Underwater video with Adobe Premiere
Hello everybody, I know how to edit my underwater pictures with adobe photoshop to get colors on my blue underwater pictures. How can I do the same with my videos with adobe premi...

Back to the BC - Or, How I learned to stop worrying about trim and came to love the Poodle Jacket
Or not :-) I've been spending some time in Asia, but didn't expect to have time to dive. As luck would have it, Fearless Leader (tm) decided to tour SE Asia, making it impos...

USS Algol
Dove the Algol on Sunday off the Ol' Salty II, sailing from Belmar, NJ. First, a word about the boat. I've dove off the Ol' Salty II twice now. It's a nice boat. If you live within st...

Now we know;
At least whales don't kill each other over the practice of religion and build nukes... In Mother Natures name. My bet is they are seriously scared by the idiocy of the human...

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 14 <...

Dear Dive Shop Owner, In 1970 we opened a Dive Shop in Camarillo,Ca. Know as Aqua-Ventures. After 32 years in 2002 we closed our doors. In our inventory we have New ...

where are wombats?
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. We all know that Wombats are to be found in Zoos. ...

interested in wombats
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. 6 -- Posted via a free Usenet acc...

I have lived near the coast all my life. I have been surfing for over 20 years and don't consider scuba diving because I am afraid I will be subject to shark attacks. Besides, the water here...

Diver looking for Xmas dive vaycay/package
Hi, I have a week off between Xmas and New Year's and want to go diving to escape the holiday madness. I'm live in the northeast, so the Caribbean or Mexico would be ideal. Anyone...

War Protesters- Do The Right Thing.
Do the right thing. :-) CHICAGO - Malachi Ritscher envisioned his death as one full of purpose. He carefully planned the details, mailed a copy of his apartment key to a ...

Dear John:
Booby-trapped grow-ops increasing danger: Ontario police Last Updated: Sunday, November 26, 2006 | 2:40 PM ET CBC News Marijuana grow-ops in Ontario have undergone an ominous chan...

2007 Bimini Shark Encounter: 4-13 March 2007
Wildeye have confirmed the date for the 2007 Bimini Shark Encounter: 4-13 March 2007 Described by 2006 participants as: "an awesome experience" - "downright unforgettable!" ...

"personal" EPIRBs?
I've been watching as the EPIRBs keep getting more sophisticated and smaller. Now I see "personal" EPIRBs offered. These are small enough to wear on your life vest. Since I kayak and sail...

Where to dive in the keys?
greetings all, I will be visiting Key West at the end of December and am hoping to do some (natural) reef diving. I'm a novice diver and have so far only done cold water dives (Mo...

For Scott & Popeye
Graduation speech at Ft Benning <https://www.infantry.army.mil/videos/video22/index.htm> John

the oceans
What maron swims/dives with 100s of creatures that want to eat you or hurt you? as a matter of fact or ever take part in anything that could cripple you. thats why no swimming/di...

40 Degrees
Turkey Day, AM. Forty degree water. Poor visibility. Brought back a two inch brass pipe with colorful, straight, stem between the bowl and lip fitting; and a couple empty beer cans. It...

Wounded Certification
I am a Soldier at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC. I was wounded on October 11th, 2005. I am now getting around alot more and I am interested in getting PADI certified. I am...

Olympus & underwater housing
on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=007&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=170053897477&rd=1&rd=1 on Ceres http://www.ceresm.com/olympus/

Dear John:
Father links Mountie deaths to old dispute with police Last Updated: Thursday, November 23, 2006 | 2:45 PM CT CBC News The father of a Saskatchewan man accused of killing tw...

Another Exemplary Marine
Marine charged with killing newborn son POSTED: 9:57 a.m. EST, November 23, 2006 http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/11/23/marine.baby.ap/index.html FRESNO, California (AP) -- A Marine a...

Dead Bird
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving Jerome and his lovely daughter are on the way, we are having turkey and game hens, all the fixins and wine and tequila (had one of each alread...

Florida, Dec. 5-11
I plan on being in Florida sometime between the 5th and the 11th of December. I'm definitely going to end up in the Keys and doing the Duval Crawl but I'm not sure just what days except tha...

Just another hypocrit.
ANTI-GUN MAYOR CONVICTED ON GUN CHARGES . . . Frank Melton, mayor of Jackson, Miss., and member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" coalition, was...

Live from Grand Cayman Trip Report
Well Guys, I am sitting in an internet cafe on Grand Cayman, killing time before I go to the airport to head home. Made four boat dives the last two days, no shore diving. Our d...

Happy T-Day
To my neighbors and friends to the North, South, East, and West ALL ENJOY a day or two with your friends and families. I will be also! But not a chance of diving, tho, Damn!

Dive/snorkel in Maui/Oahu
I'm going to Maui and Oahu with family in late December, and I'd like help finding boats that do both snorkel and dives. I'm the only certified diver, but the others would like to snorkel. ...

The Sinking fo Oriskany
I watched this in the discovery channel Sunday Night IT WAS REALLY GOOD Can't wait to have the opportunity to dive it

Let's Give Peace A Chance.
Anti-War Activists Plan 'Global Orgasm For Peace' (CBS/AP) SAN FRANCISCO Two peace activists have planned a massive anti-war demonstration for the first day of winter. But ...

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