Bahamas or Grand Cayman
Thinking about going to New Providence (west side) or Grand Cayman. Any thoughts? Heard the shark diving is really wonderful. Stuart Cove's?????

New Orleans (and nearby)
I'm a fairly "junior" diver not having much of my own kit (fins/gloves/boots/snorkel/mask). I did my PADI OW and AOW a couple of months ago and am quite keen to get back in the water. ...

Ron Lee's Childish LU Excuse Debunked
This is Ron Lee's excuse for making his noise and childish whining in the thread "A Very Memorable Dive in Cozumel" and subsequent follow-up thread, "Ron Lee Profiled": RonL>...

OT: Here is a thought for Iraq
They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys. It's worked for over 200 years and HELL, we're not...

Brent's Figi Dive Trip
Sorry no story's I wasn't there but I finally got his pictures uploaded if anyone is interested. Ja...

Citizen Aqualand Watch Question...
I have a Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand dive watch. On the face of the dial, between the 1 and 2 o'clock numbers, there is a small red panel with the word "call" on it. Does anyone know what t...

OT; Martha has her tittie in the ringer Yep, the model, the very moral fiber of American yuppie-ism guilty on all 4 counts. Now we'll see if this justice s...

Scuba diving in the area of Cartagena or Barranquilla Columbia
I am currently in Panama City, Panama and will be traveling to the area of Barranquilla, Columbia within the next week. I was wondering if there is any decent diving in that area. I w...

Would you like a hand with that?
Or perhaps just part of one...

San Andres - Columbia
Any info on diving there?

PFO-An open letter of thanks to George Irvine (long)
About right now, about 80 percent of you are saying to yourself "What's a PFO and who is George", 10 percent are saying, "Oh, someone else trying to kiss GI's butt", and the rest saying "Th...

OT Totally.

Have drysuit for sale
I have a drysuit I would sell cheaply as I'm not using it since moving to southern Calif. It's a Canadian made Whites neoprene suit with SI Tech valves and neoprene seals suitable for ...

dive table "practice"
Hi all: I don't get to dive often, & want to try to keep familiar w/ doing dive tables, repetitive dive, RNT . . . . I found the "table tutor" trial software, I guess it's $20 to purc...

Looking for 2 dive buddies: Islamarada Key, FL, March 23 and 24
My dive budy and I will be in Islamarada Key, FL for diving on March 23rd and 24th. We are both advanced certified and have been diving together many times. We would like to...

Diver's Way, Long Island NY
Hey.. Anyone know why diver's way in Bayshore is closing?? Is Bob finally going to Fl full time?

Pix from "Very Memorable Dive" on Las Palmas, Cozumel

Looking for boat recommendations
I would like to collect power boat recommendations that satisfy these conditions: - max about 20 feet (absolute max 25 feet) - used for scuba diving (underwater photography) and...

Split Fins: A Fad?
What's the deal with split fins? They look kinda faddish to me.

Gave up on snorkel
Just got back from diving in Cozumel, and just want to say that after diving with and without snorkel I stopped taking the thing down with me on boat dives. There is less tangling and I can ...

Scuba Gear Question
I'd like to know if someone has any experience with and/knows if there are any reviews about the Amres Proton Ice Regulator. Thanks :-) L.

oceana fins
I work in a fitness club and have a swimmer who loves her aging Oceana Fins..........I tried to find where to buy new ones for her but it appears the company is no longer in operation....any...

Aircraft wreck
Anybody want to guess what this is and has anyone seen it before? Steve

Fly after dive question
Hi. I'm getting my open water certification. Even the pool work is fun, and I'm looking forward to my first reef dives in two weeks in Hawaii. I am also a private pilot - I own a singl...

Any cave divers here?
Any cave divers lurking here that dont visit the cave divers forum at: If so, I started a discussion about "cave diving time shares"...or at le...

Free online photo album offer.
I am offering an online photo album that you can upload your pictures to. They will be visible to your family and friends with a simple upload. All functions to control the viewing of the al...

Enough Bitching - Let's Dive
I can not do this summer but maybe next spring summer A rec.scuba group dive - Coz -- Grand Cayman - Belize - Bonaire There are a few here I would like to drown! Anyon...

Weird marine (?) jawbone found -- what is it?
My father found this bizarre jawbone (or skull?) washed up on shore while doing some paddling in the Florida Keys. Anyone know what it is from? For scale, it is about 3" wide at its widest...

Req Arawak-Grand Turk info
I bought a time share at the Arawak in 2002. They closed their doors one week before my assigned week (2/21-2/28/04) and didn't tell anyone who had reservations. Fortunately, Dale from Oas...

suunto companion re-calibration
I took the battery out of my Companion for a replacement. When the new battery was installed the computer was stuck in "LOG" mode. A quick check of the service manual confirmed that if the b...

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