FOR SALE, Diving/ Scuba Book Collection, Many great rare items
FOR SALE, Diving/ Scuba Book Collection, Many great rare items Including titles by the following authors JAQUES COUSTEAU ROBERT H. DAVIS PHILIPPE DIOLE GUY GILPATRIC

Naples florida
Will be in the naples florida area mid March and I am looking for some dive suggestions..... thought about driving to the keys but am overwhelmed by the number of hotels and that....Have a...

Cayman's or Cozumel
Several years ago I did a diving vacation in Cozumel and know how great it is. I will be on a cruise in a few months and since it is a cruise with my wife and daughter I will only do one ...

Red Sea diving in February
Yes we're off to the Red Sea for two weeks in the beginning of Feb. Would appreciate recommendations for places to stay, (preferably on a boat) and good diving centers. We will be arri...

Need Boat for hire in St Maarten
Will be there third week in March and would like to find someone to take 3 divers out from Simpson bay to the area dive sites. Would like to leave daily around 12pm. Do not want to get <...

princeton tec light problem
I purchased a Princeton Tec Surge light about 6 months ago. It worked great. I just started getting my gear ready for the next trip, but found the light would not work. The airport securi...

Bali info needed
Hi, Can you guys recommend any dive operators situated in Bali? Is there any good muck diving to be done in Bali? If so, where are the best spots? Also, are there...

Maui dive operator recommendations
Any recommendations on dive operators in Maui. I will be staying in the Maalaea area near the Maalaea Boat Harbor. Also, what dive destinations do you recommend. I would dive everyda...

Where in S. Pacific or Thailand?
My wife and I are planning a trip to either the S. Pacific or Thailand. We are both divers but also want to find a place that is not crowded with great beaches and friendly locals. We ...

Liveabord recommendations for GBR diving out of Cairns
My wife and I are going to be in Cairns from 2/11 through 2/17, and we'd like to dive the reef there. I understand that the reef is far enough out that day trips aren't the ideal way to div...

Explorer Venture Live-a-board Galpagos
Has anyone been on the Explorer Venture Galapagos Trip. Or does anyone have anything they can tell me about diving in the Galapogos Islands?

West Coast Canada
I have a diving blog up describing dive locations in British Columbia, also images and dive related links. If anyone is travelling to Canad this might be of interest. Let me know what you ...

Greek islands
Have any of you done any diving off any of Greece's many islands? Anything to see?

underwater image database
Hello, Me and a friend have created The site covers underwater life all over this world, at the moment by about 100 authors We have about 900 different...

Kona coast diving
I used to dive with Dive Makai in Kona, and loved going out with Lisa etc. I recently learned that the business has been sold. Has anyone dived with them in the past year? Any other recommen...

St Martin Best Dives
Hi. We'll be in St Martin in March and have time to do a few dives. Anyone recommend the BEST dives to do while visiting (we like wrecks / swimthroughs)! Thanks!!!

Costa Rica
Hello, all .. Looking for good dive shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica (Pacific Coast) ... for day trips only - not going to Catalina ... Have been there before ...

Diving in Aqaba
All informations on diving in Aqaba + more only on:

Cozumel Hotel & Dive Operation
In '03 we discovered a dive operation & hotel combo just S of town, maybe 1/2 mile. It had a high wall along the street & you entered thru an arched or wrought iron gate into a courtyard ov...

May be diving in Mauritius in March. Any recommendations on repudable dive centres please? Also, can anyone please tell me which side of the island is better for diving? Many th...

shore snorkeling in Fiji and Tonga
I am going to Fiji and Tonga for several months later this year. Could anyone advise me where I can find the combination of great shore snorkeling nearby budget accomodation? I do not want...

Diving in southern India?
I'll be in the far southern tip of India in late July and early August, specifically near Kanyakumari and Trivandrum. Is there any good diving around there? If so, can someone recommend a pa...

Pompano this weekend
Diving with Scubatyme Friday Sat. Sun. (thanks Ed for the recommendation). Weather looks marginal, but I'm looking forward to playing with the new camera. Lots of macro, I expect. ...

Cayman Grande - Recommended Dive Shops E Side
Your recommendations & when did you last dive with your choice? Does your choice allow divers to use computers vs tables to set bottom time? Thx...P -- ......

St. Lucia
Can anyone recommend lodging in St. Lucia and a dive operator? I haven't looked deeply yet, I imagine there are not a lot of operators, but I would like one that visits more "advanced" sit...

Cayman Brac - Brac Reef Resort
We have been to the Brac numerous times, each visit being at Tiara Beach Resort. Now that it is closed, we are thinking of visiting Brac Reef for a few nights. While I have walke...

thailand diving
May go to Phuket in end of march -any recommendation for day boats? Thanks, sara

Cayman Brac or Little Cayman
Given a choice on which island to visit and dive first - which one would you choose - Cayman Brac or Little Cayman?

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