Anybody but Bush - and then let's get back to work,13918,1272503,00.html

For Fishie
Read this page, I dare you. I double Dog Dare you. Pay attention to the pictures, especially the one of the man fal...

OT: Speaking of liars

Scuba News Websites?
So, are there any good websites that cover general news on the sport of scuba and the scuba industry? Also, any sites that have nice large pictures to be used as desk top ba...

Blue Moon
This is even on-topic; It affects the tides.

FS DUI CF200X Mens Large
Very good condition used less than 12 times. Original Box with owners manual and paperwork. ...

Anyone familiar with Lake Lanier?
Hi, I'm hoping to learn to do some scuba diving, and will probably start in Lake Lanier. Can anyone suggest some interesting places to dive on this lake? Even if they are to...

What the Discovery Channel didn't want you to see
hey shark freaks - Some of you may have seen these new Shark Week commercials - but you probably didn't since Discovery big wigs axed them soon after they aired. I was able to ta...

OT: bush's Himmler? gop statement.
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, the man most responsible for waging America's war on terrorism, complains to staff that he gets very little time with the President and gets most of hi...

OT: free speech zone in Boston
for those of you concerned about so called "free speech", here's a stunning expose that just might interest you: Take that, ACL &*$^@ U. :-) --

shark dive spammer
So I send them a nastygram and what do I get? A thank you note for my interest in their shark dives. I probably fucked up and am now on thier spam list. Jammer, kick my ass. ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 29 2005 SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA For Further Information and Interview: Patric Douglas CEO Absolute Adventures-Shark Diver www.sharkdiver....

Re: OT Canadian Gun Control
Joe English wrote: > [email protected] wrote: > > Joe English wrote... > > We seem to see the highest murder rates where gun control is the > > strongest...

OT: Gotta love those Libertarians
=============================== NEWS FROM THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20037 World Wide Web: =====================...

OT: Honor President Reagan
I got this in my email today... I thought some of you may be interested. Subject: Honor Pres. Reagan HONOR FORMER PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN In honor of President R...

OT: A Real EX-Republican General Speaks
This General was promoted on merit, not for being a fanatical GOP/PNAC party hack like the present phonys who betrayed US and stood down on 9/11 and then promoted to the highest posts. ...

Tank Explosion
Hi all... There was a tank explosion at a scuba/cave diving center down in central Florida yesterday. One employee was killed and three divers injured. Seems the ...

The Padi "Lifestyle"
I've noticed in the Padi Sport Diver magazines that I have bought the last five or so months that a lot of the content, I would say a fourth of every magazine, is about what ...

Re: OT Canadian Gun Control
Joe English wrote... We seem to see the highest murder rates where gun control is the strongest, like NYC, Detroit, Chicago, LA... You've got that backwards Cam

Re: OT Canadian Gun Control
Chris Guynn wrote: >According to >Austin is about 1/4 and only had about 28 murders in 2000. I realize it's...

dolphin dive center, Cabarete Dominican Republic
Has anyone had any experience diving with this shop? I emailed them a few days ago, looking for rates and some general info. Their web site says they are a PADI 5 star, but meanwhile they ...

Thank you George Jesus Bush for keeping my assault rifle loaded
Thank you George Jesus Bush--We will go north and assault and cut and cook and eat the Calgary pig sluts. "I'm so ugly I'll pay you to whump my stinkin fat old ugly ass" - ...

Met My Instructor for First Time
Well, I went to the scuba shop that I'm going to take my lessons at to pick out my mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. I had a chance to meet the owner/instructor. I have to s...

Misunderstanding Iraq
Saddam's People Are Winning the War By Scott Ritter International Herald Tribune Thursday 22 July 2004 Misunderstanding Iraq Washington -...

Re: OT Canadian Gun Control
Chris Guynn wrote: > <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] > > >

Newbie adding some weights.
Hi there. This is going to be hard to explain, especially with my broken english, but here goes. My wife and I were outfitted with our weights by the PADI instructor. I...

OT Canadian Gun Control By CLAYTON RUBY Tuesday, July 27, 2004 - Page A15 Canada's gun-control law, which requires...

New rules apply this year; stay 300 feet from shorelines The annual two-day special sports lobster season descends on the Florida Keys Wednesday and Thursday and one major new rule goes into effect - lobsters h...

The Dive Forum - International scuba diving community
Hello everyone, Im the webmaster at the dive forum. The dive forum is an online scuba diving community. Our aim is to bring together scuba divers from around the globe, from all l...

how to remove all dives in the memory of suunto stinger?
Hello, How can I remove all dives in the memory of the suunto stinger? I cant find the right procedure in the Dive Manager software. In addition who know how much memo...

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