help needed finding a wetsuit
I am 6'4" 260 lbs. I need to find a wetsuit to keep my somewhat warm in the waters of cold Lake Superior this summer. Not for scuba but for filmmaking. I need to be in the water just offshor...

New dive destination
Hi everybody! Take a look for a new dive destination- Bulgaria! There is a dive center in Sozopol town with probably the best wreck diving! For more:

Great Gallery Polynesia, New Caledonia, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=E9union?=
Underwater Photogallery at: Enjoy --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading...

Uncharged organic molecule can bind negatively charged ions
Indiana University Bloomington chemists have designed an organic molecule [] that binds negatively charged ions, a feat they hope will lead...

Reef Fish can count to four - but no higher
An interesting article on the mathmatical limitations of Fish: < eafish126.xml> Certainly expla...

Freeport, NY Wreck Diving Season!
A group of experienced wreck divers are chartering the Lockness dive boat for 12 Sundays. We are looking for some more divers to join us. The dates are as follows June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Ju...

National Anthem-Outstanding!!
This is no doubt one of the finest presentations of our National Anthem I have ever seen.

Guns and diving
Why the connection between guns and diving, or divers? I see this a lot here, and while I know a lot of divers with a lot of guns, I fail to see the connection between the two. ...

Another One "Bites the Dust"
I am sorry to report that one of the "good guys," that being Crystal Clear Charters out of KL has ceased operations and gone out of business. It's parent company Cay Clubs, Inc. the owners...

Greg Thinks This Guy Should Have A License
MIAMI -- A driver, startled at the sight of police, ran a red light that caused a crash at the intersection of Northwest Seventh Avenue and 69th Street on Monday night. Police said Andrew ...

Dolphins and bubble rings
Check this out if you haven't seen it already. It's very cool. Once on the site, click on the arrow to start the video.

st lucia
Anyone have any experience with St Lucia and staying at The Marigot Beach Club Dive Resort ?

Tastes Like Grillhendl,2933,332514,00.html Let's see... No cage... Chumming the water... Explicitly looking for sharks in a feeding frenzy... Darwinism in action... ...

So much for no shooting on military bases

Hey folks
It's been awhile. I recently looked in on the group to see who is still here and i find myself looking all the time now. Fuck, sucked in by the characters of rec scuba again.! good to s...

Wreck Diving Out Of Freeport, NY
A group of experienced wreck divers are chartering the Lockness dive boat for 12 Sundays. We are looking for some more divers to join us. The dates are as follows June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, ...

If you have any interest in Arabic, either as a student, traveler, or simple amateur linguist, I found one of the most interesting website. A letter-by-letter introduction to all characters ...

OT -- "None of the above" put on ballot <snicker> -- See NNTP header field "X-Real-Email-Address" to reply by email. ...

Re: Dear Greg:
Submitted without opinion, while ducking and running. :-) URL: Guns don't kill black people, other blacks...

Pete Costello for U.S. President.
Here's a good Aussie. ===================================================== Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard, announced on Wednesday, August 23, that extremi...

These are the people we should trust to protect us.
Here's the most recent in a series of stories about the brutal beating of a female DWI suspect. Here'...

Wonder How the Buoyancy Was Affected? Dan Bracuk Never use a big word when a diminutive one will do.

To Mr. John Francis:
I stand corrected, and owe you an apology on the point of our ongoing discussion regarding, specifically, who does or does not think that -everybody- is responsible enough to...

Scuba, shaken not stirred
Roger Moore, eat your heart out. I just wonder if this version has all of the neat accessories that "Q" incorporated. ...

Just -One-, Johnny Boy!!!
"I don't remember ever asking you to give up any of your guns or related hobbies. Several folks here have attributed these kinds of things to me but in fact they only happened in their fev...

Oh shit!!!
Wow, talk about a bad case of gas.

Diving Anxiety
So i'm a fairly new diver, and my certification dives didn't go so great last year. We were in the Bahamas, and the weather was crap. It was super windy so we couldn't actually dive ou...

OT -- Hillary Revenge in Dallas
Well, it seems that Hillary has managed to plot revenge for the way Dallas treated the last Democrat that has presidential intentions that made the mistake of coming to Dallas... ...

Re: Just -One-, Johnny Boy!!!
"Douglas W. "Popeye" Frederick" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > Would you confiscate "assault rifles" from the general public? > >

Brief History of the World
History or Natural selection? For those who don't know much about history, here is a condensed version. Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunter...

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