Is Bush criminally insane?

scuba diving after collapsed lungs
hi i had corrective surgery to get rid of a series of collapsed lungs, and am just curious if i can scuba dive or where i can find out if i can. hope someone can help

Solus Lights (unashamed commercial plug)
Check it out; I got to see these in action when I was visiting/working with Patrick at OxyCheq in Florida. They were using the ligh...

6.952 USB Pirate ! 23:05
- Sounds familiar, clear signal here in NYC . . Music & Speech

Human beings continue to be sacrificed on the altar of a dual military occupation.
Pat Tillman's family speaks out against latest whitewash of "friendly fire" killing in Afghanistan

God, This is funny.
Those of you that know my history with George Irvine of WKPP fame will appreciate this. I'm sure this isn't really from George, but damn, it got my attention and, when I followed the link...

Does this sound right? (PADI Certification)
I was reading an article written by someone who recently passed their OW PADI certification. They seemed to feel the hardest part of the pool test was the swimming test (no time limit), a...

Learning the hard way
You guys were right. I just got back from the ENT and it looks like that dive to the bottom of the pool did damage my ear (just a little blood in there). But, he solved the original prob...

Screw the scallops, save the rays! They complain about the proliferation of rays and skates like it's a bad thing, but I for one would prefer to watch rays...

Abysmal Diving?
Hello all. A friend of mine that I recently got involved in diving just bought a used regulator. It's an Abyss Adventure 1st and 2nd stage. (not mares abyss) I know regs should be...

Scott K. Called It...
A few years ago Scott posted on rec.scuba words to the effect of "Wait until the tweakers<sic> get ahold of this", referring to the product featured in the linked posting: ...

Some groaners for you
1) King Ozymandias of Assyria was running low on cash after years of war with the Hittites. His last great possession was the Star of the Euphrates, the most valuable diamond in the ancien...

Back, from being away.
Well, I am back, from being away. Life is a hoot. Travel, work and play. Tried to read up from where I left off, but way to much. Proud Papa here. My boy finished...

Any problems with altitude and diving?
This may sound stupid, but if I go diving at sea level and then fly home, obviously waiting the appropriate 24 hours, will I run in any problems since I live at 8000' above sea level? ...

((( WARNING ))) Pass it on if you have the courage. =E2=80=A0 American Soldiers are being killed in Iraq by our own [[[Coverment]]] 9/11 was a inside job, The Iraq War is s...

newbie Q & A - safety devices
hi - Our older son is with a group that has just started their OW cert class. I went around to some of the local shops to see the equipment, etc. A couple of things popped into my head....

henry morgan roatan ?
Hello, Does any one has a working official web site of the henry morgan hotel in roatan ? any phones? fax? email ? i cant find any on the web anyone of...

Diving Helmets
Hi all, I work with a diving operation in the UK and we have been looking at using Kirkby Morgan helmets. Anybody know their website? (have looked but cant find it) <...

is Palau the best?
just got back..cannot imagine better diving, nicer resort= PPR, better food or kinder people....if there is a nicer place please tell me Richard

SDI Solo Diver cert
We arrived back from Bonaire yesterday. I'll post a quick trip report on .locations later. On Monday, I took the SDI Solo Diver class with Walt Stark, something I've been interes...

Newbie Gear?
hey all, I am going for my AOW this summer. I was kicking around buying a Mares Rebel 12 reg/octo, I've used a few different regs as rentals. Mares seems to be something I can use, and aff...

FS. Wetsuit and Gear bag
I'M selling a Harvey's 7mm Semi-dri wetsuit and Performance Backpack gearbag. Can be seen here: ESE%3AIT&...

BTS 2007 - Been There .. Done that...
Went to BTS 2007 this morning. Quite crowded even at 10:30am. Sadly, did not see any fellow rec.scubans although there was probably no way to identify any unless I'd already known the...

Cancel All Hurricanes
Bring out the sun. I'll be Marathon 2007-06-17 to 2006-06-30. My travel days are the 16th and 1st. They do have diving down there, don't they? I'm pretty sure they do. Ma...

Latest on Flying after diving
Taken from a friend's post on another board: "Interesting article in "Undercurrent" this month. It seems that DAN's rules about flying after diving don't apply if you make multiple fli...

Tassie Diving
Hi all, Would you like to know a bit more about Tasmanian diving? Contrary to popular beliefs Tasmania has some great diving. I have only dived in a couple of places but found t...

Who's going to Beneath the Sea?
Stop by Patricks booth and see some of the new goodies. Tell him Scott sent you.

Book suggestions? UW Photography gift
Looking for a book suggestion for an UW photographer. Not sure if I'm looking for a "how to" book or a book of pictures. Birthday present. Suggestions? - Mike

Kiwis suffering from Irwin envy..... <Quote> A diver attacked by a stingray off the east coast of New Zealand's North Island has been admitted to hospital with...

Adobe photo shop action file
A year ago someone posted a link to an Adobe photoshop plugin to color correct under water pictures. Does anyone remember it ? And will you repost the link if you do? I have been in goo...

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