07 Jun 2005 16:51:32
Wayne Decker
I can't believe you all are leaving it all to me! :)

I had to do honey-do's Sunday and Monday--but I got to ski today :) And
except for the race team--I had it all pretty much to myself. We are
experincing a cold snap so it was bullet-proof untill around 10:30--but I
was prepaird.

Actually Main lodge is closed for renovation. Tickets and rentals are out
of Woolly Wood. (The kiddy center--under the Gondola.) Food is out of the
Mammoth Mountain Inn---for Breakfast and the Dry Creek Bar and Grill and the
Yodler for lunch and dinner.

Chair 1, 3 and 23 are the only ones running. The Gondola is down for
maintenence and will resume when ready. 1 to 23 will take you to the
top. --as well as give you access to most of what remains open. The park
and pipe have been moved up mountain with access from the back of 3.

Great day. Come join me. I'm the guy in black with the Camelback and the
June Mt. logos on my X-Screams. I'll be there tomorrow and Thrs. This
weekend I have a meeting in LA :-( ! ...... Last one of the season :-)!
Then I'll be back 7 days a week untill 7/4. Poor me!.

I have a mantra for you all to repete..."Mid October '05...Mid October '05--

See ya' there
I ski, therefore I am

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