New dive sites - Kerobokan Dive Sites in Bali
A new dive sites has been found in north of Bali. We are the only dive operator that offers it magnificent underwater sites. --While Bali offers great diversity of d...

Any re-sends. Supernews seems to have a brain cloud. -- -- A skilled, armed man lives on a plane of security and contentment d...

Re: OT Multiculturalism, Isalm, and Appeasement
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Re: Dear Metoos
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Re: Dear Metoos
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Re: Dear Popeye:
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Great Gallery: Polynesia, Caledonia, Reunion, Martinique Nautilus, Mantas, Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles....

BTS 2008 Report
Went to BTS 2008 this weekend. I wasn't at the exhibit hall much as I was in one of the hotels mostly taking three different classes. I now have my PSI VIP inspector ticket (well, as soon as they...

Diving Anxiety no more, but now Sinus infection..and a fear of lion fish :)
Thanks to all who lent advice on my diving nervousness-the trip was amazing! Unfortunatally, i got a very bad sinus infection the last few days of the trip, and missed my final dives( ...

Dear John:
3 dead in Winnipeg shooting Last Updated: Saturday, March 29, 2008 | 11:16 AM CT CBC News Three people are dead and two injured after a shooting in Winnipeg early Saturday. ...

Dear John:
Teen expected to survive Last Updated: Friday, March 28, 2008 | 11:34 PM ET CBC News A 17-year-old girl is in hospital after being shot in the leg while riding on the Toronto's b...

Dear Metoos
Have a nice reading I really enjoyed the comments Janusz

OT Multiculturalism, Isalm, and Appeasement

Earth Hour

Drink, Eat, Be Merry - or, What Drunks finds in the AM - or, Lee's Short Staffed ...

Just a Friendly Reminder to the Moose Population

is here anyone from europe?
Is here anyone from europe, or scubadiving in europe?

What was this fish? Gulf of mexico, buttom of an oil rig, very VERY
Hi I was telling a (true) story the other day about this MONSTER of a fish we caught in The Gulf of Mexico from an oil rig. And the problem is I cant remember what speci...

On Topic: Torpedo dead amidship Check out the test results.

Windy Point Park
I've got a friend who is looking for some diving in a reasonably close proximity to West Texas (outside of Balmorhea) and he was asking me about this location. IIRC, there's at least one pe...

OT -- Score 0.75 She gets 1 point for killing the burgler, but gets 1/4 point deducted for wounding her husband in the process... Not bad scoring ...

OT: poker Tournament advice
Are there any Texas Hold 'em players on the newsgroup who might be willing to impart some advice for a charity tournament I've entered? If so, I'll give you some details about the tour...

California Beach Dive Photo Competition May 31st-June 1st 2008
Don't miss this Monterey California competition, the prizes for the winners are great! Registration fee includes 2 rolls of slide film or shoot your own digital media, dinner Saturday night...

New yahoogroup for Oahu_Diving Discussion group for local diving for the island of Oahu. Free to use, but must join to post. Easydiver2

Monkey Diving
Doesn't this look like fun?

Hillary's Heroic Trip to Bosnia ________________________________ It is useless for sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion...

OT Pity he didn't have a gun than he could have done some real damage to those on his "list". Seems this bloke was th...

OT -- Lesson Learned
When loading an ATV into the back of a pickup, if the front wheels become airborn after coming up the ramp, slamming on the front brakes does not do any good... Also, the cost of ...

Shark protection
Ocean Conservancy is one of the few legitimate and effective groups out there. The following is a communication from them re protection of the dwindling shark population. Please support th...

New York City - Best Dive Class?
My wife wants to get certified so we can both dive on our honeymoon which we are finally taking in May. Anyone New Yorkers out there who got certified in Manhattan and know of a good qualit...

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