Intro Video Lecture May 1st 6PM Hickham AFB, Oahu
Underwater Video Lecture with Chris Liles Tuesday May 1st at 6:00pm The Island Divers Hawaii lecture series continues with a lecture on shooting underwater video hoste...

OT: Carl
Carl, Please do not respond - I won't see it - hopefully no on else will Scurry like hell- Grumann - was willing to meet you Dennis offered to meet you

Rec Scuba Directory
Where did it get moved to?

Best diving near Wells Maine in July ?
Hi, We're heading down to Maine for vacation in July and we're wondering what are the best dives in the area, both shore and maybe with an boat/ guide? Thanks

OT: Can't Hide from Mother Nature
With Hurricane season approaching in SoFl, I thought I'd ask our resident SoFl rec.scubans what they do within reason to manage the risk of living in an area of the country that experiences "ext...

Reef Rescue - Help wanted
Reef Rescue is under pressure to expand throughout south Florida, and there is some money available if we choose to do so. The biggest constraint now is the people to direct specific proje...

SCUBA bloggers
I need your expert SCUBA knowledge. If you have a sports related blog or website you can now submit your site's URL or RSS Feed at There are also sports flash games, vide...

New Atomic Mask
Since most mask today are "low volume" I have some that fit good but will leave a bruise just above the nose. Was just diving over in the San Juans and tried one of the new "Ultraclear" f...

Life is good
We have a big covered porch a stones throw from the water. A mild southwester blowing in, just enough to give us sun and rain in altering duty cycles. Two big dogs lounging ...

Disarming America AID=/20070425/OPINION04/704250310/0/OPINION

Bush '03 v. Bush '07

French feelings
This is a stitch. Some 38% of Americans think ill of the French, that isn't really surprising. But what is rather interesting is that a higher percentage (44%) of the French have a poor op...

BDM Drysuit zippers
Hi, Could anybody pls. direkt me to a source for said zippers? Need to replace it on my Aqualung front bib entry drysuit. Any hints and tips hitherto appreciated...

400 years ago ...
the first Pyrons set foot on the New World -- dillon The pen may be mightier than the sword, but I've never seen a .sig beat a Sig.

I went shooting tonight.
I took the new Springfield Armory XD9-Tactical to my weekly USPSA shoot tonight and let me tell you, it's everything I hoped it would be. It's fast and accurate with very little recoil. ...

OT Sheep Poodles and the Japanese ( on topic for NZers as sheep are involved )
I just find this very funny for some reason Japanese sold sheep instead of poodles <...

Sausage as dive flag?
Hey I'm thinking of getting a safety sausage(below). I'm wondering if there are any issues with using it as a dive flag as well. It has diver below written in huge letters and has 30lb of li...

Brass Backplates
Patrick and I have been talking. Patrick was the skipper of a minesweeper. Yes, an officer. 1/4" Brass. Special edition. One run only, ever. ...

Abalone divers

Carl Nisrael: As If:
I'll be delivering in Vancouver late next week. Send me your phone number- we'll dine.

The bullshit get deeper.

Another interesting comment on things.

Caught on Dive-Video!
The new Underwater Dive Video & Photo magazine has a user feature where divers can create their own underwater & dive travel related video & photo albums and e...

Thanks Dennis and Popeye!
hi boys! We had a blast on Saturday night. Thanks forthe shoulder rub, Dennis! xxooxxooxx

Recent trip to the doc (equalization problems)
I just got back from the doctor's office. As I said before, he is an ENT and a diver. I was having so much trouble I decided to follow through on the rest of my tests. I'm the...

Out of air situations
I recently was involved in a OOA situation - my buddy's reg free-flowed as we were coming up from 30m off the UK south coast, and lost him his air double-quick. We handled the whole thing ...

Diving Germany / Austria
Does anyone have any experience of diving the lakes around the Germany / Austria border? I'll be there - without a buddy - in the summer, near Salzburg, and I can see there are several large...

Good to see gun control saves lives
probably to late for countries like the US, Russia etc but for civilised countries like Aus it is great. As a registered shooter it is great that our gun laws work

Scuba Diving is expensive
I have been stuggling with the expenses with our sport for some time now and about a month ago I decided to change that, after much research I found a company that could help me out with thi...

Gun Laws Kill - "Thirty-two fine young men and women are dead and that is a huge tragedy" --Michael Reagan
Gun Laws Kill Michael Reagan Friday, April 20, 2007 Thirty-two fine young men and women are dead and that is a...

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