I thought this was a Scuba news group!

OT- Road Rage
Sent to me be a friend- Most likely a humous anecdote. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two cars were waiting ...

Army admits it has deliberately shortchanged Guard on gear.
Army admits it has deliberately shortchanged Guard on gear By PHILIP DINE Post-Dispatch 12/27/2003 WASHINGTON - The deployment to Iraq of a combined Illinois-Iowa National

New photographs
New phototographs and a chapter on bibliography: Happy new years

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> "Grumman-581" wrote: > "Laurel" > > Yeah, you haven't seen the real thing if it was only in the context of > > ports/bases. ...

411 on American Salvage Company cira 1916-1920
Founded in 1916 - I am attempting to find any historical information about this company. I believe it was based in either West New York, NJ or Paterson, New Jersey. Most shares say Patters...

Re: Happy Bday Rudes
Now, don't do that to me. I just played racquetball (for the first time in over 10 years) with my 19 year old son. That made me feel old enough! (I did get a laugh out of your response...

Your chance to own your own Aircraft Carrier and..
be the envy of all your friends... Kimber -- I'm movin' on At last I can s...

Re: OT: A Canadian who has Seen the Light...
In <[email protected]> "Chris Guynn" wrote: > > "Michael Wolf" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:Xns9460...

Re: OT: A Canadian who has Seen the Light...
In <[email protected]> "Dennis (Icarus)" wrote: > "Alan Street" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] >...

Marveling at the hypocrisy
Marveling at the hypocrisy Molly Ivins - Creators Syndicate 12.18.03 - LOS ANGELES -- Well! I am certainly glad to see that we are telling off the French, Germans and Russians. I ...

HydroOptix mask tryout
Well, someone has to do it. I got one of the (in)famous bug-masks and hauled it down to Cayman Brac to see what I thought. I had some difficulties. First, it leaked quite b...

Re: OT: This is really bad.
In <7q%[email protected]> "Chris Guynn" wrote: > > "Charlie" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:e7873b43.0312241038.4f2...

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> "Grumman-581" wrote: > "Willem" euro-dribbled ... > > How? By opening your fucking mouth and kill them > > with your stinking br...

Mona Isl again
1st trip is back on Nekton. 2nd trip is this week. We are the 3rd trip. Anyone here just did the 1st trip? Whats the scoop? Pat --

OT: More police abuse? Which one of you did it?
;-) =:o }:^)> (Dec. 29) -- California authorities on Monday denied accusations by singer Michael Jackson that he was roughed up by sheriff's deputies earlier this month when he...

OT: A Canadian who has Seen the Light...
Thought some of you might find this interesting... If you need an account/password, just use aggie4yo...

In CZM Jan 17-24. Looking for golf partner when not diving tail off! (OT)
Hi. I've looked at the country club course every time I'm down there but have never played it. Anyone planning on being in Cozumel the week Jan 17-24 that wants to hook up for a round? I'...

Well, I'm back! 50 dives in a span of 19 days
Well, I'm back from my Australia diving holiday. I went to Australia with only 4 dives. Over a span of 19 days, I completed another 50, giving me 54 total (and completed the advanced course)...

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> Popeye wrote: > >From: Anonymous [email protected] > >Date: 12/28/03 9:25 PM Eastern Standard Time > >Message...

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> Popeye wrote: > >From: Tarapia Tapioco [email protected] > > >> He was the biggest threat an...

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> Joe English wrote: > > > Michael Wolf wrote: > > > "Dennis (Icarus)" <[email protected]> wrote ...

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> Popeye wrote: > >From: Alan Street [email protected] > > >We were respected right after 9-11, including our i...

Re: Saddam caught!
In <[email protected]> Popeye wrote: > >From: Dazed and Confuzed [email protected] > > >I agree. If the jewish east coast political ...

Pressed Steel Tanks "PST"
Got one (E8 - 130) for Christmas. Service pressure is 3442 psi. It comes with a yoke valve. The tank model "replaces" the former "LP 104." I believe LP steel tanks normally have a service pr...

OT:What about our other war?
So we have sent billions into Colombia with no overt oversight and what do we get? Cheaper cocaine and of course, E S C A L A T I O N. The Venezuelans who elected and stood ...

Guns then sex...
Well, I was sure it would come to this... Laurel (well, not really...)

Boynton cyanobacteria report
The following link is to a draft of a report regarding the origins and results of the recent cyanobacteria bloom on the Boynton reef system. This report is by Ed Tichenor, a regular o...

Typical Euro-trash.
BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro (Dec. 27) - It looks like another rough day for Serbian politics Sunday - four indicted war criminals are running for parliament. The elections could r...

Canadian Bio Attack On U.S. Rumor has it that the Bush administration knew of the attack before hand, and did nothing. US Custom...

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