OT:Happy aught 8
To everyone: A prosperous and happy new years to all!

Hey Grummy...
There will be a message on a piece of confetti there for you... Times Square Confetti to Carry Messages NEW YORK (AP) =97 Messages and wishes for the new year from people around=...

Log On and Donate to a Good Cause
Perch Lake is a local dive destination. An organization called Friends of Perch Lake endeavors to raise funds for a learning and reception center at the county park in the town of St. Jos...

Happy New Year
Wishing all of you (yes, you too even though I think you're a PIA) a Happy 2008 !

Huck Finn
I watched Meet the Press today a couple of times. The best one had Steve Martin as guest. I also saw Tim Russet interview Huckabee and later Obama. I suspect quite a few GOPers contribu...

new snorkel blog
I just posted a new blog looking for like-minded folks who want to go to the Caribbean to snorkel, cheaply, maybe share condos or cottages on the water so that we don't have to be buddyless ...

budget travel
let's try travel to southeast asia...you will enjoy your holiday even with small budget. http://picotravel.blogspot.com/

Another one of the good guys
Just another example of right to carry http://www.kmov.com/topstories/stories/kmov_localnews_071227_pizzadeliveryman_.5b54a03b.html

Just in case anybody was interested in what LeisurePro's store looks like, here's a photo of it: http://grumman581.googlepages.com/nyc-trip-2007-leisurepro.jpg

Tennessee Aquarium
I got the highlight of my Christmas travels yesterday when I drove from my sister-in-law's house in Rome, Ga., up to Chattanooga, TN to dive at the Tennessee Aquarium, on the banks of the Te...

Nikon Camera Recall
For those of you who use Nikon cameras : My relatively new Nikon digital quit on me. I have the type that you can use onland or place into a housing for underwater shots. Mine is

Got HDR-HC7 for Christmas
Sadly, not dive video, but if you want to check out the picture quality, bear in mind that is compressed into flash format, go to my blog at www.marshallkarp.com. So, I got my c...

You Are To(o) Important

Scuba Claus
http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/ver/251.6/popup/index.php?cl=5641294 Well, at least it's for charity, and it's "on topic!" :-) Any of you SoFl'ians been busy this holiday season???...

Picture, more
Ooops, it's about 2/3 way down the page. "Your Shipment of Fail has Arrived" http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/12/24/quotes_of_2007/ -- dillon I used to think th...

Great picture
Okay, maybe you don't read The Register. Maybe you're not a computer geek. Maybe you're not a Brit. But this picture is wonderful, and the quote that goes with it is even better. (NB, el...

Why we live in FL (on topic... what a change)
Just got back from a great dive... 103' to the bottom, 170' long USCG ship Captain Dan off of Pompano (N of FLL). I used to dive this ship a lot but for some reason I have not been on h...

Steve Kramer (aka seatraveler) sings Rawhide
Say Hey! Sung to the tune of 'Rawhide'. As I was walking down the beach one dark and stormy night I came upon a whorehouse with its red light shining bright. I walked u...

OT -- It wouldn't have gone down that way in a TEXAS zoo
http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5403687.html Of course, with the leftist Kalifornia gun laws, the chance for a citizen that was there to have been armed was minimal... Tigers...

Opinion -Castle Comfort Lodge-Dominica
Am considering the Castle Comfort Lodge in Dominica. Was wondering if anyone's been there and if so, how is their shore diving? Thanks, Sy

OT -- One can only hope
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,318165,00.html Well, a lot of camels would be breathing a bit easier...

Merry Christmas
The Season's best to all of you, and for those who don't do the Christmas thing, at least take advantage of the holiday to kick back and relax with friends and family over the next few days....

Find An Outdoo Adventure Partner
Outdoor Eyes was recently mentioned as one of the top websites for finding Outdoor Adventure Partners in the new BackPacker February 2008 issue. A NEW Outdoor Eyes community for "FINDING A P...

Santa Claus: an engineers' perspective
*I. There are approximately two billion children (persons under 18) in the world. However, since Santa does not visit children of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Buddhist religions, this reduces ...

Popeye is a Rap Star
On Dec 23, 3:49 pm, "Douglas W. "Popeye" Frederick" <[email protected]> wrote THis bunch of crap : ""I Just Hold The Light". By Popeye. Rec.scuba...

Any higher capacity batteries for Canon SD700?
I have a Canon SD700 camera. The battery I am using has a capacity of 1120mAh. [N8-SL, 3.7v, Li-ion] Is there any battery with a higher capacity? Thank you. --

Merry X-mas/Seasons Greetings to all
Hope you all have a great one. Here it will be hot with tonnes of flies we so will be sitting down inside to a cold lunch prawns, oysters, cold fish, meats and salad but followed by ...

Pictures From Neither Bonaire Nor Detroit
Now that I've decided to do things the easy way, my weekend project was to put photos from previous vacations into my photobucket site. Those that are interested can see them here: http...

Free Medicine Assistance
Here is another site that I came across by American Consultants Rx that really helped me and my family deal with the high cost of prescription drugs at http://www.rxassistanceforfree.com . <...

The Backstory on the Sea Hunt 50th Anniversary Podcast
I have been getting emails and messages about the Sea Hunt 50th Anniversary Commemorative Podcast. Thanks to you. If you have haven't listened or downloaded yet, go to Underwater Videographe...

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