Mike Ball denies negligence in death of novice diver
Mike Ball manager denies negligence in death of novice diver in strong currents Go to http://www.cdnn.info/safety/s031031/s031031.html

Headed to Washington...
I am flying to Washington next week. Monday I leave ATL and hit Chicago at 4:29pm and departing at 6:25 for Seattle. Friday I leave SEA at 11:15 and hit ATL atr 9:10 Sat morning. ...

OT Halloweeen Tale
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new dive light product question
I am with a company that developed a low-voltage bulb that simulates the true spectrum of "daylight" more accurately than previous attempts (see www.solux.net to learn more about that aspect...

Cruising and Diving in French Polynesia (LONG)
Marquesas Itinerary: October 20-30, 2003. INTRODUCTION AND GENERALITIES. This is my third Cruise-and-Dive trip (on the islands of the ports of call in the French Polynesia ...

OT - Hey Jammer, a Real Man award for "The Iceman"?
Reminds me of the guy in the FL Panhandle who took on a shark bare handed and saved that (his?) little kid's arm, and life, a year or so ago. http://story.news.yahoo.com/ne...rk_d...

I was emailing with "Doc" and he had told me about a post Mick had made about his Warren Zevon sig and asked me to post it here with the appropriate reference. For those who don't...

before you ask
http://www.speakeasy.org/~neilco/bart.gif -- Jim

Dive stores near MIA?
I'm overnighting in Miami (somewhere near the airport) in a few weeks. Any recommendations for "Dive Super Stores" that are in the area? -- Remove preceding and trailing X from...

wetsuit for diving in Miami?
I'm going to be in Miami next week and will spend several days diving. I've asked a couple people on recommendations on what to wear for a wetsuit and have been told both "Nothing - not nee...

Why Trimix might be a good idea in the seaway
"Scott" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > "Brian Nadwidny" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:3FA14460.8...

Will work for food!
Hello! I'm considering taking some time off work and enjoying my youth. I am looking for information on Dive Schools that might be looking for gophers to help crew livaboard...

Brain Nadwidny
Your right they did kick me off TDS. You knew before me. Could it be they don't what their mistakes brought out in the open. Could it be they are all divers / instructors are Am...

RIP Baby...
http://www.legacy.com/atlanta/LegacySubPage2.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonId=1554792 Kimber

Joke for Grumman
OVERHEARD IN THE AIRPLANE REST ROOM [Two voices - male and female - on a plane.] "I think everyone's asleep, lets go." [Sound of steps.] "This one's empty ....

Best dive spots in St Lucia?
Hi, I will be diving in St Lucia in December. Can anybody recommend the best dive spots? Thx, Matt

A man walked into the local welfare office, marched straight up to the counter and said, "Hi, I hate drawing welfare. I would really rather find a job!" The person behind the cou...

Should we give Texas back to Mexico?
Just what the h*ll is going on down there? http://www.npr.org/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=2&prgDate=current (go to the story titled: "Texas Firmly in GOP Hands") suds...

Hot Damn, I'm a Boater again.
Finally, my 3 week, turned into 3 month motor rebuild is done. The second motor went into the boat this afternoon. I've got some control adjustments to make and will need to go through the...

How better to preserve the O-ring? Off the groove or in the groove?
My manual does not say anything about the best way of preserving the O-ring. Is it better to get it out of the groove or leave it in the groove of the underwater housing?

OT: Woman's medical breakthrough
Always trying to be of assistance in spreading health news - especially when it will help save lives! http://www.theillustrator.com/CNN.com-StudyNewstudyshows.htm

castaway, scuba goddess joke !
> One day an Irishman, who has been stranded on a desert island for over ten > years, sees an unusual speck on the horizon. "That's certainly not a ship," > he thinks to himself. ...

Ferry from Miami to the Keys? Sounded good
http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/C29410/ didn't it? :^)

More kelp forest pictures!
http://homepage.mac.com/msblucow/PhotoAlbum15.html --- Rich http://richlockyer.tripod.com/

Greg Mossman - Where are the Fires
Are you still safe? If you are - damn! :-O

Cairns live-aboards, book locally or in advance?
Hello folks, some of you seem to know your way around Cairns, Australia pretty well so I hope you could help me plan my diving trip. I am considering spending some days Mi...

Hi. I want to buy a camera for underwater photography when I dive. Any suggestions? Is 35mm OK for this? Would I need special housing for the camera? -Zeke

Gilboa Christmas Tree Drowning
The 2003 Christmas Tree Drowning takes place this weekend at Gilboa. If anyone is gonna be there, come on over and shake hands and/or join us on the dive. We'll be over by the airplane dock ...

What do you do in order to take underwater pictures with true colors?
Hi! My wife and I did our first dives in the French Polynesia. Although the dives fully lived up to our expectation, the pictures we took underwater with our Sony DSC-P10 (5.1 meg...

RE: Scuba Death
Here are a couple of articles on this accident. They don't help any. http://www.thecouriermail.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,7648460%5E3102,00.html http://www.cdnn.info/s...

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