Steve Kramer & Sensations
Say Hey Stevie: I know the fearless 3 causes you a PAIN in the ass to no extent. But remember this son, "Pain is a sensation. Sensations are to be enjoyed" ROTFFLMFAO ...

yet another strange way to dive on scuba
A 58-year-old man alleged to have killed a 39-year-old diver by throwing dynamite into the sea off Malesina in Fthiotida, where the latter had been shell fishing, was yesterday charged with ...

OT: Sometimes the courts do actually work

New Underwater Videographer Podcast
At On this week's show, I interviewed Jason Heller of Dive Photo Guide at Jason discuss the Underwater Video Competion at ...

Halloween Humor
A modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset. Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided th...

diving/vacation ???
We have purchased a house on Curacao and have converted it into 2 apartments. We have been addvertising on many vacation rental sites as well as sending out mailers. The responce is slower t...

Cozumel Wish List
Hi folks: Single diver here wanting to go down to cozumel for a week in January. I've dived many places in the world, but have never been to Cozumel. I understand it's primarily...

Citizen Promaster Depth Meter Diver's watch (200m)
Anyone used one of these and got a report one way or the other? I need to replace my Pulsar which flooded on a recent dive in Exmouth. Also considering a Seiko Kinetic Scuba Dive...

SCUBA diving in Monterey?
Check out

Dive, then altitude
Got a trip coming up where the drive home won't be at sea level ... IIRC, an elevation gain of around 3,000ft from sea level. Anyone work with the formulas frequently enough to r...

OT -- Check your clocks
Due to the change in the start and end of daylight savings time here in the US, some of you might want to check your clocks... I noticed this morning where mine had changed because it was us...

OT -- We just don't do it like we did in the old days Rather impressive... -- "Ban abortion, eat your young instead!"

reverse profiles
There's a letter to the "Ask The Instructor" column of the Nov. issue of Scuba Diving Magazine that puzzled me. "On a recent dive trip, my divemaster scheduled a 1 pm dive on a 90-foo...

Belize -- Paradise or Devil's Island? Need advice
Okay, my girlfriend wants to go to Belize. Not a problem, except that now she's telling me that if we go to be prepared to be bit by every bug known to mankind, and some that aren't. She...

NC Trip Report, private yacht
We were on vacation in NC from the end of Sept to the second week of Oct. One of our group had a "cousin they hadn't seen in years who was married to this guy" (one of those things) with...

Diving Nitrox on air tables. Wienke's words.
On Oct 25, 9:45 am, El Stroko Guapo <[email protected]> wrote: > Greg Mossman wrote: > > > Maybe you need to broaden your reading before trusting in everything ...

the AIM of LIFE
What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Peop...

Steve Kramer & Friendship
Say Hey Stevie: Friendship is like pissing your pants, Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it's true warmth. Thank you for being the piss in my pants. ...

New Scuba Web Site
Hello everyone! I wanted to announce a new web site devoted to scuba divers. I've worked hard to provide the infrastructure and functionality that divers can use, but I need your help in f...

Success in Afghanistan unlikely?
"We have lost, I think, and success is now unlikely." -- Paddy Ashdown, former U.N. envoy, on NATO's military campaign against Islamic militants in Afghanistan, adding that the im...

Risk, statistics, and other convenient phrases - Definitions
Risk - Risk is the same diving at the north pole in skivvies or a dry suit as long as you dive within the limits of the appropriate tables. (Mere mortals don't understand risk.)

Are divers supposed to tip the divemaster & boat crew?
I am going scuba diving in Central America. Is it customary to tip and the divemaster and/or the crew of the boat? If so, how much per day or per dive? Thank you -- Puz...

Vaccinations -- Belize
Any special precautions needed before I leave for Belize from the States? The CDC Web site mentions Malaria a lot. Sheldon [email protected]

South Florida sewage pipes cause a stink
Check out the news story at: esg

Help with Podcast - Sea Hunt
As some of you know, I help out with the Underwater Videographer Podcast at We are planning a special Sea Hunt 50th anniversary show. I thought our listeners w...

OT : Greg U Safe from Fires
Greg how close are the fires to you I know they seem to be worse south of you - but it all looks quite spooky

The stuff is about to hit the fan in Miami.
A local news reporter was instructed, by school police, to move off the public sidewalk in front of a school. When he refused, he was arrested and charged with trespassing. When searched, ...

Nitrox Online Update
My Nitrox card came today. Total cost was $60 course+$10 notary + $14 shipping by FedEx=$84. The convenience of doing it on my own time was nice, and all the reference materials can be sto...

Diving Nitrox on air tables. The final word?
Dear Sheldon, Thank you for your e-mail and membership support. Your instructor is correct. It can increase the safety margin by using EAN and leaving your computer/dive tables as...

10 lb backplates
We just finished a run of ten pound, 1/4" backplates that are gorgeous. Ping me offline if you want one, I have a couple extra that I can let go. Scott puget...

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