National Convention in New York City
The following is the "first final" list of events for the Republican National Convention in New York City, August 30 to September 2. AUG. 30 6 p.m. -- OPENING PRAYER read by...

Unadulterated spam
But I don't care. This is one of the very best diving resources around. And here'e the latest newsletter (sorry about the interrupted lines): Here is our latest Ten Foot Stop Newslett...

I am guessing this must have been covered a million times before so my apologies to all of you, but I am a newbie. I want to learn to dive and need to get certified. Can anyone spell out the...

Snuba - good idea
Just had to start a new thread. Flame away, I really do own nomex undies. :-) -- dillon When I was a kid, I thought the angel's name was Hark and the horse's na...

Back From Grenada
I am just back from a week of diving in Grenada and the island of Carricou. Although I have landed on the island a couple of times over the past few years up until now I have never gotten in...

Medical Problems (Swimmers Ear Problems)
Hi, I had a question about swimmers ear. I tried scuba at the local dive shop and now want to become certified. The problem I have is that I get swimmers ear VERY easily. (Was never that way...

Cozumel -- refresher course
I got my PADI Advanced certification some time ago but haven't dived for 6 years. I am going to Cozumel next month and need a refresher course there. Do any regular visitors have any s...

OT Memorial Day
Thanks to all the veterans - alive and gone that fought for us in all the wars past & present!

tank phisics and measures? metric units please
Hello, I would like to learn and understand more or less the measures and phisics of the tanks. Please in metric units. Is it possible approximatelly to calculate...

The sn*ba thread
I had 386 post since last night, I blocked out the snuba thread and have 86 messages left. Unbelievable. I guess snuba is a bad idea huh? Jane

From Kimber
Hey -- Kimber here -- I saw this on another list I am on and had to post it. Who is up for it? Make rec.scuba famous! (-: Attention Single Divers, ABC's "The Bachelor" Wants to Hear...

The Lost Tanks of D-Day / Tuesday, June 1 @ 8pm
History channel Deep Sea Detectives The Lost Tanks of D-Day Tuesday, June 1 @ 8pm WWII's D-Day Invasion would be history's largest seaborne assault--over 4,000 ships ca...

hate it huh?
hate to share the water with vacationers & noobies? everything about it pisses you off? hate it when kids are playing outside disturbing your silence? hate kids in general? born into a rich...

Suunto Dive Computer question
The print out after a dive goes something like this: Dive No. 11 14/11/2003 <<--(This increments from 1 to 99) Place Max Depth xx Dive Time ...

is anyone here NOT an asshole?
this noobie would like to find people that enjoy scuba diving & helping others, maybe learn from others experiences & mistakes. anyone know where someone might find a newsgroup like th...

OT: Have you had your rights taken away recently?
This is great... If anyone gets them and uses them, I'd love to hear about it. -- C Guynn "I cannot undertake...

Chris Wolf's Book
Okay, I got five guys who are willing to read a free copy of my book, _Running Into The Sky_, and have agreed to post an honest review of my book here on rec.scuba. In return, if all five g...

please clarify me if this is right:
Thanks so much for all your comments, but no one has said what PADI really asks instructors to do ? I cant believe such an organization as PADI doesnt tell instructors how to keep...

on line dive store?
maybe someone can save me the headaches of searching through 10 million sites.. .which ones are any good? TIA Rob

Snorkel equip advice?
Going to Riviera May in July.... with 18 yr old nephew Would it be to my advantage to buy snorkel equip and take with us? Two sets of equip for BOTH of us to use at same time?

Retired Gen. Anthony Zinni
"We were in there talking about Jeffersonian democracy, free market economies, changing the face of the Middle East with this one blow. That was ridiculous, and I think now what we have is y...

Bush fell sharply in job approval
President Bush fell sharply in job approval ratings Monday over Iraq and oil prices. His perilous condition is apparent. He couldn't get a tan in Crawford yesterday because after five minute...

Halcyon Recall
This showed up in uk.rec.scuba. I don't know if it applies to units sold in the U.S. or other countries, but just in case, check it out if you have a Halcyon inflator. http://www...

please clarify me if this is right:
Hello, I am following a PADI Rescue Diver Course and EFR course here in Italy and I feel my instructor is not clear or right on this: My instructor tells me that I have to t...

wieso ist es eigentlich bei regen so kalt im wasser? gurzu

underwater cameras
for a newbie that dives a couple times / year.. what do you think of these ? POS? (ebay camera link) TIA Rob

Hi, Sometimes, the pain may not be due to the 'tooth' per-se. This can be a sinus problem. Sinus problems (bone space near the cheek) can sometimes cause severe sharp pain which APPEARS...

Wanted used Dive computer CHEAP
I am new to the sport (VERY NEW) and looking to pick up a basic USED dive computer. I can get a new on from the Dive shop for $225.00 and that is probably the way I will go, if I can't fi...

Any Divers in the DFW Area
I am looking for a/some dive buddy(ies) in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I was hoping to go out this weekend, but everyone else has a life and is busy. If you are in the area, and are interest...

OT: Those darn libertarians are trying to stir up trouble again
=============================== NEWS FROM THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20037 World Wide Web: =====================...

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