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Interesting Response from "US Dive Travel Network"
Hello all -- Below is my e-mail to the US Dive Travel Network and their response. I stand by my observation that their website is less than useful, although I'm sure I'll take so...

snorkel vacation in Mexico?
My husband and I are not divers, but really enjoy snorkelling, which we've mostly done on the north shore of Kauai. We're not terribly adventurous, and don't tend to go far from shore or d...

Mystery Surrounds Diver Deaths in Arctic
Two divers from the USCG Healy perish during an artic dive north of Alaska. Shivers. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=2484964 -- jer email reply - I ...

diving in Cuba
We are going to Cuba in November. Does anyone have experience with dive centers in Maria la Gorda or Cienfugeos? Thanks a lot, Jan

Press Release - Brethren of the Coast - SCUBA Divers Discount Network!
A new and unique membership organization formed for divers by divers is beginning it's membership drive. Shadow Diver's/Deep Sea Detectives John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, in addit...

Heading to Curacao in early November. Travelling on AA. I normally have computer, dive mask, and regulator with carry/on. These items are still ok??? Fred ...

the king of Tonga is dead!
Long live the Kind of Tonga! On my last trip to Nuka lofa I saw this 300 lb king riding a bicycle -- trying to lose weight. The country was falling apart. I do hope that his suc...

Caribbean Diving in Oct. 06 - where safest?
Planning to go for a week to dive in the Caribbean in Oct '06. Considering hurricane season, weather, nice diving, shore or otherwise, what's safest? I am thinking Bonaire or Cozumel (which ...

Two lads, east africa, any suggestions ...
Guys, Hopefully someone will come up with some good suggestions. Myself and a mate (I'm an experienced diver, he is still under 20 dives) are looking to grab a week's diving...

Best value underwater camera?
Would someone recommend a great digital camera which can be housed for underwater use? I am looking at the Fuji Finepix F30, but wonder if there are better cameras for the...

Update Re: disabled gent scuba dive
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to look at my email. I appreciate it. You may remember that I sent an email regarding asking your support in help raise funds for scuba equipment at www.alov...

Cozumel Condos - south of town
I am planning a trip to Cozumel at Christmas - first trip down there in 25 years. I noticed there are what appear to be very nice condos several miles south of town near the good dive site...

Air Tahiti (Nui) Baggage Limits (Was Feb 07)
On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 22:46:48 -0700, "Greg Mossman" <[email protected]> wrote: >No, it's Air Tahiti. Air Tahiti Nui is the international carrier and I >didn't think their l...

Diving out of Cancun...
We are going to Cancun this month, and have been checking out Cancun dive shops on the Internet. Some advertise pickup at your hotel and transportation to Cozumel as a part of their packa...

Disabled gent in the news regards scuba diving

Diving South Palawan
Hi guys I have looked for posts on diving off the South part of Palawan (Philippines). Any recommendations? Jonas /Copenhagen

shipwrecks site
Hi Big update at www.ceresm.com, with 3D views of shipwrecks, seabed, bathymetry, side scan sonar images, podcasting from underwater & wrecks adventures, and video about DDay's shipwr...

Dive ops in Belize-recommendations.
hi there, I had originally asked about diving in belize a few months ago (thanks to all who replied). After some thjinking, and having work decide on where we go we fin...

St. Lucia lodging, dive operators?
I'm planning to go to St. Lucia this February, and would like recommendations on where to stay and what dive operator to use. I don't mind traveling some to get from the hotel to the dive ...

White Star Quarry Trip Report
Made four dives at White Star Quarry in Gibsonburg, OH on Sunday and Monday. I went with a party from Captain Nemo's Dive Shop in Dover, OH. I left Saturday night to stay over and took...

Many Thanks for BCD
Hi Again My Cincere thanks for the kind Donation of a used BCD by a kind gentleman. I don't know who you are but I'm very pleased & very gratefull indeed. Many hanks again. ...

Looking for Vieques Snorkel Suggestions
I am spending 3 days in Vieques in November. Am I better off snorkeling off beach or using a guided charter? What are the best beaches for snorkeling and who offers the best charter in Viequ...

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