Boy Scouts + PADI scholarships
anyone know how these Boy Scouts / PADI scuba scholarships are created & awarded ?

new forum deafdiving
Hello, New forum about diving for deaf and for everyone. I am greeting. DeAfDiViNg

No wonder I can't swim
I finally did a buoyancy test at the pool with about 300 lbs of air in my tank (steel). Since everybody here said I was too heavy I decided to test with no weights. Inhale and I floated ...

Sherwood valve rebuild kits needed
Need a source for rebuild kits for Sherwood 6300 ("B" valves) valves. tia esg

New Tech "Gear"
I bought a 7' hose today as well as a shorter octo hose. I went to Going Under and picked it up as well as some tubing for a necklace that Ron so kindly rigged up for me. I told him of my ...

Diving tomorrow NW Ohio
I will be at Gilboa Quarry tomorrow evening and Saturday.

I'm Outta Here
In a few hours, I'll be on my way to Kentucky and then on to Wyoming. I'll have e-mail access, but probably will not be visiting newsgroups. You guys play nice while I'm gone. Talk wi...

Kona Coast Hawaii shore diving (need info)
Hi All. We are heading to the Big Island in December, and my son and I want to try shore diving in Puaka Bay. We normally do boat diving, but for the cost, this looks like a great way...

Serious Advertising for Serious Marketers
If you are in Need of a Fabulous, Turnkey Automated system then you will want to look at CMS. The Best system on the net. Follow This Link

Help with Podcast Interviews
As some of you may know, I have been helping Brian with the Underwater Videographer podcast at Does anyone have an interesting dive experience or experi...

Ed the Toy
Might this be Ed "the toy" Sheldon????????????

padi I.E.
is the wheel still part of the I.E?

Computer -- Wrist or Console and why?

Pattaya City of Travel in Thailand NightLift in Pattaya , Bangkok , Phuket
Travel Blog Guide To Travel Pattaya or if for mation with # A GO GO Bar,Pattaya AGOGO,AGOGO # Arts & Entertainment # Bangk...

Public Servants at Work - They do enjoy sport!

Wreckfest 2007
Well, my trip reports are like my log book entries, short and not much detail. Here goes this one. My flight out of MSP was delayed due to a tornado and the airport having one of...

Not so Fast (was: New Diver)
>On Wed, 22 Aug 2007 03:34:21 GMT, "Chris Guynn" <[email protected]> wrote: > >> >>"Curtis" <[email protected]$$> wrote in message >>...

Re: Bouyancy problem solved -- for now.
On Sep 24, 4:49 am, "Lee Bell" <[email protected]> wrote: > Dan Bracuk wrote > > > :having planned my dive before hand IF my computer fails ( and I hope it &...

Steve Kramer & The Clue Bar
Say Hey Stevie: What's new at the clue bar? Well step right up because you ain't got a f***ing clue! 5555 Yee-Haw !!

Curacao Trip Report
The Providers American Airlines (, Sunset Waters Beach Resort ( The Travel Air travel should be uneventful and ours was. ...

cruising and scuba
Although a cruise ship is hardly the ideal way to plan a scuba vacation, I gotta admit that my first dive was a Princess Cruises deal in Mexico. Enjoyed it immensely, and it got me hooke...

OT: Protest week planned

Marcel Marceau dies
He went quietly at 84, nothing much else to say but I am having minutes silence in his memory

Buoyancy problem solved -- for now.
I lightened my load by two lbs and that seemed to do the trick. I could swim up and down without much trouble and use breath control to fine tune myself at the bottom of the pool, all wit...

Ted Nugent for President

Photographic Tour
Khun Somyot Chamnanrich is an International Award Winning Photographer His awards: 1 Grand Prize 9 First Prize 3 Second Prizes 7 Honorable Mentions See ...

Congratulations Canada!
The loonie is finally at parity with the George Washington. Next stop, the peso. If it gets any worse, we'll be climbing the fence over there looking for work. (Note to Pop...

Palm Beach County Reef Trash Cleanup
Sunday, September 30 *, Palm Beach County dive boats and shops are hosting a reef cleanup. Morning and afternoon trips are available. Discounts on trips, air, nitrox and supplies are being...

Steve Kramer - Sea Traveler
Say Hey: September 19th is pirate day. Let's see what our award winning sea traveler can come up. 5555 Yee-Haw !!

Interesting pressure question
Is the pressure on you the same, at any given depth, whether you dive in a lake, a crater, a swimming pool or the ocean? I'm thinking the larger the body of water the more water there...

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