What happened to rec.scuba.locations?
It USED to be such an active newsgroup and whenever I posted something, about 6 people would come from rec.scuba to flame me. I didn't read rec.scuba.location this month until Nov 18 w...

Cocos Islands
I'm intentioned to dive at Cocos Islands this february. However I have heard that the time to avoid going to Cocos is when an El Nino occurs. Advices and suggestions are welcome. ...

Palau to Yap to Palau
What is the best way to go Palau/Yap/Palau? Boat? Air? If we come in on Continental, should we spend the night in Palau, then on to Yap? Any hotel suggestions? Is PPR close by? <...

2007 Bimini Shark Encounter: 4-13 March 2007
Wildeye have confirmed the date for the 2007 Bimini Shark Encounter: 4-13 March 2007 Described by 2006 participants as: "an awesome experience" - "downright unforgettable!" ...

Long Island Diving

Just back from 10 days, 9 nights Lions dive resort in Curacao. Diving was excellent : profile - every dive was 60' 60". Got in 17 dives, saw squid, turtles, dolphins,...

Dive/snorkel in Maui/Oahu
I'm going to Maui and Oahu with family in late December, and I'd like help finding boats that do both snorkel and dives. I'm the only certified diver, but the others would like to snorkel. <...

Diving in Palau
We've been here 3 days now. Staying at the Palau Pacific Resort, and can't say enough good about it. Dove with the house dive op yesterday (Splash), and did turtle wall and B...

Diving in St. Martin
How is St. Martin for a dive destination? I heard Saba was very good and nearby for a day trip or an overnite trip. Anyone dove here and have suggestions on where to stay or where to go? <...

New website on Treasures, Shipwreck Recoveries and Archaeology
You should check this new site full of information on shipwreck stories and treasures all over the world www.e-monsite.fr/treasures

Cayo Coco - Cuba
I am off to Cuba soon staying in Cayo Coco. I believe there are at least 2 dive centres there. The info I have managed to get is sparce and from the web I have written to one of them, who ...

Bonaire in Jan-Mar? Looking for conditions, crowds, basically is this a good time to go? Thanks!
Bonaire in Jan-Mar? Looking for conditions, crowds, basically is this a good time to go? Thanks!

Bonaire diving in January
A friend and I are thinking of making a trip to Bonaire this January... Anyone have suggestions on places to visit/avoid? Also, we're thinking of leaving our equipment behind and renting.. ...

Andria Doria
Does anyone know who has a dive charter to the wreck?

Cozumel Mexico
Wanting to go on Vacation and not sure where to go. Well then check out this site and See the El Cozumeleno Resort like never seen before. Pictures and video of the Beautiful Island of Cozum...

Where is Bob
Has something happened to Bob? I haven't seen him around here in some time. Somebody has to do the ranting. Jack

Aruba diving
We have a friend that goes to a house in/on Aruba. He has invited us to join him in February. Is there diving there, is it good and what kind of water temps could we expect. Tha...

I'll be going to Panama Jan 18 thru Feb 5. I'm planning to go not just for diving, but to experience the various cultures and parts of the country. Any suggestions? Is Bocas good f...

Re: Naples Florida - diving
Lee Bell wrote: >> I [[email protected]] took issue with >> what he wrote. > > You took issue with part of what he wrote. > Lee

Re: Naples Florida - diving
Magilla wrote: <[email protected]> wrote > Seems you're the only one admitting an incapability to connect two > clauses in order to get the meaning of the se...

Washington State Divers
I am putting together a group trip to Roatan, Honduras for the end of April 2007. I am a PADI Instructor and author of a bestselling scuba book, my wife is a PADI Divemaster. There are sti...

Yap and Palau
We are thinking Yap and Palau. Has anyone been? Best dive operators? Best hotel? Is the only way to get there on Continental via Hawaii, Guam? Any suggestions?

Naples Florida - diving
I am going to be in Naples Floria in the middle of mar and I am wondering about diving there. I have all my own equipment so I would just need tanks, weights and boat. Looking for a dive...

Ft. Lauderdale in January?
Water still warm enough?

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