26 Aug 2005 09:36:27
La Parguera Wall | Dive clear and Deep !


La Parguera Wall , Puerto Rico /USA

"Located six miles offshore, La Paguera Wall is a giant coral reef
extending more than 20 miles and dropping at a maximum depth of 1,500

Parguera Divers has over 25 divesites from Guanica to La Parguera.
Approximately 6-7 miles offshore the famous La Parguera Wall runs for
over 20 miles. The Wall drops from 55-65 ft. to over 1500 feet.
Visibility ranges from 60 to 150 ft. Average Water temperature is about
85 F in the summer, and between 78 F to 80 F in winter. We do not
experience strong currents, and the underwater surge is very mild or
non-existent. Parguera Divers also features divesites closer to shore
used for checkout dives, resort courses & night dives. The reefs are
very well kept, healthy, abundant and alive. Diving in La Parguera
offers a great variety of marine life, deep-water gorgonians and rare
black coral. "

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