Greg the Molester
how long have been dong this??

Kill pool anyone?
Do we have a winner or was there a tie? Staff Sgt. Carlos Dominguez, Pfc. Kenneth E Kincaid IV, Sgt. Velton Locklear III, Cpl. Windell J. Simmons, Lance Cpl. Kim Wadim http:...

Diver's Guide to Reef Life geographical emphasis?
Anyone have A Diver's Guide to Reef Life by Ferrari and Ferrari? Found it on Amazon but I haven't seen it in local bookstores yet to check it out. I already have a couple of Paul ...

Back from Cancun
Hola! I just got back from Cancun and it was so nice to beat the winter blues with a little sunshine, a little relaxing, and a few shots of tequila. I am so glad I made it down there bef...

Interesting perspective on Gore vs Bush
Professor Joseph Olson of Hamlin University School of Law, St. Paul , Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000 Presidential election: Number of States won by:...

Earn a Guarnateed Income from Home working for Real Companies
Hi guys, Earn a Guarnateed Income from Home working for Real Companies. 8248 Legitimate companies now hiring home workers. Fresh listings every month, loads of jobs an...

24 Hours Underwater
OK, folks, you knew this, but: 24 hours is a Long Time underwater. It's even a long time to watch someone else stay underwater. Anyway...he made it, climbing the ladder out of th...

Try This
Get up early in the morning when it is dark. Make sure there are no lights on or other indirect lighting. (You might need to slide the gun cabinet in front of the window where the neon l...

24 Hours Underwater
For reasons I don't understand (and the helpless desk doesn't understand, either) the longer post I've been trying to send to the server won't take. But he made it! Thanks for ...

more about Catalina
I will be far more careful with my punctuation as this group is very sharp, but since I received so many lovely replies to my yesterday's post, why not ask if anyone has a suggestion for a g...

OT - But I just can't resist
OK, all you right to carry advocates, what do you think of this: < SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT>

I would appreciate feedback on those of you who have scuba in Bonaire. I am thinking about going end of June.

From Popeye
It's a special honor to have you as a friend. I value your insight and patience Keep me posted when you can, and let me know if there is anything I can do from over h...

Goodbye, sort of
Friends, it is hard for me to write this.. it looks like I have to undergo an operation soon ( prostrate cancer suspected), and I have to use the remaining time, and probably won't ...

lightweight wetsuits for Catalina
Hi, I'm brand new to the group. I plan to be snorkeling at Catalina Island, of California, toward the end of next September. I'm female, weigh about 125, about 5" tall. What do I need, what'...

BSAC qualifications
I have not dived for 4-5 years now. I was an experienced BSAC instructor and have dived in Europe, the West Indies and the Indian Ocean. I am now over 60 and technology has moved on somewh...

The Doug and John Gun Debate
>> Ready to debate the Barretts yet? > > What's to debate? You want them confiscated and banned. >> I've challenged you about 50 times now, and ...

Torturing and kiling of dolphins in Japan
There is a serious problem about the killing of thousands of dolphins every year in japanese waters. There is a graphic video of this on the link below. Every diver will be horrified. ...

Torture and killing of dolphins in Japan
There is a serious problem about the killing of thousands of dolphins every year in japanese waters. There is a graphic video of this on the link below. Every diver will be horrified. ...

What do most guys wear under a wetsuit?
Okay, I am a novice, and please, hopefully no wise ass comments. :-) Do most of you wear Speedos? Regular trunks? Jocks? Do you go natural? Seriously, this is a bit like the old ki...

Sewer Plant Seeks Vindication
Although the Boynton/Delray sewer plant has already agreed to shut down its ocean outfall in response to Reef Rescue's $7000 studies, it has hired NOAA, for $600,000 in taxpayer money, to ...

Phuket IDC
I will be in Phuket in April and May to do my IDC. I am choosing a shop to go with. Does any one have any comments good or bad from personal experiences regarding intsruction, location in Ph...

snorkeling rash guard
I'm going on my first snirkeling trip so I bought a lycra Body Glove rash guard top to wear. Regarding the fit, are you supposed to feel like a stuffed sausage or did I go too small? It ...

carbon monoxide
I have heard that you can loose oxygen while you are diving if you do not open the valve all the way or there is not the right mixture of carbon monoxide. How much carbon monoxide can be in ...

New mask and snorkel
I just got my new mask. It seems pretty nice, with very clear lenses, and I have one question. I remember reading that if you hold the mask up to your face and inhale, if the mask sticks...

Tony Blair's Exit Strategy,8599,1592139,00.html?xid=site-cnn-partner Some are smart enough to recognize a sinking ship. Redneck morons do not (Bush included).

Going to the habbitat on march 2 any one have any suggested dive sites ?

Progress -- with over a month to go :-)
I'm trying to work on my swimming skills and get more comfortable in the water before my scuba class starts. I've only been in the pool 3 times now, since who knows how long, and I've tak...

Blob in the Sound Any of you Puget sound area divers know any more about this? Sounds like it could be a real problem. <...

Anyone Been To Marsa Shagra In Egypt?
Hi All A friend of mine has recommended Marsa Shagra as a dive location. It's an Eco-Village. Here are a couple of links:

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