CDNN News: Female Sex Tourism--Hot Trip But My Scuba Instructor Had a Small Dinghy
CDNN News: Female Sex Tourism--Hot Trip But My Scuba Instructor Had a Small Dinghy

Trip to Belize
Hi all! My wife and I are planning to go to Belize on Aggressor later this year. Has anyone been on Belize Aggressor before? Any positives/negatives and/or advise are appreciated. ...

Housing for Olympus Camedia C-1400(600 In North America)
Hi, Anybody know of a housing for the c-1400(c-600) that is solid to 30m? Thanks Mark

Isla Guadalupe Great White Dives
Hey all. Been a couple years since I've read/posted. Was wondering if anyone has taken the Great White trip out of San Diego that goes down to Isla Guadalupe off the coast of Mexico. ...

Help to ID this marine creature from Lembeh Strait, Indonesia (electric shell?)
Hi all, Just back from a dive trip in Lembeh Strait, (North Sulawesi, Indonesia). Here's an unidentified creature that was hiding in a roughly rectangular hole. http://s...

suunto stinger and mosquito what r the differences?
Hello, I am planning to buy one of the following dive computer/watches Suunto Stinger or Suunto Mosquito, what are the differences between the two ? All I can find is ...

how to repair neoprene wet suit ?
Hello, Please give me your advise on how to repair wet suit cuts and wet suit sewing pieces separated ? Is there a special glue ? what is it called and where can I get it ?...

I'm baaaaaaack...
Gang, During the move I have been really lucky/unlucky. When I plugged my 'puter back in last Friday, my hard drive died. I replaced the hard drive and the modem died. I replaced ...

Totally OT : Cirque Du Soleil
For the past several years, I've attended their local shows when I can. Tickets cost a bit, like any good theater ticket does... but this group puts on a display that should not missed in yo...

Re: Curacao July 2003 Dive Trip Report Link
In <[email protected]> "Greg Mossman" wrote: > "Spider" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] &...

Curacao July 2003 Dive Trip Report Link
Gooday: I posted our trip report from 8 days in Curacao last month (July 2003). It was for Sunset Waters Castaway's Travel Nude week. There are a few photos also. They have anothe...

TR : Chinchorro, Maya Ha & PDC, Part One
I'm back from Mexico and thinking to myself how, each time that I go away, I come home saying..."I gotta visit there again !!" This trip was a bit nuts. The short version is summed up quite...

Opinions of snorkelling in Ketchikan, Alaska
One of the potential activities during an Alaskan cruise is snorkelling in Ketchikan. I've searched the newsgroups and the web for descriptions of people's experiences snorkelling in Ketchi...

Re: CDNN News - Galloping Gertie
On 11 Aug 2003 10:51:14 -0700, [email protected] (Jerome O'Neil) wrote: >[email protected] (Popeye) wrote in message > >> This is a classic example of pe...

Samsung Digimax V4 and SPH-V3/V4 Underwater Housing
Anyone familiar with these products? I am looking at the Samsung Digimax V4 digital camera and their SPH-V3/V4 Underwater Housing. I do a lot of diving, both in Ontario and the C...

NatGeo News: Sharks Help Scientists Study Pacific Nuclear Test Site
NatGeo News: Sharks Help Scientists Study Pacific Nuclear Test Site

Jere Hallenbeck Remembered
The sport of scuba lost one of its pioneers over the weekend, Jere Hallenbeck. Over the last forty years he made a major impact on the sport. For more information please see: http...

CDNN News: Marriott Bombing Keeps Bali Off Limits
Marriott Bombing Keeps Bali Off Limits

CDNN News: Saving Galloping Gertie--Diving Tacoma's Titanic
Saving Galloping Gertie--Diving Tacoma's Titanic

Wetsuit recommendations
I am looking to buy a wetsuit and I am looking for recommendations. Most of my diving is in North Carolina and consists of quarries and the coast. I dove in a quarry yesterday here where t...

Moving (again) sale
I have: 1) 1 Apeks DS4 1st stage, brand new, never been used, $160.00 2) 1 brand new OxyCheq Backplate/harness and 30# wing with LWSTA and cam bands, $420 3) 1...

Is Vancouver or Seattle better for finding a giant pacific octopus?
Where would I have a better chance on a weekend dive trip of spotting a really impressive specimen of the Giant Pacific Octopus? Washington State or British Columbia?

Have you heard about "The Extreme Adventurer"?
His reports are real "Boys Own" stuff, amusing, very "tongue in cheek" but very informative and great fun. You can subscribe for free here: ...

FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2) unmoderated group Newsgroups line: The sport of Freediving and Apnea and...

best dive sites and dive centers in Croatia
Hello, I am planning to go few days diving in Croatia. Please tell me your recommendation on the best dive sites and dive centers ( preferably PADI ) on the Adriatic coast o...

CDNN News: Fears Persist of Al Qaeda Terrorist Link to PADI Dive Center
Fears Persist of Al Qaeda Terrorist Link to PADI Dive Center

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