Score for the new year
(For El Stroko Guapo in particular) I just scored a Dacor Olympic Model 800, in the box, with reciepts. The thing is cherry; the hoses are good, the rubber neck strap is like new...

Obviously PADI Trained,53302 Dan Bracuk If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestrict...

cholesteatoma and diving
Hi, I have always been very interested in diving and have been looking forward to my first chance for years. Unfortunately about two years ago I had cholesteatoma. The surgery went flawlessl...

You're Invited
Wazee Lake, near Black River Falls, Wisconsin on New Years Day. Come join us for some open water dive fun while celebrating the new year. Plan to arrive by 1 PM for fun activities in ...

Plans for Florida (01/13 - 01/19)
Lee/Curtis etc. - I need to make some plans for the upcoming Fla. trip. I was thinking of working with your "Silent World" shop in Key Largo and book the Sunday 01/14 dives to the Sie...

I know you guys love this stuff... GUNS! Guns and MAGNETS!
Beg pardon if a double post, but I know somebody has wondered about this. I hope y'all are well in 2007, we did Philippines and Red Sea, plus a couple to CoCoView in 2006. Aint gettin no you...

WTD: DCP-410 Fuji Underwater Housing
Hi All I'm looking for an underwater housing for a Fuji F410. The Fuji model code is DCP-410. Does anyone have one of these that they would be willing to sell? I've found a few on...

Make a Shorter Link URL shut down
Make a Shorter Link has shut down due to spammers. Rick Simms ********************************** Women and cats will do as they p...

Need help - Opinions on Scubapro MK 10 Regulators??
Hi All, I'm fairly new to SCUBA & have the opportunity to buy a Scubapro MK 10 Regulator with G-250 2nd stage in like new condition for $150 (at this stage, I'm looking to buy use...

OT: Ravenstoke, AK., or how Connel found a bride

Murder in Austin
Had our 20th murder in Austin. A stomping. The two knew each other. In other news, we had a 65th traffic fatality. -- dillon When I was a kid, I used to think the ho...

Bahamas - Exumas
Anybody ever been? How does the diving compare to other places you have been? Dan Bracuk If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - ...

What did you get for Christmas?
Merry Christmas to all. We haven't opened our presents yet, but will shortly. So what did you guys get for Christmas?

Virtual Fireplace
Every year, one of the local channels broadcasts a virtual fireplace, complete with Christmas music. I don't particularly care about the music one way or the other, but I'd love to have a...

To All . . .
. . .a very merry Christmas and the best of diving in 2007. El Stroko Guapo still very very handsome

Tampa/Clearwater - and south
I'm back ... after a much needed rec.scuba break. My CHRISTmas gift to my wife is a trip to florida 1/24 - 1/31. we're starting in Tampa at Gaspiralilla pirate fest (how could I miss that) <...

Insurgents offer U.S. 30-day truce to get out of Iraq BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The leader of an umbrella organization for Iraqi insurgent groups is offering the United States a ...

OT For Dennis, Crownfield, D & C
Drop me an email want to grab your email just drop the 2 from the end of my address - thanks

8 Marines face charges in Haditha killings
Four Marines have been charged with murdering 24 Iraqi civilians, and four of their officers have been charged with failing to investigate and report the deaths, the Marine Corps announced T...

Re: Invitation for rec.scuba addicts
"Douglas W "Popeye" Frederick" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > "JOF" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:1166635553.978947.810...

A glamorous SCUBA job!
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Julio Cesar Cu wanted to be an oceanographer but instead he swims through foul-smelling sewage in underground tunnels where the occasional dead body bobs beside exc...

Editorial re sewage dumping
This editorial appeared in the Sun Sentinel, Broward County's newspaper. Note the last sentence - "bottom line". ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^...

Surf the Sewer Tshirts again available
A secret supply of Reef Rescue's infamous "Surf the Sewer" T-shirt is now available at Be advised that the City of Delray has threatened legal action ...

OT: PNW Storm
Thanks for the e-mails and calls, we are fine. It was quite the rush. We had 110 mph gusts as the winds blew around the Olympics, and literally thousands of trees down all over the Pug...

Got $2,200? In this world, you're rich!
A global study reveals an overwhelming wealth gap, with the world's three richest people having more money than the poorest 48 nations combined.

Online dive log software
Hi Guys, I first posted this to uk.rec.scuba, but got no response. I figure it's relevant to a wider audience, so here's a copy of the posting. Hope you don't mind! I'v...

Great diving guys
Interesting set of dives yesterday with Hugh and John, great spending time with Lee, and a pleasure meeting Hugh's SO. Please make a note John, his buddy & I survived our beach ...

Re: Invitation for rec.scuba addicts
212 From: JOF - view profile Date: Fri, Dec 9 2005 3:03 pm Email: JOF <[email protected]> On Fri, 9 Dec 2005 14:31:06 -0500, "Popeye" <[email protected]

Water temps Turks & Caicos?
Hi, I'm off to the Caribbean in 2 weeks time. What water temperature can I expect? In the Bahamas in August it was warm enough at 29C/84F just in shorts but I'm expecting quite a ...

Divers Defeat Ocean Dumpers - Press Reports
Sewer Plant Responds to Public Pressure Delray Beach, Florida December 16, 2006: More than four decades after a pipe began to spew sewage into the ocean and nearl...

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