Skiing Paradigm Shift: Mono Boot? The World's first boot for monoski. This unique solution is based on a simple concept - one larger boot replaces traditional left and right alpine boots. <...

Alta - New Lift
It's pretty much official now: During the summer of 2004, Alta Lifts Co. will replace the Germania and Collins lifts with a single HSQ running from the Wildcat base up to Germania...

Summer Lovin'
What's worse - to be unable to get who you want, or to get them and be unable to make it work? (better to have loved and lost....?) Also - any tips on overcoming the whole "...

Request for survey participants (App0721)
What people think in the privacy of their own minds is not always what they might say to others. We would like to hear your anonymous views on some very disputatious questions at:

Accordint to today's Times: 1. George Galloway HAS in fact started libel proceedings against the Daily Telegraph. 2. The burglar wounded by Tony Martin has reportedly decided not to sue...

What a good week to be gone
Just got back from an excellent week of whitewater in Canada, and based on rsa, I couldn't have timed it better. Half a dozen ski-related posts and a whole big smelly pile of festerin...

Looking at the glory shot...
I took a most excellent digger while biking today, complete with blood and everything. For some reason I thought it might be cool to look back and see what I had just descended while still ...

Is Bode Miller a product of US Ski Team Development?
I'm sort of curious as to what others say. I think, like the Mahers, he is just extremely talented. The US teams just don't seem to have the consistency or the talent top to bottom of the ...

Austria where to ski
Any advice? regards Rodger

Ping: OutofyourTree
For a guy that didn't want to argue with a right wing red neck hick, you sure as hell came back with a flurry. Could it be that you didn't like being exposed as a stooopid twit? :) Pseud...

Fair and Balanced or Liberal Nonsense
To address the matter of the credibility of the media - The column in the Wall Street Journal about the BBC was written by Gerald Kaufman -Labor Party member of parliament. Howeve...

OK, people, still like Bush now?
He's led us into an unneccesary war on Iraq, misled us about Iraqi WMD and involvement in 9/11, played a shell game with us, ALL THE WHILE COVERING UP FOR THE REAL CULPRITS. Look at the sec...

Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable
First time I think I've ever agreed with BC 100%. Tue Jul 22,11:08 PM ET Add White House - AP to My Yahoo! WASHINGTON - President Bush's erroneous reference to an Iraqi-Africa...

Tenney Mountain's Summer Snow Making System
I've seen a number of articles about this, but I would appreciate a report from someone who has actually been there. Skifully, Joshua Segal

Skiing in Turkey - Article
Wild Turkey by Charles Glass,12910,355057,00.html Mosques with slender minarets, frozen lines of laundry strung between pastel

Olin Ellipse
Anyone familiar with the Olin Ellipse ski? What can you tell me about them?


U. S. Foreign Policy - even a child can understand it!
This repost is brought to you in the interest of informed OT debate: US FOREIGN POLICY - EVEN A CHILD CAN UNDERSTAND IT! Q: Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?

I just escaped
I managaed to escape from the Camirillo state hosptial just so I could see Mandy Moore latest movie How to deal.I beat my meat and came and came all over about twenty times.I just love...

Anybody out there?
Testing... Just bought a new computer. Old computer, running W98, was showing its age. Almost a minute to load each email or ng message. Now it's instantaneous. I st...

Did I made a mistake with these skis?
Even if the ski season is a few month away, where I live, there is a big clearance ski sale. I am an intermediate skier and skis on 166cm K2 XR which I really like. However, I am ...

Now *here's* a pathological liar!

Downhill Racer on A&E
In about 5 minutes. Good Flick.

Advice on skis
Hi, I've never been skiing in my life so have zero knowledge on the subject and would like your advice on selling if that's possible. A friend of mine has given me the following (...

Boycott French Ski Jargon!
Awake, patriotic - er, Unitedstatesians! (All the rest of the world can have a lie-in) Boycott avalanches, couloirs, glaciers, crevasses, cornices, descents and of course toilets...

New Zealand Season
I would like to go skiing in New Zealand (South Island) this winter but my only opportunity might be right at the end of their season - end September/early October. Can anyone inform me fro...

Update - drama
Damn that Sierra Club!!! JP ******************** Carpal tunnel candidate.

I sense drama......
Well Hello there RSAers. I've just returned from a 2 week trip back east to see my family (ugh, humidity), and I've returned to 797 new messages! What has happened to inspire such prolific...

good snow december time in serre chevalier ??
hi, i'm planning a 2 weeker to serre chevalier late december time (15-29 ish) - just wondering if anyone has any past experiences to flesh out what the snow is like around that area at that...

Maier, the Tour, the Streiff and Absandre...
Hello, Following the Tour prologue and Maier's declaration that he would best any cyclist with more than 1'19" in the Streiff, my friend Absandre is arguing in

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