Elvis is -in- the building.
I'm in Spokane, what's the plan? I should be available by 6 or 7:00pm tomorrow. This is the 50th and last state for me to set my foot in, and probably one of th...

AUL still in business?
Can't seem to find their web sight? Mike Howard

The Best of Rec Scuba
Any volunteers to inherit the care and feeding of http://www.pathcom.com/~bracuk/RecScuba/ ? Discuss it publicly on this ng please. If, when the smoke clears, there is an able vo...

Need address for Mares
I need the address of Mares to send my warrabty registration papers. If you have, please, send to me cause I can't find it on the net. [email protected] STF

James Bond Wreck Dive Video
My Vulcan Bomber (Thunderball) and Tears of Allah Wreck (Never Say Never Again) dive video is up on Google. Go to http://video.google.com, click on playable video, and search for James Bo...

SoCal Lobster Dive - First Week of Season!
We need to get a few more bodies on this boat! We have 5 now so there are 11 seats left for big dive fun: OCTOBER (2), 3, 4 & 5th Limited Boat - 16 Divers Max on 22 seat boat.

mares airlab
hi all, i'm considering of buying a mares airlab, as i've seen it at a very good price. i'd like to know if it's a reliable computer (or known to have problems); does anyone of you have...


YOUPPI!!! PADI OWD certified
Yes, I'm certified and looking forward to go for the AOW... STF

Michael Wolf.
How's things at the office? Just watched the sun come up in Cheyenne. Think I'll take I-25 North to Billings instead of I-80 West to Salt Lake City. ...

So I got a new tattoo.
The Bonafide Diver: http://www.oimages.co.uk/popup/250.htm About 6 inches on the left shoulder.

Iraq charter a 'recipe for chaos'
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4194214.stm Parts of the Iraqi draft constitution are a "recipe for chaos", Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa has said.

used tabata console
i just picked up a used tabata console with depth gauge and pressure gauge on the front and on the back is a compass and a writing board.. there is also a small "button" like guage of some k...

Just took a look
My first order of Marine Corps dollars arrived Saturday. They are much nicer than the picture on the US Mint website. Super dollars.

ANy Scuba traning DVDs out there, Need a refresher
--------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =--------- -= Get GrabIt for free from http://www.shemes.com/ =- ...

Costa Rica Trip Report (above and below water)
It was a hot and sunny day....... We arrived at the Liberia airport on Saturday (20 Aug). All travelers accounted for, all luggage present. The airport is rather small. One arr...

Death at the Bald Eagle
Yesterday, a diver diving the Bald Eagle with the Karen, was found dead. The information I got is from the person that recovered the body. So far the facts are the following: When the crew ...

Dive related post!

FREDERICK: communication operation instructions
Call me or answer your friggin e-mail. If you cant talk, just key the mike.

What do you think of this U/W photo system?
Having outgrown my PT-00x housing for my ancient Oly camera, I am looking for a housing for one of my SLRs. I am leaning towards an Ikelite housing & twin DS-125 strobes. For len...

Grumman country
Scary news on the storm. Hope all of you in it's path get outa Dodge or at least stay safe. Let us know as soon as possible that you're okay. Good luck. JF "...

Did [email protected] go?
Did Billy go? [email protected] [email protected]

More results of California's liberal practices.
USA Today, August 23, 2005 California Cities Dominate Insurer's List for Auto Theft California is the nation's stolen car capital, according to an insurance industry report...

Koplin- Warning Order:
Pickup/Priority Load Haz Miami Drop 08.28.05 by 11:00 Del/Auburn, Washington 09/01/05 @ Destination CW12144 13:45 appt. Best speed.

Caribbean Scuba Blog !
Hi : I want to share my adventure blog in the Caribbean , i am not a certificate diver yet , i will finish this saturday my certification. http://blackbcdiver.blogspot...

La Parguera Wall | Dive clear and Deep !
http://www.diveguide.com/p2444 a.htm La Parguera Wall , Puerto Rico /USA "Located six miles offshore, La Paguera Wall is a giant coral reef extending more than 20 mile...

Puerto Rico Caribbean Beach of Los Tubos Manati
Hi , people My scuba instructor show in the last diving the great beach of los tubos Manati. Is located north area in the middle of the island US , Puerto Rico. h...

How would "Dee-Feesh" pick up a Marine Dollar?
Statistically, this post has a 99.9999 percent chance of needing correction. That exact percent is the absolute best-guess, estimate, of the worlds greatest statistics guru. (As passed al...

The 2005 Marine Corps dollar is available to everyone. What would a guy like Scott be required to give up to get such a collectible? Let's put it in terms Scott will understand.

An Islamic Republic of Iraq?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4177266.stm Is Iraq moving, inch by inch, towards becoming an Islamic republic? it is a prospect that is as unsettling for many Iraqis as i...

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