Dive hotel in St. Martin
Can anyone reccomend a good hotel in St. Martin that will serve as a base for scuba diving. We plan on also spending a couple days in Saba. Most research on hotels in St. Martin is ...

Peacock Razorfish
Has anyone ever seen one in SE Asia, e.g. Sipadan? TIA, Jo

Bahamas - Exumas
Anybody ever been? How does the diving compare to other places you have been? Dan Bracuk If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - ...

Scuba and Poker holiday
Hi, I'm beginning the planning of a late-winter getaway with a pal. We're relatively novice divers, and we're looking for a warm-water location where we can dive during the day, and ...

We're going to Honolulu in January -- can someone recommend a good dive shop to go diving with? We are interested in a boat dive. Thanks.

Scuba in Northwest -Puerto Cortes, Omoa Honduras
Was wondering if anyone has any experience with diving in this particular region? Names of dive shops & accomodations will be appreciated. Thanks, Sy ...

Travel Agent Only Perks
We have the opportunity today to offer you a chance to become an independant Travel Agent. Earn Commissions on every booking. Receive agent only perks like Fam Trips plus more. www.csgi...

St. John recommendations
Anyone have any comments or recommendations for which dive shops to use or which dive sites I should see in St. John. I'll be headed there in June. TIA, Jay

Sharm schools-Novice divers family holiday
Hi Having experienced the joy of scuba on honeymoon in the Carribean, my wife and I are looking to Sharm for an Easter holiday. Aside from our 10 minute PADI introduction followed...

Jutlant wrecks
I seek an operator (live aboard) in Denmark (preferably) or in the U.K. to go diving on the Jutlant wreck's Thank you for your answers Best Regards -- Ing. Jean-Claude...

Great diving guys
Interesting set of dives yesterday with Hugh and John, great spending time with Lee, and a pleasure meeting Hugh's SO. Please make a note John, his buddy & I survived our beach ...

Diving around Bangka - North Sulawesi
Hello everybody, I just went diving around Bangka Island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is truly one of the best dive locations I have ever seen! Personally I think this is ev...

Grand Cayman Trip Report
Trip Dates 2006-12-03 to 2006-12-10 The Providers Air Canada Vacations, http://www.aircanadavacations.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/home_page?storeId=10001&langId=-1 B...

Vote pro or con reefer fish- a recap
Pretty simple really. The only pro reef fish vote came from reef fish. What a wanker

Underwater and marine photographs
Hello, Underwater and marine photographs Galleries on Aqua-web.net: 16 albums (Adobe Flash player 7 minimum): - scuba diving destinations: 171 U-boat in...

Bill Fright is a not-so-bright DF
Bill Fright whose most recent posting history showed (Google): vote pro or con reef fish rec.scuba.locations moments ago Things are not always what they seem tx.motorcycles 1...

vote pro or con reef fish
I've been noticing that reef fish fights with everyone on this news group. Let's just put it to a vote. People who want reef fish to stay reply with STAY People who want reef fis...

Snorkeling in Key Largo
Hi, I will be going in a couple of weeks with the kids to Holywood, FL and would like to know if there are any nice spots to snorkel in the Key Largo area. If accessible from shore, even bet...

Bullshark, are you back from Micronesia?
Do you have any info to report on your diving there?

What's really happened to rec.scuba.locations
Well, looks like Boob is trying to be the top poster, all quantity, no quality. Seems he went out of his way to insult people who were leaving his silly little ass alone, and looked f...

Dick Goldhaber, Dave, Lawrence Pearl won "Laugh of the Day Award"
bob crownfield wrote: Clownfield> and thus you win "The Laugh of the Day Award" Bob Crownfield, aka Clownfield, the well-known village idiot of rec.scuba and rec.scuba.lo...

Roatan - Reef House Resort
My wife and I are planning a trip to Roatan and think the Reef House Resort looks like the place to go. Does anyone have any experience diving there? How are the dive sites? The div...

Mammoth Lake filling with water, curiosities
http://www.ng2000.com/news.php?tp=scuba;equipment CLUTE - A giant pink mammoth and metal people yielding spears stand to attract attention to what its backers think will become the Dis...

Statistical DATA for postings in rec.scuba.locations vs sci.stat.math
I made the post earlier today in rec.scuba.locations, subject (VERY LONG) Re: What happened to rec.scuba.locations? http://groups.google.com/group/rec.scuba.locations/msg/bc6...

Honolulu diving
Hi, I am an advanced diver , I have been diving several times on Kona, Maui and Kauai but Never Honolulu but I have a weel there in March and would like to use a dive boat for experienced ...

Beware of the present FORGER of Reef Fish
Over the history of my posting with the posting NAME of "Reef Fish",there have been several forgers using that NAME to flame me because I have posted with many different email addresses...

Lake Michigan?
Well, hello. Have any of you ever been diving in Lake Michigan? I will be in Chicago a few times over the next year, and am considering checking it out. I'd like to hear any goo...

Grand Cayman - dry land accomodations..
Thanks for reminding me Dan.. I am looking for accommodation on Grand Cayman... the last two scuba vacations have been less than stellar (weather and accommodations) so this time ...

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