Wanted: diffuser for Ikielite DS-125 substrobe
Wanted: diffuser for Ikielite DS-125 substrobe I lost mine in Australia and I'm trying to get a replacement before July 15th. B&H doesn't have it, and is claiming 4 weeks j...

[email protected] please
Please go to this site. http://community.webtv.net/Aftermath2007

Bonaire trip report & pix
For those interested: PIX: http://www.reefseekers.com/PIXPAGES/Bonaire%20'04/Bonaire_04_pix.htm REPORT: http://www.reefseekers.com/PIXPAGES/Bonaire%20'04/Bonaire_2004.html ...

test post

Bent Diver
Scuba Diving Meets The Onion www.bentdiver.com

Anonymous posts
Since you don't have the balls to have a real email address On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 03:07:59 +0000, Dillon Pyron wrote: > On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 04:34:13 +0200 (CES...

Dive Into this site!
See what I mean just follow the link below! http://community.webtv.net/Aftermath2007

Rarely used reservists may go to Iraq
Rarely used reservists may go to Iraq From CNN Pentagon Producer Mike Mount Thursday, June 24, 2004 Posted: 7:17 AM EDT (1117 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A group of Army Reser...

Dive Shop in Bermuda
I an taking a trip to Bermuda at the end of July and would like to take a Discover Scuba Dive/Course. I would like some rocommendations for a good dive shop in Bermuda. Donald

Cap Corse - Korsica
Near the characteristic fishing port of Centuri, 300 metres from the beach, Residence Anna is composed by cottages on two floors divided in two flats, wides and confortables for 4 persons......

RSOC Mtg - July 13
Raleigh Ski & Outing Club meets July 13 at 7:30 pm at the Brownstone Hotel on Hillsborough Street. This meeting will be one of the summer socials - ie. cash bar, with event sign-ups. Bring...

Spiffy new email address
Like I said, scubadiving.com was getting pretty tired, so I had to do something about it. Check it out... Don't you wish *you* were cool enough to have a Google gmail accoun...

Greg Mossman Alive and Well.
Christ, Atlanta will -never- be the same. Greg and his beautiful travel companion bought Kimber & I dinner last night. We had cheeseburgers at a sports bar, and the t...

Draeger transfill unit???
Hello, Does anybody know this stuff ? http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/ebayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4130305259 Looks like a mixing device mixing gas from large storage bottl...

Orca visits Roatan
Photos by Becky Sloan, in front of CoCoView on May 26th 2004, shot from a CCV Boat. http://scuba.100megsfree3.com/174Orca/index.html be amused. Doc. <...

Cozumel Trip Report
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------070001040601030003070206 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit ...

Los Cabos
Have opportunity for 4 weeks in Los Cabos at Xmas time. Am qualified PADI advanced but have little experience. All and any information about where I should dive etc. gratefully received. <...

Need help with Japanese Diving Text
Need help with search, transliteration, translation of old Japanese book about diving. Also, seek any info about Kataoka Kyuhachi, salvor on scuba of Norwegian "Calendar", 1918-...

FS 02 Analyzer-Manifold-DUI weight system
ALL BRAND NEW OXan11 02 Analyzer with flow and hard case OMS genesis Din Maniflod with bands DUI weight & Trim system For more info email me

You don't have Rodales to push around anymore...
In case nobody noticed, Rodales quietly sold Scuba Diving Magazine a little while ago. I don't know who's running it now, but I do know they stopped outsourcing their board and i...

Clarke: Iraq war an enormous mistake
ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- The invasion of Iraq was an "enormous mistake" that is costing untold lives, strengthening al Qaeda and breeding a new generation of terrorists, former White House c...

(Way) OT - How do ex vice-presidents fly when they can't get a lift on Air Force One?
In first class on Singapore Airlines. I just sat behind Dan Quayle on SQ 11 from LAX to NRT. Really nice guy, believe it or not. Alan

crackling Ear problems - new 2 SCUBA -
I have always wanted to SCUBA and got 4 other people talked in to taking the class with me and were going to Cozumel July 2nd. Its really going to suck if everyone gets to dive but me! ...

Boynton Freeze report
Saturday Morning: The gods smile with 90F clear skies, 80F water. Visibility in the 50-70 foot range and a screaming North current. Guest stars for the day were a bite-tailed bullshark,...

Will Kerry turn Bush over to The Hague to be tried for his war crimes?
Meet The New Jihad A TIME investigation reveals how insurgents in Iraq aim to create an Islamic state and turn the country into a terrorist haven By MICHAEL WARE/FALLUJAH <...

I'm outta here
Well, guys (and gals), my plane for Jamaica's leaving in a couple of hours. So, the next 14 days you won't be hearing from me. Hope you enjoy it. And just to make this a typical R.S. ...

LI, NY Dive Report
I just got back from another great day of diving in paradise (as originally coined by MG). We are going to dive the Texas Tower 4. It has a sad history with loss of life. Here is a li...

OT: Another Canadian Gun Control Success
Police Say Friendly Dog Prevented Killing Spree TORONTO (June 25) - A Canadian man, driving a car packed with weapons and ammunition, was intent on killing as many people as possible i...

Underwater Photo Equipment for Sale
I have some older underwater photo equipment that I would be interested in selling. Please contact me directly at [email protected] if you are interested. I do not read this group on a r...

Another Message From Chris Wolf
I've never used kill files before, but I'm about to start. I always assumed that the majority of the people on any newsgroup would have something valuable to say, but that simply isn'...

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