only good for about 50 sessions before there was a notaceable decrease in performance. I have never hear...

Drunk snowboarder who crashed into kids gets 240 days
That is triple the sentence given to the guy who actually KILLED somebody by crashing into him. Can't say I fee...

Bandit X's Sale 184/191
I have two pair of Rossignol Bandit X's for sale; purchased in 2000 still in great shape. Size: 184 and 191 both with Marker adjustable bindings. Can send digital photos to show condition. ...

Traffic Circles
I was going to ask this question back during the TdF threads (which seem to have all dried up now) but let it pass. I was impressed by the number of traffic circles on the course, and wonde...

Can't Fool with Mother Nature
Talk about Darwinism - a woman was killed by a Great White Shark in California. She was swimming 75 yds offshore with a group of seals - a natural prey of Great Whites. I wonder if she ...

TCS Newsletters
I was going through some old photos and found some I had promised to send to TCS (abandoned ski area on Mt. Palomar in SoCal). SO I checked out his website. Nothing new since 2001? is TCS...

As if....
......anyone needed a glimpse into that overflowing thimble that is al frankens character.,2933,95162,00.html OH CRAP! It's from Foxnews...

Please help me pick a ski (sales on the 2003 stuff)
I'd really like to buy a ski within a week or two tops to take advantage of some really nice deals to be had on the 2003 stuff (50% off list seems fairly common). Some more detailed info on ...

Im trying to compile a checklist for things to cover when planning a ski / board holiday I wonder if anyone can add to the list any that I have forgotten or if there are any links to such on...

Help needed identifying autographs
If you are a bit of a ski nut I could use a bit of help identifying a couple of signatures on skis I've got. I've worked out Franz Klammer and Fritz Vallant but stuck on the lower ...

Im trying to compile a checklist for things to cover when planning a ski / board holiday I wonder if anyone can add to the list any that I have forgotten or if there are any links to such on...

Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software
We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but itís REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded. Best of all you will only have to download ONE p...

Wreckin'bridge spam?
Anybody else get spam today from somebody with a house for rent in Breck? They're "looking for people that want to enjoy the Rockies" I'm wondering if they got my address here. b...

Which weight training, or exercise, helps the muscles that flexes the legs?
Although I do spinning, weight lifting, cycling during off-season in preparation of the upcoming ski season, I noticed that those exercises do not actually help the muscle that is extensivel...

WM Storm
For anyone who is interested, last year's WM film, Storm, is supposed to be available on DVD in mid-September. I am supposed to get an email when a website I was looking at has it in stoc...

Silence.... sometimes golden. JP ***************** Ski the Biggies.

Marker Binding Problems
I saw that someone mentioned in a post that Marker Bindings can have problems. Would you please be more specific? Thanks

Hey Scott.
You coming to Europe? Where? When? Want to meet up and tell me what you think about the deceased in person? Suzie -- Suzieflame "I think we even talked abo...

RSA = Ritual Satanic Abuse
I finally figured it out.

To: Captain Wrong Way Peach Fuzz i.e. Horvath
Horvie, I wouldn't think of telling you what to do. Since bob, LOVES talking to you, I sort of figured it would fit right in with then plan. Sort of like Sigourney Weaver being trapped wi...

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