I rape all the fishes in the ocean, so even the sharks fear me and will swim away hundreds of miles when Im near!

OT: Were having Lobster tonight!!!
Plenty of hot butter. Real lobster not those clawless types. It ain't no fun if it can't fight back. Celebrating my eye balling a new sail boat... My ride is almost her...

Geogian Bay Cray fish
Hi. Im jus wondering f the cray fish in Georgian Bay (tobermory, more specifically) are the same the Cajuns consume in mass quantity in N'Orleans. On my last night dive there, the...

How to find shrimp?
Hi all, I've been diving for a few years now (about 100 dives) and I've really enjoyed finding shrimp -- almost always with the help of a dive master. I know that there are trick...

Heimlich Maneuver Drowning Frauds - New URL
Regarding the Heimlich maneuver drowning fraud cases involving Drs. Henry J. Heimlich, Edward A. Patrick, and Victor H. Esch, a previously-posted web address for the documentation is no long...

Since US War, Afghans Back in Opium Biz

jaw/head pain while diving?
Have any of you experienced jaw pain while diving, or immediately afterwards, or been diagnosed with temporal mandibular dysfunction? It's also referred to as divers mouth syndrome. I'm doin...

Jaw/Head pain while/after diving
Have any of you experienced jaw pain while diving, or immediately afterwards, or been diagnosed with temporal mandibular dysfunction? It's also referred to as divers mouth syndrome. I'm doin...

Diving in Saipan
I may get a chance to go TDY to Saipan and would like some input for local diving. If I stay longer, which of the islands do I want to go to...Yap, Palau, or Truk? --George

One afternoon, a wealthy lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two pathetic men eating grass by the road side. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to inve...

OT: cultural end of the world...
Well... IT happened last night..... You know all those WONDERFUL tampon ads we all enjoy watching? They finally went over the edge with one ad I saw last night... ...

Exposure suit for Cozumel
I will be diving in Cozumel last week of Februrary. What exposure suit should I take? I have a 3/2mm neoprene or Lycra body suit. Adam

Hong Kong diving ... not this time
Posted 10 days ago asking for information on diving around Hong Kong. Just got back from Hong Kong and sad to report that despite all efforts I was unable to go diving ... couldn't find any...

But There is Still The Dreaded Pufferfish
http://news.excite.com/odd/article/id/56188|oddlyenough|01-28-2004::10:52|reuters.html Dan Bracuk If at first you don't succeed, you run the risk of failure. The Best of rec.scuba...

rec.scuba 2003 Report Card
Well it would appear that rec.scuba postings for the year 2003 were down 34% from the previous year and that the number of persons posting was down 27%. What's up with that I wonder? Jamm...

OT - Moral Question
With all your honour and dignity, what would you do? This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. Please don't answer it without giving it some serious thought. By giving ...

Another nitrox controversy?
Hi all... While we are on the subject of nitrox etc etc... Whats the scoop on "evidence" that the lower nitrogen loading of nitrox (or for that matter trimix) reduces "micro...

Re: Rec Scuba Trivia Repeated, Just for Kimber, Because She Bragged
"xxx" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > > "Popeye" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected]

How Do You Calculate Weight For Singles VS Doubles
I'm going to be switching from diving HP steel singles to HP steel doubles. How do you roughly calculate how much weight would be need with the doubles. Presently I need about 26 pounds with...

Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

Mk V diving helmet... Brass fetishists toy..
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/Boats/0001-0348-1264-/auction-85047 58.htm who was it that likes the way brass patinas??? I remember it came up in a thread about backplat...

Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

Real Nice: Steve Spencer Asshole who works for Sympatico (Bell)
I was just reading some past chat room banter I found in Goggle. Airhog was being Air Hog. But the Married couple who dive off Ron's Boat and belong to E-Divers-ca. Works at Sympat...

Mike Gray - Universal expert on DCS
Mike Gray says you can't get bent if you stay within the NDLs. Mike Gray says doctors cannot diagnose DCS. Mike Gray says a probability of 0.0004 is really a probability of ZERO....

I don't know how many of you know Callahan, but he's one of my favorite cartoonists. I've posted a few of my favs... http://users.pandora.be/laurel/ L.

rec.scuba dive reports / resort ratings
I've been considering putting together a website for rec.scubans to post their dive reports and resort ratings. In that line of thinking I have a few questions. Do you think it w...

Rental equipment failures?
Hi, We are about to leave for undeserved holidays in the Dominican Republic and we expect to dive there, but not that much. We have some scuba gear but are reluctant to carr...

OT: Bush loves Dean
At New York's Kennedy airport today, an individual later discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a setsqu...

price of a nitrox fill
What's the average price for a nitrox fill ? Depending on bottle size and %O2 you want or not ?Thanks. Thierry from Belgium.

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