Sea and Sea MX-10 DID NOT honor warranty on manufacturing defect
I am pleased to bring my case against Sea and Sea to a happy closure, and publicly thank Matt Endo for his role as the go-between between myself and Yamaguchi-san, President of Sea & Sea, a...

Lifetime Warranty - Worth the price?
I'm looking to buy a new regulator set and am between two different models. There is a $140 difference in the price between them but the lower cost unit has a 2 year warranty whereas the ...

Here we go again
Someone has found Atlantis, again. . . Bryan

nice diver story
Who cares if it really happened? It is well written. This Magic Moment By Jennifer Anderson It was like many Maui mornings, the sun rising over Haleaka...

SmartTrak software command line options
A quick look at the binary of SmartTrak 1.0130 shows some command line options, some of which are explained in the uwatec FAQ - does anyone know ...

Cold water configuration and H or Y valvles.
Hi all I posted a question some time ago and got lots of good feedback, however there was some conflicting advice. The question relates to an optimal cold water configuration for...

dive operators and dive sites in Phuket (Patong Beach area)
Hi- I'll be in Phuket on the 18th-21st of May and am hoping to do two days of diving while there. Unfortunately, it would seem that the Similian Islands reserve will be closed dur...

Dive shops in Nice, France - any recommendations? Good dives?
My daughter and I are hoping to squeeze in some diving during a trip to Mougins in July. Does anyone have a recommendation for a dive shop or any good dive sites in the Nice vicinity? ...

Testing Post for NIST
This is a test Usenet Newsgroup Posting for the TWG working group. Testing Newsgroup Headers.

NIST Test Post
This is a test Newsgroup Posting to the Rec.Scuba newsgroup. Testing Headers.

(OT) well it made me laugh MarkW nospam to scuba to reply

boyscout saves diver
Spotted this on AP's wire: Boy Scouts Rescue Stranded Diver Last Modified: 4/29/2004 3:10:14 PM NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) A recreational diver forgotten at sea by a boat ...

Never dive with idiots! Didn't notice? For over two hours? That one of FOUR divers was missing? And then searched for him at the WRONG di...

Research on SCUBA divers by Texas A&M University
Little research done on SCUBA divers and their preferences for various management alternatives for protecting underwater resources like corals. As a result, managers often take action on the...

Diver Rescued by Boy Scouts
Man Was Adrift After Boat Crew Forgot Him NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (April 29) - A recreational diver forgotten at sea by a boat crew drifted five hours and prayed for his life befor...

Preserving a metal/wood artifact?
Recently, while freediving for hard-shell clams (quohogs) I found a metal railroad spike with wood still attached. On close inspection, the spike is not steel or iron, it appears to b...

New All Time Low
It seems that Rule #1 is now don't email with non-DIR divers. (Crossposted from Crapboard) ----------------------------- Originally Posted by The Dutch DIR mailing lis...

Dive Flroida east coast this weekend?
I just finished my last exam, and I have decided I'm hitting the east coast of Florida this weekend. I'll be open to dive pretty much anything from Jupiter to Boynton Beach, so if anyone is ...

difference between high and low pressure ports
I have an Aqualung Conshelf XII regulator. The first stage has three ports. One that has my pressure gauge attached to it is stamped HP. Two are not stamped. One is for my primary regula...

Final Week - Chamber Day/Eve Update
We're now exactly ONE weeks away from Chamber Day/Eve 2004 (next Wednesday, May 5) and here's where we stand as of 4/28 at 6PM: CHAMBER DAY We've pretty much sold out the daytim...

One Week to Go - Challenge Passes $14,000
CHALLENGE PASSES $14,000 We’ve got exactly one week to go and we’ve just squeaked over $14,000 ($14,085 to be exact). And this comes on the heels of news that since we d...

FAO Scott
Scott, Can you mail me when you get a minute, either on this address or my work one ta Fi

OT: Diversity training
Below is an editorial from Sunday's edition of a Florida newspaper located in Florida's panhandle. Someone who reads this paper thought that the editorial was worth a wider distributi...

Underwater mojo dancing
Heard of a salty tall tale of randy divers today doing the 'luuurrrve' thing beneath the waves? Anybody heard of folk taking donning Aqualung and getting their mojo on U/W? ...

Uwatec Air Z Nitrox Dive Computer
I'm thinking about buying a Uwatec Air Z Nitrox dive computer. Anyone have an opinion on this computer? Here's a link:

Chamber Challenge Passes $13,000
As we approach the one-week-to-go-to-Chamber-Day mark, we're pleased to announce that we've now passed the $13,000 mark!!! But we've still got a ways to go and hope to be able to add your na...

tusa liberator mask lens installation
I bought a TUSA liberator mask about 5 years ago. I had prescription lenses installed by the dealer at that time. Now I would like to put the placebo or standard lens back in and remove th...

OT: Glowing Customer Feedback Read it all.

I Strangled My Dog Then Fucked it
Pictures of me strangleing and fucking my dog bobo

Dive flag, use of - Florida statute
See this link SeaWorlds display of dive flags on...

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